Mea Melone & Mugur: Punished for Pissing

In today’s fetish XXX video, Mea Melone plays a girl who likes it rough. First the black-haired blue-eyed Czech gets naughty in an office setting by lifting up the hem of her minidress and peeing with her shaved pussy all over the floor. Hasn’t she ever heard of the ladies’ room? But it’s much more fun to piss this way, right, naughty girl? Right!

But apparently there is a penalty for this kind of un-corporate behavior. Next she finds herself tied to her own legs, her wrists and ankles bound by stern masculine hands with white rope to an office chair. The not-so-mischievous-now maiden then watches as the hands pull aside her panties, spritz her cunny with oil, and then cram her crotch, both veeg and asshole, with relentless fingers.

Later, moved into a different position in this Full HD BDSM video, her curvy ass is well on display as the ruthless mitts probe her pink and then stuff her sphincter with a long red vibrator until she’s got a gape when it’s removed afterward. Then she’s left alone to contemplate the price of her naughtiness while kneeling on the chair with the vibrator– which has a red fringe to match the color of her sinful high heels–hanging out of her asshole like a tail.

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Sabby & Tina Hot: Give it to me Kinky

Tina Hot plays a girl who likes it very kinky, and Master Sabby has put her on the iron discipline sofa.

Bound to the cold frame by her wrists and ankles with red rope, her mouth stuffed with a black ball gag, her eyes covered with a blindfold and her butt stuffed with a red plug, the Hungarian beauty awaits further treatment in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video.

Master Sabby takes off her blindfold, so that she can see his hand as it comes down to smack her ass again and again, then his cock as he lays it on her forehead before taking out her ball gag so that she can suck on her anal plug once it’s removed–and then, of course, on her master’s meat.

She gets her pussy licked, then is fucked from above before getting her snatch stuffed with the plug so that her asshole is free for banging by her master. Then he returns his cock to her mouth to dump his load of cum, before peeing all over her ass. Witness all the spanking, pissing, and extreme sex in this exclusive new House of Taboo roleplay production!

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Linda Sweet & Billie Star: Cuffed and Controlled

Helpless naked slave Linda Sweet is cuffed in place on a special torture sofa and nervously awaits the arrival of her cruel mistress Billie Star in this exercise in extreme sex and lesbian bondage, all presented to you in a Full HD fetish XXX video by the kink erotica masters at DDF Productions!

Handcuffed and ankle-cuffed so she can’t escape and will be totally controlled, the nude innocent-looking young Czech redhead has her mouth kept open by a spreader bar. The girl feels her hair tugged mercilessly by her dominatrix who then whips her butt with a black flogger.

But inventive Czech dominatrix Mistress Billie also gives Linda a spanking, even while the handle of the flogger is stuck in Linda’s crack.

The spreader bar is removed from Linda’s face so that she can lick the slit of her goddess, who sits haughtily over her head while smoking a cigarette.

Mistress Billie then blows smoke in Linda’s face, before the final degradation of shaved pussy whipping is applied, relentless double penetration in her young veeg and butthole with silver bullet dildo and flogger handle even while biting the slave’s snatch, and then some high heel worship to keep this newbie sub totally up to par with her oral skills!

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Isabel Dean: Submissive Pisses herself

Isabel Dean is in what used to be called with a wink in the old days of 1950s Bettie Page fetish magazines and photos a “bondage predicament.” Yep, our heroine is trussed up and immobilized, just like Bettie used to be, but in Isabel’s case here she’s tethered to a huge tree stump.

Miss Dean’s not going anywhere, and her body is exposed to the elements, which is humiliating enough for any damsel-in-distress, but making the situation even more tense is that she was drinking a lot of beer before her master decided she needed some discipline and tied her up. So…

Yes, Isabel has to pee! And as you’ll see in her new fetish XXX video in Full HD BDSM splendor, she’s gonna have to make her water right there on the ground. What an embarrassing thing that a young lady like Isabel can’t stand quietly naked for a few hours outdoors without controlling herself, and has to spray out like an animal in the wild all her shameful leakies!!

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Clark & Vicktoria Redd: The Hidden Submissive

In today’s roleplay, dominant master Mr Clark keeps willing submissive Vicktoria Redd hidden under a sheet on the floor of his basement. Every once in awhile he goes downstairs to amuse himself with his sub.

Her wrists and ankles are tied with jump rope to ensure her immobility.

He gets the naked blonde on her knees on the little mat she’s been laying on, has her stick up her ass, and he then fucks her shaved pussy and asshole with a silver bullet vibrator.

Vicktoria gasps and groans and moans at the penetration…

Finally, when he’s finished with his fun, he has her lick the vibrator before covering her up with the sheet again and leaving her alone and hidden in the basement. See all the edgy extreme sex action in this new Full HD BDSM video.

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LiLy Madison & Angel Wicky: A Slave to be Punished

Cruel and sadistic horsewoman Angel Wicky has to punish her naughty slave girl LiLy Madison today. She sits the redhead on a saddle stand, probes her cleavage with a riding crop, then spanks her tits with the crop.

Next Mistress Angel gets LiLy to lick her knockers, before pinching LiLy’s nipples in return. Then she takes down LiLy’s blue denim shorts and pulls the struggling girl by her roped wrists over the saddle stand, where she then spanks her ass with her hand and LiLy’s boobs with the riding crop.

Seeing how her slave is thoroughly distressed at the punishments, Mistress Angel nonetheless continues to give her more spanking and then the ultimate humiliation of a bridle headpiece that lets LiLy know that someday soon, she may ridden like a horsie by her ruthless mistress! Savor all the Full HD BDSM lesbian bondage in this new fetish XXX video.

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Kiara Lord: Nectar of the Nymph

Come with us on a journey into never-before-seen erotic strangeness with this bizarre depiction of pretty and naked Hungarian nymph Kiara Lord in a cage, her legs positioned by bars, and her shaved pussy positioned so that she can pee into metal strainers which will then filter her urine into a pan on the floor.

We have deliberately left ambiguous our description and analysis of this situation so you can attach your own storyline to it. What, dear sir, will happen to Kiara’s pee? Shall it be processed into a healthful drink or some new form of party time thirst quencher? And who is supervising this entire process? A kinky lover, a far-sighted industrialist, or a groundbreaking scientist?

One thing is for certain: judging by her big smile in this fetish XXX video, Kiara is enjoying the whole unusual process of pissing for us in this manner!

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