Amarna Miller & Alice Axx: The Cruel Hand goes Deep

Amarna Miller, in the dominant mode, has a good toy to play with…a human toy, a pretty girl named Alice Axx!

Laying bound hand and foot on a bare mattress, Alice is at the mercy of Mistress Miller as the commanding redhead pours candle wax all over her pussy and tits.

Amarna tugs at Alice’s wax-drenched pubic hair, and pulls at her waxy nipples.

Then it’s time for some intense penetration, and Alice knows she must not let her cruel mistress down. She watches intensely as Amarna inserts a few fingers in her Axx box…then her whole hand, in this incredible fisting scene!

Then Mistress Amarna gets Alice kneeling so that her sub can be fisted in the doggie position. Incredible shots in this fetish XXX video packed with lesbian bondage!

Then it’s time for a spanking, and candle wax poured on those slave cheeks, before Alice can lick her mistress to satisfy the arousal that dishing out all this pervy punishment has stirred in the loins of the stern dominatrix!

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DDF Updates: The Cruel Hand goes Deep


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