Anna Song In a darkened dungeon room, Anna stands at attention waiting his command. She is a slave to his will and in spite of the discomfort and humiliation she feels follow his every word. Do whatever he asks. With cuffed hands she must play with her body. He pays particular attention to her large globular breasts swaying a quarter of an hour in front of her. He tells her to squeeze and pull them. Maul them till they ach. She does so without question or hesitation.

Anna SongHer hands dig deep into her soft petals into her inner self, working in and out interrupted only by manipulations of her love button. At his command he spanks and slaps herself digging a finger deep into her backside as he demands. The marks on her sweet round radiant cheeks tell of her dedication. She works herself to frenzy. Her nerves are raw and she shudders with each touch. But he denies her a final satisfaction. For that pleasure she must wait and whimper till it pleases him to let her come.

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