Madlin & Cindy Hope aka Klaudia: For Her Amusement

Mistress Cindy Hope has slavegirl Madlin to play with. While she reads a magazine, the Hungarian goddess keeps her naked submissive standing and leashed next to the couch…

Then Cindy decides to have fun with her subbie. She tugs her down by her leash and gets Madlin eating her out in this fetish XXX video. She has Madlin well-trained to lap deep at her dominant quim…

But Madlin’s duties are not only sexual. The Hungarian slavegirl fetches refreshments for her mistress, but then the domme cruelly trips her…

For such clumsiness, punishment is required in the form of a harsh spanking on Madlin’s naked bottom. In fact, determined to really redden that butt, Mistress Cindy puts Madlin over her knee to unforgettably warm those cheeks.

Then, for her further amusement, Mistress Cindy chains Madlin to the coffee table for some lesbian bondage and pours red candle wax all over the helpless girl’s nude body and shaved pussy! Madlin writhes and gasps in agony as her naked skin is littered with the sizzling wax.

But there’s even more–as inventive Mistress Cindy sits on her slave’s face and then takes out a black dildo for further humiliations and penetrations in this epic of Full HD BDSM!

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Anita Berlusconi: Damsel in Wet Distress

Naked in the sun, Anita Berlusconi is bound by her wrists to a metal fence on a rooftop, and her ankles are bound as well by cuffs and a long chain. Spreading her thighs, she starts to feel the call of nature. What is a bound slavegirl to do?

Shall she call out for help? But she is isolated, so she knows she only has one option.

Peeing into the open air, of course, and this Anita does with considerable force as her stream of urine sprays out almost horizontally to the ground.

Our DDF cameras capture every last drop propelled into the air by this helpless girl, and then we see the nectar puddle under her bare butt in the most humiliating fashion.

Such are the difficulties faced by damsels in wet distress!

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Latex Lucy & Sabby: Using her like a Doll

Get ready for one of the most bizarre scenes we’ve ever presented here. At first you’ll think–that’s a big latex sex doll on the clinic examining table, right?

Or a mannequin, perhaps, to be used in some strange anatomy course? But on closer inspection, you realize those lips are real…as is the slit between the legs: an actual pussy. Yes, it’s Latex Lucy at her most shockingly inventive!

Dr. Sabby examines his patient, using his stethoscope on her mound in the open crotch of the latex bodysuit…then using his fingers to probe the depth of that quim, as well as the mouth behind those full red lips sticking out of the full-head latex mask. Deciding it’s perfect for his cock, he slides his meat into the mouth hole, whence a tongue now protrudes to lick at his shaft.

The kinky physician adjusts his human latex doll in different positions–sitting, kneeling, and finally laying on her back again; always bound with thin but taut straps, and conveniently accessible for the insertion of his prick in this instant classic of latex porn, presented in a Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video that will linger in your imagination just as surely as Lucy’s mouth receives a load out of the medico which drips down the chin of her mask.

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Alysa aka Alysa Gap & Sophie Lynx & Kathia Nobili: You are my Playthings

Kathia Nobili dominates slavegirls Sophie Lynx and Alysa Gap in fierce style. Her naked subs are both blindfolded–Sophie in the red mask, Alysa in the black–and bound to the walls by their wrists and ankles.

Mistress Kathia is striking in her black and pink corset and thigh high black stiletto boots as she flogs and spanks her playthings, then gets them servicing her black strap-on dildo with their mouths.

But this powerful vixen is only getting started, as she plows Alysa’s anus with her proxy prick, then shifts to using two butt plugs, a black one for Alysa and a red one for Sophie. She gets her slavegirls to lubricate these plugs with their mouths to help ease them into their holes for the ultimate in exposure and degradation, as their stuffed bottoms are turned upward for display.

In one startling shot, Mistress Kathia pushes Sophie’s plug down into her ass with her spiked heel while Alysa obediently licks her shiny boot! So enjoy all the perverse Full HD BDSM action in this fetish XXX video crammed with lesbian bondage!

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Isabel Dean: Chastised in Wax

In a black room somewhere deep in the DDF Dungeon, Isabel Dean stands in her black corset and strappy black high heels and punishes herself with red candle wax.

She holds the thick candle over her legs and starts pouring it there, sizzling her skin with erotic heat in this fetish XXX video. Look at the ominous scarlet patterns the wax makes on her thighs…

But Isabel is only getting started with her self-inflicted pain. After doing her other leg, she pours the wax on her ass, then on her arms, then into her cleavage pushed up by the corset.


Finally it’s time for her crotch to get the treatment, and you’ll see Isabel moan and cry out as the hot flow of wax oozes down from her small bush on the top of her mound and slides down near the edges of her flowery snatch. Afterward, she takes a strange metal blade and peels off the dried wax as this bizarre exercise in private chastisement comes to a haunting finish.

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Mike Angelo & Nikita Bellucci: Wicked Measure of Pleasure

In today’s roleplay, Nikita Bellucci is sitting outdoors and reading a book. She looks relaxed and pretty in her pink dress and pink sneakers. Suddenly an ominous bald tattooed guy in shades and wife-beater runs up and chloroforms her, then carries her off to his wooden bondage rack…

Hanging upside down, tied severely with ropes, her pussy exposed, Nikita is at the mercy of this character as he crams a black dildo into her mouth in this exercise in extreme sex and Full HD BDSM. He puts his cock in her mouth too, then stuffs the dildo in her shaved pussy.

He licks her snatch as well, then fucks it, taking his full wicked measure of pleasure with her. Still not satisfied, though, he inserts a green-jeweled plug in her ass before fucking her behind with his dick and then sperming the gape in this very kinky fetish XXX video.

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Tina Hot & Brandy Smile: Her Disciplinary Experience

Secretary Tina Hot is held responsible for the Monday morning chaos in the office by her supervisor, Brandy Smile.

Ms. Smile will not tolerate a messy work environment as a result of after-hours partying on Friday. She will punish such bad behavior!

So Tina finds herself overpowered by Brandy, bent over the desk, and receives a spanking both over her tight skirt and then on her bare bottom. And what a spankable bottom it is…

Ms. Smile binds Tina’s wrists with strong tape so that the girl will not try to squirm out of her disciplinary experience. Then Brandy proceeds with more spanking, warming that bottom once she’s gotten most of Tina’s clothes off.

Looking awesome in her nylon stockings and black heels, Brandy further asserts her dominance by getting Tina to lick her pussy too, and then she explores Tina’s snatch and bunghole with her fingers.

But that’s not enough for the stern Ms. Smile, who stuffs a black dildo in Tina’s tush and then has the girl lap her snatch some more in this fetish XXX video!

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Ainara Reina: Her Trio of Toys

Ainara Reina from Spain is alone in a room and feeling particularly bizarre. When we come upon her she already has a ball gag in her mouth to get her new scene started on a highly kinky note of extreme sex. She’s also nude, and her body and her shaved pussy are greased up.

Why the grease? Because Ainara feels like cramming three silver bullet style vibrators up her snatch, toys which stand like soldiers at attention on the polished hardwood floor next to her.

She sits down on the floor and puts the shafts in her clam one at a time. It’s amazing how stretchy she is! She lays back, kneels, and stands with the trio of toys in her twat.

But this apparently is not extreme enough for her, so she gets her ankles harnessed to her neck as she reclines with her bare size 6.5 feet up in the air and her core crammed with toys.

What would you do if you came upon her in this compromising position? Let her fetish XXX video take you on a fantasy journey of the most decadent delights!

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