Samantha Bentley & Choky Ice & Sabby: Their Human Playground

In today’s roleplay we see a young woman played by Samantha Bentley being subjected to the humiliating treatment of two masked men. When they finally take her out of her cage in a bleak wooden room, it is to use her like a human playground for their expression of sexual power.

They tug on her pubic hair in this extreme sex scene, then get her kneeling and apply the inches of their meat into her face. Her hands bound before her, they pinch her nose as they attempt to stuff both of their shafts into her mouth. Drool slides off her lips.

Laying her on the top of her cage, they strap her bare feet with a belt as they play with her pussy and continue to fuck her face. Then one guy gets underneath her and the other behind her for the double penetration they must have.

Further defilement of her crotch follows with deep penetration with many fingers in her vagina as well as more ass fucking and gaping.

As they double penetrate her again, her mouth is filled with one of the masked men’s fingers.

Finally they vanquish her with their loads, one on her pussy, the other on her face, and leave her to sleep it off on top of the cage as this intense video comes to a close.

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Chessie Kay & Kayla Green & Meg Magic: Golden rain of Submission

Some females are born to rule, and some to serve. Some to give orders, others to drink pee. Mistress Kayla Green demonstrates these timeless truths in today’s roleplay scene by leading around her two doggie girl slaves, blond Chessie Kay and brunette Meg Magic, and making them lick her feet, even lick at each other’s feet, and lap at her shaved pussy and asshole.

But this domme is only warming up in this Full HD BDSM video full of intense action. Next she lines her subs against the wall and gives them both a good spanking. Those slavegirl behinds get RED!! But they have more trials coming…

You see, Mistress Kayla likes her slaves to understand that their very own pee shall be their temporary nourishment whenever they get out of line! Meg is the first to learn this lesson, taking a spray on the face and mouth from her fellow slavegirl. But Chessie isn’t getting off easy. No, next it’s her turn, laying on the floor looking up while Meg squats and gives her the pissing of a lifetime right into her mouth. You can almost see steam rising off Chessie’s tongue as the golden rain pours down! Then they French kiss each other, laying in the puddle on the polished hardwood floor, while Mistress Kayla Green supervises, and approves, as this extreme sex fetish XXX video bubbles to a fade-out.

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Lilith: The Cranky Mistress

Mistress Lilith is getting cranky and impatient. When is her stud cock going to arrive? Taking a break from her legion of groveling foot and boot slaves, she had planned on getting herself a good fuck from her stud–but if he doesn’t arrive soon, she’s going to start their time together with discipline from her riding crop, and maybe even demote him from pussy service down to cleaning her toilets!!

Don’t cross Mistress Lilith!!

And here she had planned a whole latex porn tease show for him out of her red latex corset and black latex skirt, no to mention peeling off that black tape on her nips!!!

Yes, when he gets here, the stud cock will face punishment instead of a fuck! Meanwhile, however, Mistress Lilith’s vagina will have its satisfaction. A wise mistress is always prepared, and this stern young Czech brings out a vivid red toy to cram into her shaved pussy, throbbing it to the relief it craves in this fetish XXX video!

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Gina & Kathia Nobili & Nick Lang: Sex Fiend Acadamy

Gina has been a very naughty student, smoking in the closet. But she’s also been careless, because her teacher Kathia Nobili has caught her in the act! Miss Nobili loses no time in taking Gina to the principal, Mr. Nick Lang, who instantly puts aside the magazine he was reading to administer a harsh spanking, followed by Gina’s initiation into oral discipline, first by being made to suck the handle of a jump rope, and then to worship principal Lang’s big dick. See it all in this extreme porn threesome!

Miss Nobili fucks Gina with the jump rope handle while the schoolgirl continues to blow Mr. Lang, before being laid on the desk to be penetrated by the Lang log. Meanwhile Miss Nobili sits her snatch on Gina’s mouth at the same time.

The gorgeous teacher realizes she would like a little of her boss’s dick herself, and so she positions her pussy over Gina’s face so that the girl will be humiliated by observing her teacher getting fucked by the principal only inches above. Ultimately, though, Gina is penetrated in her ass by Miss Nobili (with the jump rope handle) and by Mr. Lang (with his prick) until in the climax of this hardcore XXX video her face is turned into a cum dump, which these academic sex fiends are convinced will teach this schoolgirl a no-smoking lesson once and for all!

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Tiffany Doll & Aurelly Rebel aka Kristall Rush: Framed for Cruelty

Mistress Aurelly Rebel aka Kristall Rush is an inventive domme. She keeps her slave Tiffany Doll bound wrist and ankle to the metal frame of an old couch, which she’s converted with some slats of wood into a harsh bed for cruel training.

