Mea Melone: Serving her Masters [Part 2]

As Part 2 of this kinky roleplay thriller opens, Mea Melone’s wrists are still bound in ropes. Now she kneels between Yanick Shaft and Ryan Ryder as they take out their cocks. Ryan guides Mea’s face onto Yanick’s shaft, then crams his own dick into her mouth too in this Full HD BDSM extreme sex video.

Standing up the helpless girl, her keepers then stuff her face and asshole with their dicks–Yanick in her face, Ryan in her butthole. Then the positions are reversed so that Yanick can fuck Mea’s ass while spanking it as the girl dutifully services Ryan’s big dick with deepthroat.

With all their clothes off, the guys gets comfortable on the floor so that they can continue to fuck her mouth and butt while tugging on the ropes that bind her. Watch as Mea’s blue eyes go wide with the intense treatment she gets from her keepers, her face and ass filled with dick as she experiences total submission in this throbbing threesome.

But it’s not over until they give her the double penetration that truly puts this slavegirl into deep psychological “sub space”–the sensation of truly being lower than her keepers by being used as a repository for the plunging hunger of their pricks. They then empty their balls on her tongue and butthole, before tying her up again and enjoying a post-orgasm drink. They don’t share the booze with her, of course, but just pour the remains of their drinks on her naked body and leave her trussed against the wall to await the next time they’ll be back to use her.

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DDF Updates: Serving her Masters Part 2


Mea Melone: Serving her Masters [Part 1]

In today’s kinky roleplay, Yanick Shaft (known previously as Ian Scott) and Ryan Ryder share a drink together, then they go inspect helpless naked slave girl Mea Melone in the other room in this Full HD BDSM video.

The blue-eyed Czech beauty is bound hand and ankle by ropes to the wall and Yanick immediately demonstrates to Ryan how she should be treated: cramming the glass handle of a flogger in her mouth, whipping her 34A tits, and then applying wooden clothespins to her nipples and pussy lips.

Ryan seems to have some tender affection for Mea, kissing her on the cheek even as he follows his mentor’s lead in how to treat a bound submissive. For a moment it almost looks as if Ryan mentally shares her painful sensations, but that seems to pass. Yanick turns the girl around and gives her a spanking and then Ryan follows suit by smacking Mea’s ass as well.

Next the clothespins are taken off and Mea is lowered from the wall so that she can kneel on the floor to lick Ryan’s black leather loafers while Yanick jams her asshole with the glass flogger handle. Ryan, an apt pupil in the stern treatment of a female slave, next steps on Mea’s head with the sole of his black loafer, then fingers Mea’s pussy while Yanick continues to fuck her ass with the handle. Then what happens? See Part 2 of this extreme sex epic next time on House of Taboo to find out.

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Candy Sexton,Cherry Blush: Discipline at Dusk

The sun is about to set, and it’s the perfect time for Mistress Candy Sexton to discipline her unruly naked slave girl Cherry Blush. She leads Cherry by a leash onto the lawn of her dungeon estate, making the nude girl kneel and worship her shiny black thigh high stiletto boots as this Full HD BDSM extreme sex video moves into high gear.

Mistress Candy binds her slave to a metal frame and the lesbian bondage scenario continues with cruel flogging across Cherry’s bare midsection. The busty subbie cries out, her 32G boobs shaking under the taste of the flogger.

But the dominatrix is hardly done, working up a sweat between her own 32DDD/E tits as she cleverly continues the punishment through the rear of the frame, which leaves the slave girl’s bottom exposed for a whipping of its own.

When she’s done with the punishment, Mistress Candy’s cunny is hot and aroused, and she feasts on her slave’s nipples and rubs the handle of her flogger between Cherry’s shaved pussy lips. Then, with night approaching, the stern mistress leaves Cherry bound and helpless in the approaching shadows, to think about how she can improve her attitude in the morning and be a better slave!

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DDF Updates: Discipline at Dusk


Sienna Day: Jailbreak Revenge

In today’s fantasy roleplay presenting Full HD BDSM in a fetish XXX video, it looks like British pornstar Sienna Day enacts a female prison guard for whom the tables have turned after a jailbreak riot. It’s revenge time for the inmates…

She’s cuffed to the bars of a cell, and cruel hands without a face lift up her skirt, pull open her uniform blouse, take down her panties, and tug aside her bra to expose her fully for humiliating treatment.

Fierce fingers cram her shaved pussy. A black dildo is stuffed into her mouth under her wide blue eyes, and then is jammed into her snatch and into her asshole too. Her clothes are stripped off, so all she has are the cuffs on her wrists and ankles which keep her tethered to the bars, and her high heels to keep her looking pretty for her tormentor.

For her final humiliation, she’s bent down on the stone floor, the vibrator sticking out of her ass, and she’s left there naked, defenseless, and alone!

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DDF Updates: Jailbreak Revenge


Bobbi Starr & Madison Parker & Blue Angel: Freaky Fanny Fisting

In today’s kinky roleplay, brunette Bobbi Starr from the USA seems to be in charge of Hungarian hotties, the raven-tressed Madison Parker and the blonde Blue Angel. She has the girls kiss and then she bends Blue over to spread her asshole wide for a lick as this fetish XXX video crammed with extreme sex gets going.

Bobbi supervises while Blue licks Madison, at the same cramming her fingers in the Angelic asshole. Looks like she’s digging for lost treasure in Blue’s bottom!

Bobbi gets Madison to assist her as they put Blue Angel upside down on the floor with her butt raised so their hands have free and easy access to the blonde’s anus. Then Bobbi puts on shiny black latex gloves so that she can further splay Blue’s bright red butt crevice unbelievably wide.

Bobbi then shows what she can do with her own asshole by cramming a long glass dildo in it. And then Madison gets into the freaky fanny fun by taking a humongous black toy in her rectum, leading up to the invasion of Bobbi’s black latex fingers deep in the Parker posterior for some fisting action.

The girls save their biggest backdoor triumph for the end, however, as both Madison and Blue Angel stuff their assholes with a monstrously thick ribbed black dildo that we hear can make most babes’ rosebuds feel sore just when they merely LOOK at it! But Madison and Blue rise–or rather, squat–to the challenge, as you’ll see in this truly ass-tounding new Full HD kinky sex video.

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DDF Updates: Freaky Fanny Fisting


Tiffany Doll: Humiliated Thru Pissing

In today’s fetish XXX video bringing you yet another aspect of Full HD BDSM, the gorgeous brunette French hot babe Tiffany Doll is at the mercy of an unseen mistress who has restrained her wrists and ankles to hanging chrome bars, all because she has been a naughty slave girl. It’s bondage punishment time.

She’s naked, and not going anywhere, but it turns out she really, really has to pee, so she lets go on the orange sheet that her mistress has spread below her bare size 6.5 peds just in the event of such a happening.

At first Tiffany’s trickle is slow out of her lightly hairy pussy, but then it picks up momentum as the golden stream pours out between her cunny lips. You’ll see every drop until she’s let it all go, thoroughly drenching the sheet beneath her feet.

Perhaps she’s learned her humiliating lesson, and will be a better behaved slave girl from now on!

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DDF Updates: Humiliated Thru Pissing