Amarna Miller: The Gift Of Restraint

In today’s roleplay, loving couple Amarna Miller and Ian Scott go to visit the venerable Zor, master of ropes.

He is going to fulfill Amarna’s desires by trussing her up and hanging her from ceiling naked, so that she can experience the thrill of complete helplessness even as she is penetrated in her face and pussy by the enormous girth of the Scott sausage.

You’ll see it all in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM, as Zor takes off Amarna’s red robe to bind her first on her knees, and then in the air, making her fully accessible in all ways to Ian’s rigid inches.

The ropes leave redness on her arms and she sways above the floor, existing only to serve her master’s cock while Zor observes from the side right down to the moment Amarna receives sperm on her tongue!

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