Meg Magic & Sabby & Zor & Amarna Miller: Suspended & Helpless

In today’s roleplay, Amarna Miller and Sabby are a sophisticated and adventurous couple who bring their slavegirl, Meg Magic, to the chambers of bondage master Zor.

While Amarna blows Sabby, Meg’s arms are bound by Zor in the intricate stylings of the Japanese rope art known as shibari. Her arms trussed to her torso, Meg then kneels before Sabby where she takes over the sucking of his cock.

Soon Zor also has Meg’s legs tied to a pulley attached to the ceiling, so that Sabby will have easy access to Meg’s shaved pussy and asshole even while Amarna bites her nipples as this fetish XXX video gets wilder and wilder. Meg hangs in midair and watches Amarna fuck Sabby in a standing position, and Meg even has to worship Amarna’s stocking-covered leg.

The taut rope-arrangements continue for Meg until she is helplessly in position to receive a blast of spunk from Sabby, a load which Meg shares snowball-style with her mistress Amarna below. Savor the extreme sex in this epic of Full HD BDSM!

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Latex Lucy & Kyra Hot: Sapphos in Latex

Mistress Kyra Hot (in the black latex) puts her slave Latex Lucy through some serious paces in this unique encounter.

Tugging Lucy close by her leash, she gets the pink sub to do as she commands, whether it means to lick her bare legs, kiss her feet in the strappy heels, or then suck on the handle of Kyra’s whip.

How vulnerable Lucy looks kneeling at her goddess’s feet, even as Mistress Kyra snaps the flogger on Lucy’s bottom in this fetish XXX video of sapphic latex porn.

Kyra squeezes Lucy’s nipples through her snug form-fitting pink bodysuit, then gives her a thorough spanking.

She feels affection for her slave, though, and they lick tongues even as Kyra plays with Lucy’s quim through an open zipper in the crotch of the pink suit.

Lucy gets to suck on Kyra’s nipples, play with her pussy, but then she has to suck on the whip again–only this time to prepare it for a journey into her snatch.

See all the latex loving in this new scene in Full HD!

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Mira Cuckold: The Fate That Awaits

Mira Cuckold is your slave today, her wrists and ankles chained firmly in place so that she may consider in solitude the vast variety of her offenses which have landed her in this position.

Secured to the wall and floor, wearing only a bust-bearing corset and strappy red heels, she has much time to ponder her sins.

Of course, since she will be here for some hours, it may be necessary for her to relieve herself of all the fluids you cleverly had her imbibe before her period of bondage; but you are showing her a consideration she did not show you as a rebellious slave, and you have placed underneath her naked crotch a bidet wherein she can relieve herself of the pee-pee that will naturally build up.

Watch her leak and spray in front of you, losing control of her shaved pussy with no dignity. Thus shall this defiant female be shown, in this fetish XXX video full of pissing and Full HD BDSM, the humiliating fate that awaits those who do not obey!

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Leila Moon & Franco Roccaforte: Feel the Intensity

Grumpy and autocratic doctors are a tradition in drama, especially on television, but of course we never see on TV how their personalities translate into their sex lives.

So that’s why today’s fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM is unique, because it shows us a bossy physician played by Franco Roccaforte taking out his savage quirks on his nurse, portrayed by Leila Moon.

Get ready for some extreme sex as Dr. Roccaforte gives Nurse Leila a spanking not just on her butt but also on her boobs, tugs on her face with a metal medical doohickey, squeezes and pulls on her shaved pussy and tits, binds her wrists and ankles to the examining table, and then tweaks her nose to keep her mouth open continually so he can insert a spreader to keep her lips wide for penile penetration and plowing. And he fucks her veeg again, too.

Leila ends up drooling his cum all over her tits at the climax of one of the most intense sets we’ve ever put on House of Taboo.

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Lindsey Olsen & Sandra Luberc: Rear-end Punishment

Sandra Luberc lays on the couch at the mercy of her mistress Lindsey Olsen. Sandra’s very pretty feet, with orange-polished toenails, are bound, as are her wrists.

Lindsey comes home and immediately starts chastising her slave, who was unruly in the morning and hence was restrained when Lindsey went out on some business appointments.

