Antonia & Zafira: Punishment Or Pleasure?

How many of us would like to be at the mercy of Mistress Zafira! Men and women both crave correction under the guidance of this lovely Hungarian, legendary both for her skill as a model and her beauty as a woman.

You can explore this fantasy when sweet Antonia stands in for all submissives as she hangs several inches off the ground, her wrists and ankles bound and her body suspended by ropes as she dangles naked from a high ceiling. The DDF cameras examine Antonia as she floats there helplessly, and then Zafira arrives, looking truly ravishing in a black satiny minidress that shows off two or three inches of her cleavage (oh thank you, Mistress, for that glimpse!!) and her smooth, curvaceous legs on high backless heels.

Zafira also wears her hair in a high ponytail, that ultimate symbol of female vigor. Holding a riding crop in her hand just in case her slave resists, Zafira whispers in Antonia’s ear and then sets the girl to licking her pussy, which is conveniently available with a mere tug upwards of the frock’s hem. She then crams Antonia’s face in the crack of her butt as well. Next follows a spanking with Mistress Zafira’s bare hand, her palm smacking against Antonia’s haunches as the powerless girl hangs in the air at her keeper’s mercy.

What’s also nice about this sequence is we get to study Mistress Zafira’s legs in full-length shots that showcase all their taut, toned splendor as she leans over to administer the spanks. Zafira’s red-polished fingertips apply a constant barrage of smacking to her submissive’s seat, making the flesh jiggle and shimmer under the fierce beat of correction.

Finally, Zafira leaves her slave hanging there, to contemplate the many reasons why she got this punishment…if punishment indeed it is, to be thusly disciplined by the haughty hand of the impossibly gorgeous Mistress Zafira!! To many of us, to be treated this way by Zafira could only be seen as a pleasure…as a reward!

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