Kayla Green,Latex Lucy: Bow and Obey [Part 2]

Latex Lucy’s punishment continues as her Mistress Kayla Green comes over with a very realistic-looking flesh-colored dildo wrapped in her purple-fingernailed hand. Holding Lucy by the head, Kayla gets her slave sucking on the huge rod with her red-lipsticked mouth, then decides it’s time for Lucy to get fucked as well.

Enjoy the lesbian bondage action in this new Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video as Lucy’s wrists are manacled and then the zipper of her black latex bodysuit is opened so the dominatrix has access to the shaved pussy of her slave!

Watch kinky Kayla in all her red-gartered glory as she plows her subbie from behind, doing her doggie, spoon style, cowgirl style, and then finally on her back!

Ultimately Lucy must once again bow before her mistress to show her obedience, keep on sucking the dildo, and then lay her head on her goddess’s lap as a sign of her total surrender. Kayla reigns supreme!

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DDF Updates: Bow and Obey, Part 2


Kayla Green,Latex Lucy: Bow and Obey [Part 1]

Watch blonde Hungarian mistress Kayla Green really give Latex Lucy’s butt a walloping in this new fetish XXX video! It seems Lucy hasn’t done her chores properly, so Mistress Kayla smacks her with a flogger, first on her arms, and then getting Lucy, our 2014 BDSM Sex Goddess, on her knees for some doggie style ass-warming through her latex bodysuit.

But Lucy is not getting off lightly in this new exclusive Full HD BDSM scene! She’s put over Kayla’s knee for some spanking by Kayla’s powerful hand with purple-polished fingernails, and then she’s made to bow and lick her mistress’s shoes and feet through her stockings. Then Kayla sits on Lucy’s back like a horsie, using her whip as the bridle, then pulling on Lucy’s pigtails, before giving her bad slave girl some more ass-flogging.

Lucy kneels obediently before her mistress, but her punishment isn’t finished! Be back for Part 2 later this week to see what develops.

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DDF Updates: Bow and Obey, Part 1


Anissa Kate: Perverse Prescription [Part 2]

In Part 1 of this ultra-raunchy Full HD BDSM roleplay scene and explicit pics, Anissa Kate found herself the object of perverse prescription for total submission to her doctor Bruno SX. Now, her experience continues with her being ass-fucked in this fetish XXX video, her vagina probed by his ruthless fingers until she squirts out a G-spot orgasm, then being banged in the bottom some more as the physician mounts the table bare-ass, though still in his lab coat and wearing a surgical mask. One scary dude!!

Anissa’s wrists and ankles are secured with red medical tubing so her derriere is up in the air for the medico’s full access, and he bangs her booty from different angles until he leaves her with a big pink gape and a load of his cum all over her crack and pussy. For the final humiliation, he feeds her his cum, then sits at his desk making notes and sniffing her panties!

Does the DDF Genital Hospital administrator know about this guy???

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DDF Updates: Perverse Prescription Part 2


Anissa Kate: Perverse Prescription [Part 1]

Anissa Kate goes to Dr. Bruno SX for a routine checkup at DDF Genital Hospital, but he gets immediately inflamed by her glamorous French face and exciting 34C-25-35 body in its colorful low-cut frock and he goes…well, a little mad! Faster than you can say “fever” he’s at the sexual boiling point, feeling up Mademoiselle Anissa’s tits and binding her with red tubing in this fetish XXX video roleplay of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM.

The perverted physician pinches her nose and crams his cock in her lips, then he places her on the exam table where he opens her mouth with a metal spreader so he can fill her face with his dick. Then he bends her over on the table, her wrists and ankles bound, so she can deepthroat his ferocious meat.

Maybe she doesn’t do it quite the way he wishes, perhaps she drools too much, because she earns a spanking from the palm of his hand.

Then it’s time to open her pussy with a spreader, and stuff TWO cold metal speculums into her asshole! What will happen next when he gives her the rest of his perverse prescription for submission, humiliation, and pain? Be here for Part 2 to find out…

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DDF Updates: Perverse Prescription Part 1


Minnie Manga,Nesty,Viktoria Diamond: Punishing Her Slave Girls [Part 2]

In Part 1 of this new Full HD BDSM series, Mistress Viktoria Diamond gave her unruly slaves Minnie Manga and blonde Nesty some well-earned flogging, spanking, and hair-pulling. But now it’s time to remind these subbies that they are slaves with HOLES that will be penetrated for Mistress’s amusement whenever she wants, no questions asked!

Nesty is made to suck a big black dildo in this fetish XXX video and then, while getting it crammed in her cunny, is bent over by her goddess to lick at Minnie’s shaved pussy.

Then Minnie must lick her domme’s thigh-high black leather stiletto boots, before getting that dildo stuffed up her asshole while Nesty laps at her pussy some more!

The ruthless Mistress knows how well Nesty eats vagina, so she then has Nesty service hers, pulling her face in tight with the heel of her boot. Meanwhile Mistress continues to fuck Minnie’s butt with the dildo.

