Ashley Bulgari & Danielle Maye: Samurai Gals on High Heels!

Ashley Bulgari wields a Japanese sword and Danielle Maye a wooden stick as these two fierce gals play at being samurai warriors for our amusement and arousal. They meet on the field of battle, brandishing their weapons and clashing playfully as they perch on their high heels.

But it’s not like they’re dueling to the death for some stern shogun; instead, they’re just two hot chicks at heart, and as soon as an opportunity to kiss comes up, they seize it. They continue to skirmish a bit for our erotic edification, their coats falling open and revealing their taut bodies; but soon enough they’re both on their knees on the grass, kissing boobs, swapping spit, and performing fellatio practice on the hilts of their weapons. Danielle in particular demonstrates her blowjob capacity as she opens her red-lipsticked mouth for the elaborately carved handle of Ashley’s sword. The handle goes lower, too, rubbing against her shaved twat and ultimately penetrating her.

A little more fun-time combat follows, with the now-naked Danielle waving her stick high above Ashley and soon fucking her pussy with it; so if it came down to recruiting warriors to defend a noble lord’s castle, we’d say you’d best keep in mind that these girls are definitely more interested in making love than war!

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