Angel Deelight: Pissy in Pink!

Our blonde babe from the United Kingdom. Angel Deelight is back, and this time she’s a little bit pissy!

She comes to us in a shiny pink outfit and all wrapped up in chains when suddenly nature calls! At the start of the scene Angel puts us into full alert mode as she spins around and gives her booty a hot spank.

Her pink vinyl dress is like a second skin to her body and her tattooed arm and back adds an artistic allure to her presence which matches her intriguing surroundings. All is dark around Ms. Deelight, except for the matching pink trim on the love seat behind her and the gold accents that loom underneath the silver masks on either end of Angel, which are like sentinels, standing by to make sure things are in order.

Well, Ms. Deelight is not one to be held back. With chains binding her tightly and no where to go, nature calls and she answers! Standing panty-less with her bald snatch hovering just under the rim of her dress she lets a trickle of piss out as she attempts to maneuver out of her multi-colored locks and chain.

Once the piss is out she is able to maneuver her way out like a female Houdini. Free from her binds, she stands silently with a look in her eyes that seems to say “Is that all you’ve got?”

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