Anita Berlusconi: Damsel in Wet Distress

Naked in the sun, Anita Berlusconi is bound by her wrists to a metal fence on a rooftop, and her ankles are bound as well by cuffs and a long chain. Spreading her thighs, she starts to feel the call of nature. What is a bound slavegirl to do?

Shall she call out for help? But she is isolated, so she knows she only has one option.

Peeing into the open air, of course, and this Anita does with considerable force as her stream of urine sprays out almost horizontally to the ground.

Our DDF cameras capture every last drop propelled into the air by this helpless girl, and then we see the nectar puddle under her bare butt in the most humiliating fashion.

Such are the difficulties faced by damsels in wet distress!

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