Amber Nevada: Suspended Without Mercy [Part 2]

Amber Nevada has been a bad student again, and so she’s going to be trussed up once more by the bondage master of DDF Academy. Perhaps this time she’ll learn a little humility to temper her defiance of the rules?

Wearing her school uniform as in Part 1, her arms are bound behind her back with frightening intricacy. Houdini himself would find this a challenge to escape! With her bare butt exposed, she is attached to the metal ring hanging from the ceiling, and then her legs are tied and lifted. But this time, for more humiliation in this Full HD BDSM video, a wooden dildo is inserted into her pussy as she is suspended in mid-air by the ropes!

Watch her swing and sway from above!

The grim-faced bondage master ultimately removes off her ropes, but keeps that dildo in her pussy as long as possible. Does Amber learn her lesson? Will she be a better girl once the ropes have been taken off and dildo tugged out of her hole? Look into her face for clues in the final haunting closeups as she sits on the floor with the markings of the ropes still on her wrists!

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