Mistress Aurelly squeezes and tweaks her subbie’s flesh, then she brings out a massive flesh-colored dildo for Tiffany’s shaved pussy in this extreme sex Full HD BDSM scene.

Covering Tiffany’s mouth with her hand, Aurelly gets her to pipe down, then she crams the phallus first into slave Doll’s snatch and then her anus, producing a big gape.

Next she puts Tiffany into the doggie position and fucks her bottom with the dildo again, as Tiffany kneels in the recess at the bottom of the couch frame.

In the end, after servicing the dominatrix with her mouth, the slave is tied into the bottom of the frame, totally helpless at the feet of her merciless goddess–who nonchalantly smokes a cigarette as she lords her power over the sub in this fetish XXX video!

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Wendy Moon: Fun with a Funnel

Everybody should have a “party piece.” That’s defined as something that people always do when they’re asked to do contribute an entertaining or unusual bit to an evening’s festivities.

It can be a song, a dance, a series of jokes…or it can be having yourself stripped naked with your wrists and ankles bound, and placed upside down in a doorway with a funnel stuck in your lips so that you can try to see how much pee you can aim into your own mouth.

It’s suspenseful for the other guests because, if they’re inclined to wager, they can bet on how many times the urine actually reaches and spirals down the funnel.

True, party pieces have evolved with society. Yesterday’s soulful rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” has become today’s exercise in extreme sex behavior. But just remember, as Wendy Moon here does, that you have to be in the properly uninhibited social circles to be able to perform The Funnel Trick!

Contemplate the pissing possibilities of this up-to-date party piece in a fetish XXX video in Full HD!

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Dominica Phoenix & Mugur: The Switchables

While some people adhere to rigid roles in their sex play, in today’s scene Dominica Phoenix and Mugur demonstrate you can switch from being a submissive to a dominant with one spurt of pissing.

Things start with Mugur carrying a bound Dominica into a bleak room and laying her on a mattress. He crams her shaved pussy and ass with his fingers, then wets a vibrator with her mouth before stuffing it into her butthole. Then he fills her face with his big dick before banging her ass with it. He spits in her mouth, stuff her box with the toy, and plows her rosebud from yet another angle.

But here’s the kinky switch wrinkle: suddenly Mugur lays down on the floor and Dominica stands over him femdom-style to pee on his face while he strokes his cock! The idea seems to be that a master occasionally craves the pleasure of being on the bottom himself.

At the end, though, he reasserts his air of command in this Full HD BDSM extreme sex scene by getting this beauty to kneel in front of his dick to receive his load while he pulls her hair.

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Lucia Love & Kathia Nobili: Devil’s Slave

Lucia Love is bound in ropes and waiting for the arrival of Mistress Kathia Nobili. Lucia’s crime is unspecified; but no crime is necessary for punishment. This mistress sometimes just punishes for maintenance of a proper submissive attitude in her slaves…

And so Lucia shall be humiliated first with her mistress’s fingers in her mouth, and then a huge inflatable black dildo, guaranteed to make her mascara run with her tears even as she winces from the pain of an impromptu bare bottom spanking…

Next she has to kneel before her goddess, licking her pussy, and then have her whole face shoved into Mistress Kathia’s ass-crack…there is no degradation too low for this slavegirl…

Then Lucia is compelled to suck the inflatable black dido while it juts out of Mistress Kathia’s thighs, and then Lucia has to stand up to take that dildo, well-lubricated by her very saliva, into her very own asshole…

And then for the finale of this fetish XXX video backed with Full HD BDSM, Mistress Kathia face-sits a tightly bound Lucia, sticks her own butthole directly on the sub’s mouth, and pulls her tits in a last burst of agony for the hapless slave!

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Eve: Ache for her Splash

Some mistresses train their slaves very slowly to the wonders of their pee. Mistress Eve gives a good example of what we mean in today’s solo roleplay.

Just imagine yourself naked, and kneeling painfully on the gravelly ground in front of her, as this Czech goddess stands before you and knows that you ache for the splash of her cruel liquid on the back of your head…on your face.

But no, you haven’t pleased her enough yet, so she’s going to deny you that pleasure of kneeling between her thighs and feeling the spray upon you. Instead, she commands you to stare, ache, and stroke as she squats slightly to let the inundations of her bladder blast forth toward the earth.

She watches you the whole time, even as she squats lower and the flow gets heavier, and she knows that you will obey her every command from now on without question–so that someday, someday soon, you will feel the pulsing privilege of her ruthless golden shower into your eagerly slavish lips! Feel the fantasy in this masterpiece of pissing in a Full HD video and pics!

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