Danielle Maye & Chloé Toy: Service and Worship

Mistress Danielle Maye keeps her little blonde slave Chloé Toy in a closet, but takes her out when it’s time to amuse herself, as she does in today’s roleplay.

The black-clad dominatrix sticks her riding crop between her sub’s teeth, then fingers the girl’s asshole before sticking a red plug inside it.

Then it’s time to stimulate the hapless Chloé with a Magic Wand vibrator, before the domme decides what she really wants to do is humiliate her slave with a golden shower.

Mistress Danielle has Chloé kneel in front of her, cup her hands, and receive her pee. Then she has Chloé lap it up. Uh-oh, a few drops fell down on onto Mistress Maye’s open-toed black platform heel! Chloé licks those up as well.

For a final exercise, a face dildo is strapped onto Chloé’s mouth, and she uses it to fuck her mistress’s pussy. Miss Danielle sits on her slave’s face, and also takes the dildo from behind.

Satisfied with her slave’s performance, the domme returns Chloé to the closet until the next time she comes up with another inventive program of service and worship!

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DDF Updates: Service and Worship


Misha Cross & Nick Lang: Stern Connection

In today’s roleplay, Misha Cross angers her doctor employer, Nick Lang, when upon his return from a business trip he discovers that she has not kept his clinic in good shape. In fact, it is a terrible mess, a disgrace to the medical profession!

The remedy is obvious: discipline! And Dr. Lang applies the punishment quickly, binding her wrists so that he can spank and flog her butt with no resistance.

Cramming his cock in her mouth in this Full HD BDSM epic, he gets his inches wet so that he can more readily plow her shaved pussy in this program of extreme sex that quickly shifts to anal penetration as well.

Kneeling on the cold clinic floor, her wrists still tied with leather straps, her anus gaping from Dr. Lang’s relentless butt-fuck, Misha gets the final lesson: a load of gizzum into her asshole, which leaks downward into her snatch too.

Then the stern doctor leaves her naked on the floor to contemplate her errors of judgment, and how in the future she will avoid such mistakes–unless she wants another serving of such stern correction, such sexual chastisement!

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DDF Updates: Stern Connection


Cathy Heaven: Five Finger Challenge

Cathy Heaven is anything but angelic today as she stands before us in her open-crotch fishnet tights, waist cincher, fishnet bra and heels.

She is more devilish, we’d say, as she goes to work on her anus first with black-gloved fingers and two enormous dildos which she sticks into her butthole simultaneously!! (What does she have, a parking lot in there??)

Between cramming the toys in her caboose, she sucks on them too. Totally uninhibited is our kinky Miss Heaven!

The curvy Hungarian bares her big tits and takes off her gloves, then sucks her dark-manicured fingers to prepare herself for the ultimate challenge: fisting her ass!

You’ll be impressed by how much of her hand she gets into her heinie in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex.

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DDF Updates: Five Finger Challenge


Mira Sunset & Charlyse Bella: Obey Your Owner

Tall and commanding in her domme duds, Mistress Mira Sunset oversees her little barefoot human doggie Charlyse Bella, whose pretty face is muzzled in a cage-like metal mask and whose bottom is stuffed with a red dildo plug with a long horse-like tail.

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DDF Updates: Obey Your Owner


Lorena: Tantalizing Mistress

Dressed like a dominatrix, the gorgeous Lorena from Spain demonstrates how a mistress does not need anything other than the glass handle of her whip to get satisfaction in a pinch.

Tantalizing us with her curvaceous body in a revealing black outfit that showcases her back and butt-crack, she also shows off her size 6 feet before focusing on her mostly shaved pussy, over which she wears no panties.

She licks the glass handle of her flogger, and then inserts it into her snatch and ass. What a beautiful body she has, what a sexy face, and how cruel she is to deny us the gift of pleasuring her!!

No, she’d rather drive us crazy with her incredible derriere and delicious red-polished toes in strappy heels, making us watch her masturbate.

But where will that whip be used after she reaches her climax…on a slave’s ass? Let your daydreams begin with this fetish XXX video and kinky pics!

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DDF Updates: Tantalizing Mistress


Savannah Secret & Choky Ice: Bizarre New Twist

In today’s extreme sex roleplay packed with the Full HD BDSM that is one of our House of Taboo calling cards, Savannah Secret is seen bound with blue cord around her wrists and ankles.

With her arms lifted up toward the ceiling where the rope is fastened, she is quite helpless under the hands of her master, Choky Ice, who tweaks her hard nipples, then tugs apart her pink lips which protrude from a thatch of light brown pubic hair.

Mr. Ice pulls on Savannah’s head of hair as well, then stuffs her mouth with his rigid cock before taking time out to harshly give her bottom a spanking. You’ll see her butt flesh ripple with each stern blow!

Then Choky finger-fucks her bunghole and quim, before stuffing her anus with his meat, powering back and forth in her rosebud as she grimaces.

But the degradation of this female slave is not finished until Choky stands over Savannah, jacks off his juice on her naked body, and then steps in his own spunk with his bare foot so that Savannah can lick that cum off his toes.

Have you ever seen something like that before? Indeed, once again House of Taboo brings a new kinky bizarre twist to the fetish XXX video!

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DDF Updates: Bizarre New Twist


Lucy Heart & Cindy Hope aka Klaudia: Somebody to Boss Around

Mistress Cindy Hope keeps her naked subbie Lucy Heart in the refrigerator; but don’t try this at home, it’s dangerous: always remember that our roleplays are only make-believe.

Anyway, Cindy is clearly not satisfied masturbating herself while wearing her dominatrix outfit and stiletto boots, she needs somebody to boss around; so she fetches her slavegirl to use as a plaything in this scene of lesbian bondage.

Mistress Cindy makes Lucy lick her pussy and then she spanks her over-the-knee. Then she flogs her bottom, to warm Lucy up for the ultimate service: getting fucked in the ass by Cindy’s strap-on, a lifelike dildo which Lucy herself gets to prepare for her own bottom by sucking.

Cindy shows herself to be a fierce domme indeed in this Full HD BDSM epic, finally getting off when she has her slave once again lap at her clam.

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DDF Updates: Somebody to Boss Around


Alice Axx: Liquid Predicament

Her arms and legs bound to a chair, naked newcomer Alice Axx finds herself in a scene of the utmost degradation as she sits alone in a brightly lit room.

Why is her lipstick so smeared? We leave that to your imagination.

Drool unstoppably flows down the length of her body because her mouth is kept open by the leather strap gagging her.

Her pussy, half-shaven, is naked to the air, and her bladder is full and waiting to be emptied. Why is it full? We leave that to your imagination. How she would like to go to the bathroom!

But it is not to be allowed, and instead she must let out her flow all over the newspapers that have been spread on the floor in front of her–as if she is a human puppy who must be housebroken.

How shall she be trained? We leave that to your imagination…for a scene like this always invites not only observation, but participation in the depths of your own minds and fantasies. It’s up to you: would you punish her more…or perhaps rescue her quick?

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DDF Updates: Liquid Predicament