See sexy Alexis masturbate with a dildo whilst bound Tidying up the play space waiting for your mistress and lover to arrive. Alexis checks out all the toys and instruments arranged on the table, knowing they will be used on her. The chain that tethers her allows her limited movement in a place of her welcomed captivity. She cringes as she handles a pair strong sharp nipple clamps. Her attentions gradually wonder to the open book on the floor at the limit of her chain.

See sexy Alexis masturbate with a dildo whilst boundShe begins to read the erotic words about a submissive girl devoted and faithful as herself to her Mistress. The enticing story stimulates her libido and a warm sensual feeling builds in her bosom and trickles down to her open and ready sex. The dildos lying near her reach offer a welcomed alternative to her own fingers. She employs one plunging it into her swollen and wet lips to bring herself towards an un-permissible orgasm.

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