Cathy Heaven: Kneel for Mental Health [Part 2]

Psychologist Kid Jamaica continues his program of radical therapy with Cathy Heaven in Part 2 of this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video. Moving beyond spanking and nipple clamps, he puts a ball gag in her mouth and then a clamp on her pussy. Then he crams her cornhole with the handle of his riding crop, before deciding to replace it with his cock.

Next he decides he needs some more head, so bye-bye goes the gag so he can stuff his big black dick into her face instead.

While he fucks her pussy, he applies a Magic Wand to her clit, and then it’s time to invade and stretch her asshole with the fingers of both his hands, almost fisting her, before pressing her face down onto the carpet for ass fucking while her hands are bound behind her back. The anal plowing leaves quite a gape.

Then for the ultimate therapeutic experience, Dr. Jamaica cums on Cathy’s tits, only to scoop up his giz with a spoon and feed it to her…and just in time for a twist ending! See what we mean when you watch this new extreme sex video.

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DDF Updates: Kneel for Mental Health, Part 2

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Cathy Heaven: Kneel for Mental Health [Part 1]

Cathy Heaven comes to psychologist Kid Jamaica, but it seems he has other things on his mind as he looks at BDSM porn on his mobile device while Cathy lays on his analytic couch. Soon it seems that he’s living out some of his interests on Cathy, who has fallen away into a trance as this Full HD extreme sex video gets underway…

In a few minutes Dr. Jamaica stands over Cathy, probing her shaved pussy and deep cleavage with his riding crop under her minidress, then attaching clamps to her nipples and cuffs to her wrists. He stimulates her crotch with a Magic Wand through her dress, then gets her naked and on her knees with her wrists now bound behind her.

He spreads her mouth with his fingers to accommodate his cock for some deepthroat, then gets her on her hands and knees with the bottom of his shoe holding her face to the carpet. He rubs his riding crop against her pussy groove and then uses it to give her cheeks some spanking. What will come next in his bizarre program of therapy?? Be here in a few days to see when we bring you Part 2!!

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DDF Updates: Kneel for Mental Health, Part 1

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Blanche, Lucia Love: Taming Her Maid [Part 2]

Powerful Mistress Blanche has a clear lesson for her defiant British housemaid Lucia Love: if you don’t want to do your chores, you can be used for her cruel erotic amusement instead!

And so as Part 2 of this fetish XXX video crammed with lesbian bondage begins, Lucia is tied so that her thighs are spread and her pussy is open to the probing of Blanche’s fist and the clitoral stimulation of her Magic Wand vibrator.

But this clever Romanian dominatrix is hardly finished in doling out the extreme sex, as we see her stuff the red handle of a vibrator into Lucia’s mouth to wet it for its journey into her anus, and then a huge flesh-colored dildo that Lucia sucks while Blanche fills her asshole with yet another flesh-colored toy while deeply fingering the Love labia.

Finally Mistress Blanche sets her submissive to the task of sucking her tits and lapping at her commanding pussy, as this intense exercise in Full HD BDSM, fisting, and spanking comes to wild conclusion with Lucia left on the carpet, bound hand and foot, to ponder what she wants to be: either a housecleaner or a helpless sex slave!

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DDF Updates: Taming Her Maid, Part 2


Blanche,Lucia Love: Taming Her Maid [Part 1]

Haughty Romanian blonde beauty Blanche reclines on her living room couch as her British maid Lucia Love does the vacuuming. But resentful Lucia deliberately isn’t doing a very good job and Blanche stands up in all her dominant height of 5’8” plus high heels, grabs Lucia humiliatingly by the ear, and gives her a stern warning she’d better improve and obey!

Of course, as this Full HD lesbian bondage video will show, mere words are never enough when the household help is defiant and surly!

Blanche wraps the tubing of the vacuum around Lucia’s throat, then binds her with the extension cord right over her rather pretty and demure maid’s outfit. Then she leaves Lucia alone for a few minutes so she can change out of her satiny scarlet robe and return in no-nonsense dominatrix gear to apply some firm discipline to her naughty servant.

She binds Lucia’s wrists and bends her over for some bare bottom spanking, first with her bare hand and then a flogger. What comes next for poor Lucia as her mistress tames her? Oh boy, wait till you see Part 2 which is packed with lots more extreme sex surprises!

