Amirah: Nurse’s Intimate Break!

That Hungarian cutie Amirah starts out in her pink latex nurse’s outfit and a pair of be-ribboned pink panties with an open crotch as she sits in the examining room, presumably to take a break of some sort and examine HERSELF as she crams a vibrator in her shaved pussy and then gets in the doggie style position to show off her sexy penetrated self.

Keeping her black spiky boots on throughout, she then lays on her back, tugs down her panties, and stuffs her asshole with a bottle-like object.

Rubbing the toy on her mound and rooting around the bottle in her bottom, she brings herself to quite a climax–sufficiently calmed down now, we presume, to return to her duties as a nurse! 😉

Examine Amirah in detail as you enjoy her XXX fetish video!

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