The ultimate humiliation is when Nesty’s mouth is used to push the dildo back and forth in Minnie’s ass. Yes, this beautiful blonde’s mouth is reduced to a “fucktoy motor”–but she and Minnie have learned their lessons well as we take leave of these three hot Hungarian ladies in a scene of fetish power unleashed!

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DDF Updates: Punishing Her Slave Girls Part 2


Minnie Manga,Nesty,Viktoria Diamond: Punishing Her Slave Girls [Part 1]

Mistress Viktoria Diamond from Hungary is fed up with her naughty naked slaves who simply won’t do as they’re told! Grown women acting so spoiled, selfish, immature, and irresponsible! So Viktoria cuffs their wrists and ankles and puts them together for a little discipline in this brand new exclusive fetish XXX video!

Watch these bad girls as they wiggle in their lesbian bondage as their stern dominatrix pulls them by the hair to keep their asses in place for her flogger, or for the smacking of her beautifully manicured hand in some fierce spanking in this Full HD BDSM thriller.

Brunette Minnie Manga cries out in pain at the slap of the whip even as she leans into the equally helpless blonde Nesty, who gets her own chance to cry out as the Mistress grabs her hair and applies the punishing hand. Ow, ow, oweee!!

What will happen next to these defiant young Hungarian girls?? Be here for Part 2 and see!!

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DDF Updates: Punishing Her Slave Girls Part 1


GGG Devot: Cum & Piss 44

If you’re into extreme watersports then you will enjoy this update from GGG John Thompson.

33308_frontThe GGG Devot series features hardcore pissing and gangbang action and this latest update does not disappoint!

Slutty Anna is at JOHN THOMPSON for the first time and feels well cared for in her submissive role between all the piss and sperm.

The boys did not want to stop at all and could not get enough of her gorgeous tits.

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Tiffany Doll: Learn your Place Girl

In today’s roleplay, Tiffany Doll from France finds herself in quite a fix. Her boyfriend, played by Ben Kelly, is super-kinky and likes to keep her chained naked to a bed in his house and then torment her with a metal garden tool! She can’t really make any kind of clear protest because it’s hard to talk with a metal bit in her mouth! Well, she knows Ben is sexually adventurous and she wants to go along for the ride, but her natural feistiness comes out as he attempts to teach her what her place is in their relationship.

Ben presses the sharp points of the tool against her titties and ass, then gives her a break to get down on her knees and suck his cock. He’d rather not take the bit out of her mouth but then decides it’ll make for a better blowjob if he does. But then Tiffany gets defiant when her mouth is freed, so he holds her by her pigtail and gives that lush booty of hers a good spanking in this fetish XXX video!

Now that she’s chastised a little, it’s time for Tiffany to resume her duties as his cock sucking extreme sex slave. Down on the floor she goes as Ben gets naked to fuck her deeply in her ass and then have her suck his big dick some more. Then he stands over her and jacks off onto her body to teach her who is the master and who is the cum slut!

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DDF Updates: Learn your Place Girl



Wet And Pissy: Bella Karina in Grande Fun

This New Year update comes from our friends at Wet and Pissy – check out more updates at PuffyAndPissy.com.

027Pretty blonde Carina couldn’t wait to pull down her shorts to pee onto a glass table and once finished, she pulls them back up and sits in her pissy puddle.

Diving into her golden piss juice, this beautiful blonde licks her own pee. Stripping naked, she pisses again, this time onto her blouse and she squeezes her warm piss over her sexy, naked body.

Using a pussy pump, Carina makes her pussy puffy and pees into the tube, pouring the contents over her hair and tits. She uses a dildo on her pussy and relieves herself once more, squirting pee all over the floor.

The number of times this kinky blonde pees on camera is amazing, and includes one more attempt, this time peeing on her pretty feet.video-grande-fun_1080P


Tigerr Benson: Under Cruel Hands

One of our favorite damsels-in-distress, Tigerr Benson from the United Kingdom, is back in a tight predicament that finds her bound naked with ropes over what looks like an antique piano bench. Her 36DD boobs are plumped up thanks to the ropes that encircle them snugly, and her pierced shaved pussy is presented helplessly to whatever shall penetrate it.

Cruel male hands come into the scene, pulling on her cunny lips, squeezing and tugging her nipples, penetrating her quim and mouth, and then pouring red candle wax all over her breasts in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video.

Tigerr can only gasp in a combination of pain mixed with the ecstasy of extreme sex as her torso, from tits to crotch, is covered big drops of hot wax.

Later, after the wax is gone, it’s time for a portable, handheld fucking machine, the dildo of which is lubed up by Tigerr’s mouth and stuffed into her snatch. Turned over so that her butt is raised in the doggie position, our heroine is then banged by the machine in her asshole, and when she’s turned around onto her back once more, we see the bright pink of her pussy between her dark lips as the relentless mechanical cock continues to do her asshole deep!

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DDF Updates: Under Cruel Hands