Amirah,Abbie Cat: Hand Luggage: Submissive Brunette Babe Stored In Suitcase

Abbie Cat is a busy woman and travels the world from hotel to hotel, from city to city, from country to country. Whenever she gets a few minutes to herself, she shows her real face, a dominant hot babe who loves to humiliate young babes. Nobody knows that Abbie actually has her personal subby always with her in her hand luggage. The submissive brunette babe Amirah is stored in a suitcase and is only allowed outside that tight cage once her dominatrix Abbie decides so. In today’s episode of DDF Network’s “House of Taboo”, that young hottie receives a special treatment by her dominant owner.

Abbie pulls that young hottie’s hair and steps on her butt with her spiky high heels after gagging her with duct tape. She ties her up and wraps more tape around her ankles and wrists before sitting on her face while tearing her nylon panties apart. After removing duct tape from her mouth, she crams her sub’s deep throat with a black dildo and the fetish XXX porn scene heats up. Abbie squeezes Amirah’s nipples and then makes her ass gape before inserting that sex toy into her tight anus. What a petite sub, awaiting her mistress to humiliate her in the hotel room!

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DDF Updates: Hand Luggage: Submissive Brunette Babe Stored In Suitcase


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