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DDF Updates: Taming Her Maid, Part 1


Layla Sin: 50 Shades of Discipline [Part 2]

The BDSM continues as Layla Sin is instructed by her new master Jay Smooth in the finer points of eating nuts out of his palm like a doggie; being stripped topless and put into a metal brace that locks a collar around her neck and cuffs around her wrists; and then is brought to her knees to suck his upthrust organ as this Full HD exploration of extreme sex goes deeper into kink territory with each passing moment!

Jay takes down her skirt and panties until all she’s left with are her high heels and the brace holding her hands helplessly apart. Down onto his cock goes her mouth once again, until Master Jay decides to lean her back on the couch to lick and finger her pussy before he fucks it.

How beautiful Layla looks when he shifts her onto her knees against the couch, her hands splayed apart as he bangs her pussy in doggie style, then litters her gorgeous back with his sperm! Then he has her kneel once more, this time to clean off any remaining goo from his dick.

Once he’s done with her discipline, Master Jay removes the metal brace so Slave Layla can crawl away on her hands and knees once more–like the sweet little human pet he’s turned her into!

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DDF Updates: 50 Shades of Discipline, Part 2


Layla Sin: 50 Shades of Discipline [Part 1]

Layla Sin is a student who needs a job, and executive Jay Smooth has given one to her. But when she’s late for her first day, it’s only her extreme good looks that stop him from rudely booting her out. You see, he likes to dominate beautiful girls…

He gives her a test to see how well she will do with one of her office duties: delivering memos to him in her mouth, as she crawls across the floor on all fours like a doggie. Hmm, it seems like she can’t even do a simple thing like that very well…

Perhaps a little discipline is called for? Let’s raise that miniskirt–which is, he thinks, so inappropriate for the first day on a new job! What a naughty girl she is…SMACK SMACK SMACK goes his spanking hand on her fine bottom…ah, he’s put a little warmth in those cheeks!

Now pay homage, girl, to the hand that just punished you. Suck your master’s thumb!

But oh, your punishment is hardly over, darling. Wait till you see what’s in store for you in Part 2 of this Full HD BDSM video!

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DDF Updates: 50 Shades of Discipline, Part 1


Jasmine Jae: Enjoying Her Prisoner [Part 2]

Sheriff Jasmine, that sadistic dominant cowgirl, returns in Part 2 of this fetish XXX video of extreme sex to continue to torture her prisoner Yanick Shaft even more than previously!

With Yanick still chained to the wall, she clamps his cock between her upper thighs and toys with his foreskin. Then she grasps his stiff root and plunges it into her shaved, pierced pussy. Moving him over to sit on a trunk, she rides his cock cowgirl style, takes it in the doggie position too, but always keeps a firm upper hand on the situation by brandishing her authority via her six-shooter. Returning Yanick to his chains on the wall, she then jerks off his cock until he explodes in her hand, which only prepares him for the final phase of his torture…

After licking most of his cum off her palm, she rubs the spermy residue on Yanick’s chest, to prepare him for what’s coming next. She takes a pot of honey and starts lathing the gooey stuff all over his body with a wooden stick, even sucking the honey off his still-stiff dick as this Full HD BDSM epic builds in suspense. What will happen next?? Let’s put it this way…she has a bag full of FEATHERS…and she holds it in front of his sticky naked body…

Will she do what it looks like?? See the result in this ultra-taboo video and pics!!

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DDF Updates: Enjoying Her Prisoner, Part 2


Jasmine Jae: Enjoying Her Prisoner [Part 1]

Sheriff Jasmine Jae has her naked prisoner Yanick Shaft where she wants him–chained up in the barn where she caught him hiding out. She’ll torture him a bit until her posse can get there and help bring this varmint back to the town jail!

Enjoy the Full HD BDSM thrills in this fetish XXX video as Sheriff Jasmine runs her big gun over his dick, sticks her fingers in his mouth, scratches her nails over his chest, and then whips his dick with a little flogger!

However, kneeling in front of that meat, even as she whips his balls, she can’t help but start to think about how good his prick would feel in her mouth.

She nibbles a bit on his thick inches, and bites at the skin of his sac. But to rid herself of such thoughts, which might endanger her hold over her prisoner, she turns him to face the wall so she can whip his ass and jerk his johnson at the same time! However, then she kneels again and starts nibbling at his ass…

We have a feeling Sheriff Jasmine is not done with Yanick yet–not by a long shot! So be here for Part 2 in a few days to see what wildness happens next!!

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DDF Updates: Enjoying Her Prisoner, Part 1