Markus Dupree & Cristian & Tigerr Benson: Eye-Opening Antics

Tigerr Benson finds herself in a tight predicament in this new roleplay scene.

Her attire is unconventional. Looks like a burlap bag with cut-outs for her 36D breasts.The bag also comes up to the top of her head. Her ankles are bound with rope, and her wrists are tied above her head and secured to the top of a barn.

Markus Dupree and Cristian come into the barn and put helpless Tigerr to their sadistic uses. Suck and bite her nipples, play with and spank her ass.

Cut a hole in the bag so her mouth shows through and is available for sucking. When the bag finally comes down to reveal her full face, she kneels for more fellatio and then crouches on the barrel to suck Markus while getting fucked in her shaved pussy by Cristian. She gags and her mascara runs down her cheeks.

But these two characters are only getting started in their program of degradation and humiliation for Miss Benson in this pageant of Full HD BDSM. Your eyes will gape like a pornstar’s asshole when you see what follows.

After double penetration in this epic of extreme sex, they cum all over her face, as if to add their cream to the rivers of mascara that trail down from her eyes. But they then cleanse her face of that first mess by pissing all over it. Yes, we warned you, your eyes will gape…

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DDF Updates: Eye-Opening Antics


Bonnie Rose: Outrageous Exam

Let’s say your name is Mr. Jones. You come to DDF Genital Hospital for a routine yearly checkup, but Nurse Bonnie Rose is more interested in seeing how you respond to her outrageous pubic procedures as performed on her own person!

After she opens her pink latex uniform and takes the pulse of her pie under her pink lace thong, Nurse Bonnie then inserts a long silver medical instrument into her quim–looks like a speculum for viewing vaginas–and then, just for the sake of adventure, crams another one in there too!

The more the mushier, as we always say!!

She works the instrument over her nipples as well, and then demonstrates that she can take the two items into her mouth also. But Nurse Bonnie will not be outdone by technology. She saves the best probing for last in this fetish XXX video, wetting her hand with her saliva and then fisting her shaved pussy!

How’s your blood pressure now, Mr. Jones?? 😉

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DDF Updates: Outrageous Exam



Mugur & Marina Visconti: The Unbreakable

“The more chains you put on her, the less she looks like a slave.” That’s a memorable line from the 1960 movie Spartacus about the slavegirl Varinia, and it seems to apply to Marina Visconti here too, with her predominantly calm, steady, and mysteriously unreadable expression that seems to send her master Mugur ever more intensely into treating her naked body to a program of degradation that includes binding her hand and foot to a frame; pulling on her nipples with clamps and whipping her breasts and pouring candle wax on them; flogging her rump and then hand-spanking it; and then finally giving her the full cock treatment in her face, shaved pussy, and asshole in this relentless fetish XXX video of extreme sex captured in Full HD BDSM scope.

Whether she’s peering at us with her gray eyes with meat in her mouth, or looking over her shoulder as Mugur makes a gape of her butthole and then creams her face with his cum, she seems to wordlessly say, “You’ll never break me, never!” And maybe that’s just what delights her master…and keeps him on his creatively sadistic toes!

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DDF Updates: The Unbreakable


Honey Demon & Stacy Snake: Toying with Her

Honey Demon puts her slave Stacy Snake through her paces in this new roleplay scene.

The black-clad beauty keeps Stacy naked except for a face harness, ball gag, and wrist and ankle cuffs. She pulls on her sub’s nipples and gives her ass a fierce spanking, before removing the gag so that Stacy can lap at her pussy.

Next Mistress Demon takes out two pink vibrators which she lubricates in Stacy’s mouth before getting her slave to lay over a chair with her legs up in the air. Honey crams both toys into Stacy’s crotch, one for her pussy, one for her butt.

Then, after having Stacy lick the dildos, stretching her mouth wide with the shafts, she puts Stacy to work licking her asshole.

Finally the cruel mistress sits down to read a book while ignoring her naked, kneeling slave as this fetish XXX video packed with lesbian bondage comes to a close.

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Charlotta: Lessons in Humility

n today’s roleplay, Charlotta learns the benefits of being chained to a tree nude and finding it necessary to pee on the ground. What benefits, you might ask, as you watch her squat with her naked thighs spread wide on the grass while the gushes of her golden liquid spray out uncontrollably upon the ground? Well, let’s just imagine that Charlotta’s character in this fetish XXX video is that of a hard-charging lady executive with little tolerance for other people’s flaws or mistakes.

But getting into a situation where she is stripped and chained, and having to piss herself in the outdoors, is a way that Charlotta learns that, when she puts aside all the trappings of power and business that define her in the outside world, she is just a vulnerable human female animal, at the whim of urges that may be embarrassing to give into, but to which she has to surrender nonetheless.

Perhaps after she pees on the green earth, she will have a more compassionate attitude toward others…especially those who know that sometimes to relax she likes to be treated as a SLAVE…chained and pissing on the ground like a doggie!

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DDF Updates: Lessons in Humility


Hank Rack & Mike Angelo & Mira Cuckold: Underneath his Queen

Enter the scarlet world of one of the most edgy fantasies in the human mind…where one man willingly puts himself in the subservient position as his stern mistress has sex with her lover right there in front of him.

We’re talking about the cuckold fantasy, and the daring team of DDF photographers brings it to life as Hank Rack, who has “Cum Eating Cuckold” tattooed across his torso, finds himself a plaything to the whims of his princess Mira Cuckold (whose name leaves no question about her intentions).

Watch Mira put him in a metal chastity device, silence him with a ball gag, slap his face and give his ass a spanking, among various exercises of her cruelty.

Then her alpha male stud Mike Angelo arrives. She bends over to suck him, then rides him cowgirl in her asshole, while her cuckold Hank laps at her pussy, bungie, and high heeled boots, leading to a climax where he lays underneath Mira and Mike as she takes tool in her tush once again.

Mike’s load spurts out on Mira’s crack only millimeters from Hank’s cuckold tongue. Explore the extreme sex in this fetish XXX video today!

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Athina & Brandy Smile: Hell to Pay

Lazy housemaid Athina is caught loafing on the job by her employer Brandy Smile, and there will be hell to pay in various delightful forms in this action-packed new scene!

After getting scolded and face-slapped by her boss, Athina is put in leather handcuffs and then receives a bare bottom spanking.

Next she has to grovel before and then lick Brandy’s stunning black high heeled boots, footwear which turns the ordinarily 5’7″ Mistress Smile into a six-foot-tall amazon, making for quite a contrast when she stands up proudly next to the barefoot maid.

More spanking follows, and punitive cunnilingus too; then flogging on Athina’s fine cheeks! Mistress Brandy even spanks her maid’s soles in this hot serving of Full HD BDSM.

But the chastisement is not over by any means; Brandy gets naked only to put on a crotch harness complete with a red dildo!

And her maid is going to learn the full extent of Brandy’s control when she is taken in her asshole with that shaft in the climax of this fetish XXX video.

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DDF Updates: Hell to Pay