Mistress Lindsey puts Sandra over her lap for an over-the-knee spanking as this fetish XXX video heats up, and then stands the slave up for a different smacking angle on her butt.

Next it’s time for rear end punishment of the penetration kind. A huge double-dong gets lubed in Sandra’s mouth and is then crammed first into her shaved pussy, then her asshole. Her anal gape is shocking–almost like a meteor crater!

After a brief timeout, back into her ass goes the dong, just to make sure she is left with an even wider gape. Then Mistress Lindsey takes mercy on her sub and lets the sphincter rest while Sandra laps at her ruler’s clit and hopes for further leniency as this intense exercise in lesbian bondage and Full HD BDSM action comes to a close.

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Marina Visconti: Her Own Master

In the absence of a master or mistress, the beautiful Marina Visconti dominates herself.

Adorned in a fierce black corset with collar, and black wedgies with mary jane straps, she cuffs her own wrists and then climbs on a glass table to submit herself to a long black vibrator.

She crams the toy in her shaved pussy as our kinky cameras follow her moves, shooting both from above and underneath the glass.

She lays back and cuffs the vibrator to her wrists and then she crams the long black throbber into her asshole, while spreading her pink snatch above.

She shows off quite an anal gape, then squats on the vibe with her ass again and fills her rosebud once more. Marina even gives herself a spanking at the end. See all her antics in this fetish XXX video!

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Alysa Gap & Nick Lang & Markus Dupree: At Their Whims

Nick Lang introduces his friend Markus Dupree into the pleasures of being a master by inviting him to partake of the defilement of Nick’s slavegirl Alysa, who waits quietly in the next room, laying in her latex minidress on a mattress with her mouth gagged and her wrists cuffed to her neck in a bizarre metal device.

Aspiring sadist Markus tries out flogging Alysa’s bottom, then he licks her posterior portal to prep it for the deep insertion of a black dildo.

After being fucked with the toy, Alysa’s sphincter is then spread for the plunge of the huge Dupree dick, even as Nick fills her face with his own massive meat.

The brunette beauty is totally at the mercy of their whims as she gives them all her feminine holes in total service, which culminates with intense double penetration in this fetish XXX video full of the most extreme sex.

Her tongue and rosebud are thoroughly spermed before she is finally left, naked and damp, alone on the mattress with Markus’s cream, like a decadent little pond, drying on her anus even as the raunchy residue drips down into her shaved pussy.

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Yuffie Yulan & Tina Kay: Edgy Extremes

Yuffie Yulan is at the mercy of the commanding Tina Kay in this sizzling roleplay which takes us inside the edgy extremes of the lesbian bondage and spanking experience.

First Tina cruelly tweaks the handcuffed and ankle-shackled Yuffie’s nipples, then she whips that fantastic Yulan booty with a flogger.

If ever a rump was made for spanking, it’s Yuffie’s, and soon enough she receives several hard smacks from her mistress.

But Goddess Tina wants to toy with her slave a bit more, and so she inserts a red vibrator into Yuffie’s ass while fingering her sub’s pussy.

Yuffie surrenders completely to the whims of her demanding queen, and shows her gratitude afterward by licking Tina’s twat and then her black high heels in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

You’ll be dreaming about the future possibilities for hot scenes with Yuffie’s plush bottom!!

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Sophie Lynx: Freaky Furniture

In today’s roleplay, beautiful, intelligent, and strong-looking Sophie Lynx is the prisoner of an unseen personage who has diabolically used an old iron bed frame to create a very constricting bondage cage.

Strapped by her wrists and ankles to the frame, which encloses and holds her naked body securely, Sophie’s mouth and shaved pussy are probed by a black dildo on a stick until she drools on herself; and then the frame is turned around for access to her nude bottom, which is spanked with a strap.

One side of the frame is then taken off and the device is adjusted so that it’s like a bed on which she can lay naked and bound either on her back or stomach.

From the weight of her body, the metal wires of the frame dig into her flesh and leave impressions. The black dildo on a stick returns to probe her asshole, and then Sophie is turned over and, her bladder full from her time in captivity, has no choice but to pee into the air and all over herself as this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and pissing comes to a close.

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