Amber Nevada: Correction On A Staircase [Part 1]

The stern rewards that come to those girls who live beyond the bounds of the rules is not always pretty to witness. Correction must be meted out in order that the impressionable female will not find herself permanently on the road to ruinous behavior.

And with this timeless truth in mind, we come upon Amber Nevada, bound by her wrists to the staircase of the dormitory at the prestigious women’s college she should feel lucky to attend–but is bratty enough to be ungrateful to appreciate!

For her many infractions she now sits in her blue vest, pink blouse and tie, maroon skirt, knee socks and black patent oxfords, and waits for further instructions from the housemistress, who as yet is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Amber has been sitting here for some time, and all the beer that she drank (against school rules, of course) is catching up with her bladder.

At least the housemistress, who tied her to the bannister several hours ago, was kindly enough to remove Amber’s regulation cotton panties, so that when the inevitable uncontrollable flow begins and her girlish urine pours out of her shameless vagina, Amber doesn’t have to then sit in drenched underwear. Instead, she has to stew in a puddle of urine on the hardwood steps, awaiting the arrival of the housemistress for further chastisement!

Be here for Part 2 next week to see what else happens to Amber

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