Nick Lang & Klaudia Hot: Therapy Thru her Rear

We wonder what Dr. Freud would have thought of how psychoanalysis has changed since his heyday in the early-to-middle 1900s.

Would he have stroked his trademark beard in surprise (or anything else in arousal) when watching Dr. Nick Lang use a radical approach to patient Klaudia Hot as detailed in our new kinky roleplay scene?

Soon falling asleep on the analytic couch, Klaudia awakes to find herself bound hand and foot by her analyst, who silences her protests with his right hand over her mouth and his left hand up her skirt. Soon he replaces his mitt with his meat in this Full HD BDSM scene packed with extreme sex, cramming her face and then licking her ass crack to prepare it for further therapy…

Therapy, that is, in the form of his cock plunging into her bottom, even as he has her lick a magic wand vibrator. Later he stuffs her discarded blue panties into her mouth, then gets her on top of his dick so she can ride him like an anal cowgirl.

Clearly this anal-yst believes that creaming on his patient’s asshole will be more therapeutic than discussing her dreams!

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Tigerr Benson: Ready for her Gushing

Tigerr Benson, that curvaceous temptress from the United Kingdom, takes her adventurous self yet again into the realms of House of Taboo as she is bound with duct tape to a red chair in a red room, her wrists, legs, 36DD boobs, and size 6 bare feet immobilized, and her pink snatch opened wide by the tape.

Miss Benson finds herself in the classic dilemma of having to pee, but being so, so far away from a toilet…

Naturally we here at HOT don’t mind if our models have to take a leak away from the porcelain throne, and soon Tigerr is gushing out her golden fluids all over the red cushion of the chair and the black drop cloth on the floor. Yes, we were prepared for a quite a flow in the studio, and Tigerr gave it to us from her shaved pussy, pissing up a storm in this new fetish XXX video!

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Virgil Startman & Lana: Physician’s Probing Fingers

Lana goes to see Dr. Virgil Startman at the DDF Genital Hospital and she gets a most unusual treatment. First he gives her an injection so that she will relax into deep sleep. Then while she’s out, he inspects her shaved pussy while wearing blue surgical gloves.

His examination is thorough and deep in this fetish XXX video. He tweaks her nipples, spreads her cunny lips, then turns her over and stares deeply into her butthole. Then it’s time for some lubrication so that he can probe both her anus and her vagina with his well-trained physician’s fingers.

He then uses a special medical device to probe Lana’s buttocks, sliding a slender white plastic tube into her bottom. Then it’s time for a most unorthodox procedure: he spanks Lana over his lap! By the time she wakes up, he has her garters once again fastened to her stockings, but the patient catches him sniffing his gloves, which are now full of the aromas which excite him! What a kinky healer!

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Amarna Miller & Alice Axx: The Cruel Hand goes Deep

Amarna Miller, in the dominant mode, has a good toy to play with…a human toy, a pretty girl named Alice Axx!

Laying bound hand and foot on a bare mattress, Alice is at the mercy of Mistress Miller as the commanding redhead pours candle wax all over her pussy and tits.

Amarna tugs at Alice’s wax-drenched pubic hair, and pulls at her waxy nipples.

Then it’s time for some intense penetration, and Alice knows she must not let her cruel mistress down. She watches intensely as Amarna inserts a few fingers in her Axx box…then her whole hand, in this incredible fisting scene!

Then Mistress Amarna gets Alice kneeling so that her sub can be fisted in the doggie position. Incredible shots in this fetish XXX video packed with lesbian bondage!

Then it’s time for a spanking, and candle wax poured on those slave cheeks, before Alice can lick her mistress to satisfy the arousal that dishing out all this pervy punishment has stirred in the loins of the stern dominatrix!

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Ivana Sugar: Golden Puddles

Our scene today has a strange dream-like quality as Ivana Sugar finds herself in a thoroughly disheveled room, as if coming upon the remains of a wild party. In fact, Ivana is dressed for such a party, in taut black leggings with a fishnet-like cut-out pattern.

Ivana rests her butt against a table, placing her high heel-shod feet astride a big mirror that lays on the floor. She takes down her top and plays with her titties, then feels a most natural urge strike her. Perhaps she was living it up with some champagne the night before? Because the golden streams shall flow!

Flow, all over the mirror in endless torrents of lovely feminine pee!

Ivana puddles all over the mirror, looking down at the reflection almost as if she’s peeing on herself! Check out her Full HD fetish XXX video to see all the pissing come out of her shaved pussy, drenching her tights!

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Lexi Lowe & Emma Leigh aka Emma & Mugur: Their Pliant Plaything

Mistress Lexi Lowe has a treat for her fellow domme Mistress Emma Leigh: her slave doggy Mugur! Lexi has trained her human pet to satisfy whatever needs she has, as well as the needs of her femdom friends like Emma.

Lexi walks him in on a leash and he kneels, his back serving as a table while the two ladies sip champagne.

Then they flog him, making him stick his face in their crotches even though the ball gag in his mouth tormentingly prevents him from savoring their pussies properly. But they enjoy humiliating him in this Full HD BDSM video!

When they have a taste for cock, his meat is at their command. They suck his shaft and balls. Then Mistress Emma sits on his face and Mistress Lexi rides his rod after she gets naked.

Lexi sucks on Emma’s tits while she tugs on Mugur’s leash and guides his prick into the Leigh quim. Then Emma stuffs Mugur’s prick into Lexi’s slot.

Yes, he is their toy, their pliant plaything with a prick!

Mistress Lexi takes his load on her tongue, and then walks her human hound out again on his leash so that she can spend some more quality alone time with Mistress Emma.

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Lucy Heart & Dorothy Black: Stimulating Activity

Mistress Dorothy Black gets fierce with her naughty sub Lucy Heart. Sometimes you just have to give these young ladies discipline to keep them in line! You’ll see what we mean in this Full HD BDSM thriller.

Lucy is bound and spread on a rack, so that her domme can use a riding crop to play with the slit and mound of her shaved pussy. Then Lucy is turned around to receive a relentless spanking. Mistress Dorothy grasps Lucy’s hair in her fist while she smacks the blonde’s butt with a gloved hand.

See the slavegirl’s cheeks quiver with each blow of that relentless palm in this fetish XXX video! Nothing like a little lesbian bondage to put a defiant slave in her place…

At the end, Mistress Dorothy also sits on her slavegirl’s face, getting pleasure for her hungry snatch after all the stimulation of that sadistic punishment activity!

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Latex Lucy: She Looms in Latex

The always inventive Latex Lucy is back, this time in a purple body suit and mask, silver corset, and black skyscraper heels. She teases us with the incredible shape of her 32F-23-35 body, and the kinky blonde pigtails that hang out of the top of her mask.

She poses on a glass table and whips herself with a black flogger, the thongs snapping against the taut sheen of her derriere in this incredible example of latex porn.

Next in this fetish XXX video she lays back, sucks on the glass handle of the flogger, and inserts it into her shaved pussy, which is ready for penetration in the open crotch of her body suit!

Finally Lucy stands up, fucks herself with the toy in other positions, looms goddess-like over our cameras, and keeps peering at us with those intense green eyes in the holes of her mask–as if inviting us to suit up too and become her latex lovers!

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