Alice Axx: Liquid Predicament

Her arms and legs bound to a chair, naked newcomer Alice Axx finds herself in a scene of the utmost degradation as she sits alone in a brightly lit room.

Why is her lipstick so smeared? We leave that to your imagination.

Drool unstoppably flows down the length of her body because her mouth is kept open by the leather strap gagging her.

Her pussy, half-shaven, is naked to the air, and her bladder is full and waiting to be emptied. Why is it full? We leave that to your imagination. How she would like to go to the bathroom!

But it is not to be allowed, and instead she must let out her flow all over the newspapers that have been spread on the floor in front of her–as if she is a human puppy who must be housebroken.

How shall she be trained? We leave that to your imagination…for a scene like this always invites not only observation, but participation in the depths of your own minds and fantasies. It’s up to you: would you punish her more…or perhaps rescue her quick?

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