Amber Nevada: Suspended Without Mercy [Part 1]

For her many sins, Amber Nevada must be put in a situation where she will contemplate whether or not to pursue her present course of bad behavior at The DDF Academy…and that situation is immediate suspension. Not “suspension” by being kicked out of the school, but suspension by ropes while she is still in her uniform of white blouse, red tie, navy blue pleated skirt, white anklets and black sneakers.

The bondage master takes her in hand and binds her securely with his masterful skills. You are there every step of the way, with every twist and knot of the rope, as this errant young lady is forced to examine the rebellious course her life has taken, and whether or not she is ready to reform.

Her arms and legs are secured by rope and she is hoisted up on a metal ring. We get to view her predicament from all angles as she is suspended several feet above the floor.

We see her pussy, exposed because of the way the ropes have pulled apart her thighs.

Her expression is deadpan…leading us to believe she is still defiant and rebellious!

Well, perhaps her attitude will be changed by further rope discipline in Part 2 of this Full HD BDSM House of Taboo video and accompanying incredible pix!

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