Ann Marie La Sante: Raiding the Doctors Toybox!

You can’t keep a hot girl away from good toys. That’s what the inexperienced doctor learns when he leaves his patient Ann Marie La Sante alone in the office with a boxful of medical implements, all of which promise fun and orgasms to this adventurous gal.

After a brief exam, the doc has to leave for a few minutes, and restless Ann Marie goes over to his counter, where she finds a collection of promising goodies. Taking off her shorts and panties, she crams herself first with her fingers, to prime her pussy for some kind of silver metal speculum. Then she tries her luck with a clear plastic clamp to hold her cunny lips. This magnifies the inner pinkness of her snatch so that we can peer into the tunnel between her thighs.

Next comes a metal funnel which has an accompanying probe. She opens her twat with the funnel and uses the probe to masturbate her clit. She gets on her knees on the examining tale with the funnel and probe sticking of her pie. Then she tries another metal probe, this one almost shaped like a rocketship in the classic 1930s Flash Gordon serials. It sticks out of her clam as she rubs herself with one of the other metal probes. This combination seems do the trick for her. Then suddenly she hears the doctor coming back, but unfortunately she can’t dress and return the toys to the box in time before he sees what she’s been up to! He examines the toys for any pussy juice, then tells her to report to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription for heavy duty nymphomania treatment!

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