Misha: Mistress on her Own

Misha from the Czech Republic is in one of her experimental moods today. She’s dressed in alluring black and looks as if she could dominate a slave–but hey, she’s got some surprises planned.

Instead of using that riding crop on a subbie, she rubs it over her pussy in this fetish XXX video. Then she puts it aside to fuck her shaved pussy with a dildo, followed by that buzzy toy going up her asshole too.

Maybe Misha wishes she had a handy slave to abuse, but because there’s none around, she smacks herself with the crop and then stands up on the stone table and gives herself some butt spanking with her red-manicured hand.

Getting naked, she has one final surprise for us: she lays back and does some pissing on herself. Maybe what she’s doing is rehearsing what she’ll have her next slave do? Until such a slave materializes, though, she’ll stretch out on her tummy and wallow in her own puddle of pee.

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DDF Updates: Mistress on her Own


Mike Angelo & Leila Moon & Choky Ice: Behind the Beyond

From the deepest recesses of the human mind, where extremely complex emotions collide with the urges of the body, here are some of the darkest fantasies and desires as they are played out at the throbbing imperatives of genitals let loose to explore avenues of eroticism that once daunted mankind with their perversity, but are now indulged by those who crave thrills beyond even the kinkiest norms–because even kink itself has its relative limits.

Yes indeed, in this spirit of going “behind the beyond” in taboo kink, we present you with Leila Moon who, hanging by her wrists and ankles from a bondage frame, is then set upon by two cruel masters roleplayed by Choky Ice and Mike Angelo–who subject her ass to whipping, the tender flesh of her face and breasts to the sting of clothespins, her mouth to the relentless thrusts of heartless hard-ons, her pussy to the fisting invasion of a greased-up tattooed hand, and finally a double penetration and then cum blasts that leave her face and mouth spunked at the climax of this pageant of brute carnality, brought to you in a Full HD fetish XXX video.

At the end of this ultra-realistic BDSM extreme sex roleplay, Leila is locked in a metal cage to contemplate the exact extent of the sins which have led her to this intensive treatment.

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DDF Updates: Behind the Beyond


Melanie Gold & Tiffany Doll: Cuffed for Treatment

In today’s roleplay, Nurse Melanie Gold suggests an unusual method of physical therapy for her patient Tiffany Doll. But the “unusual” is par for the course at the notorious DDF Genital Hospital, where they put the “taboo” into treatment!

The equipment for the procedure? Black over-the-elbow latex gloves…a black vibrator that looks like a military shell…and handcuffs!

Wait until you see what ensues as Nurse Melanie spanks Tiff while the brunette sucks the shell…then, with her wrists handcuffed to her ankles, gets in position for anal penetration by the latex-gloved fingers and then the massive shell.

Tiffany also takes the nurse’s hand in her shaved pussy at the same time as her butt is filled. A switch of position and the handcuffs brings further fantastical rear-end insertion in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex, fisting, lesbian bondage, Full HD BDSM, and of course enormous anal gapes.

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Meg Magic: Classic of the Extreme

At her tender age of eighteen, newcomer Meg Magic shows that she is very precocious when it comes to indulging and exploring the kinds of wild practices the master erotica photographers at DDF Productions like to record for posterity in our House of Taboo scenes.

Get ready for an incredible experience in the bizarre as Meg, all on her own, opens her smile and keeps it wide with a metal spreader; slides most of her fist into her mouth; whips herself with a black flogger and then fucks herself with the handle; lays down on the floor with her feet against the wall so that she can pee on herself; and then attaches metal clothespins to her nipples, torso, shaved pussy lips, tongue, and even her eyebrows–and fucks her asshole with the whip handle at the same time.

Truly a classic of extreme sex that will emblazon itself on your memory once you watch her fetish XXX video.

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Sabby & Kiara Lord: One More Perversion

Members will recall the scene on 3 December 2013 when rebellious student Kiara Lord was sent to the college infirmary to be examined by Dr. Sabby.

The medico, however, was soon revealed as a sadist, and tying up Kiara in his secret room of kink behind the regular examination area, he had his way with her.

Now, having emptied the cream of his savage dong into her lips, the doctor hears her startling request for something truly degrading that even he hadn’t thought of: “I fuckin’ want you to piss in my face.”

Her defiant attitude toward life still intact, she takes him into new erotic territory for his tool, one more perversion as it were–as he unloads his urine for the first time onto a female, and watches as she takes it in her mouth and along the nubile slopes of her lovely body. You’ll be stunned by the extreme sex and pissing in this fetish XXX video!

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Cathy Heaven & Bonnie Shai: Cruel Caretaker

As demonstrated by the phenomenal worldwide sales of a book called Fifty Shades of Grey, apparently many women like to fantasize about total sexual surrender to a powerful partner.

That book had the heroine submit to a male, but some women desire female masters instead. And Bonnie Shai gets to portray for us the dark fantasy of a bound slave and submissive to a stern mistress in today’s new roleplay scene.

Her cruel caretaker is played by Cathy Heaven, who oversees Bonnie’s restraint in a barn littered with hay. Mistress Cathy applies punishments such as a flogging, anal dildoing, and the ultimate anointment of a golden shower on Bonnie’s face from the overhead facesitting position.

Writhing against the straps that keep her bound to the wall, the slave can only take her discipline and hope that in the end, it will be a positive learning experience that will make her a better person and a more respectful, obedient sub.

Decide for yourself as you study the details in this fetish XXX video packed with extreme sex, lesbian bondage, and pissing–captured for your viewing pleasure in all the cutting edge crispness of Full HD BDSM.

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Lucy Heart: She Can’t Hold Back

In today’s bizarre roleplay scenario, Lucy Heart is a prisoner…we leave it to your own imagination to guess what put her in this situation.

There is a harsh spotlight on this blonde beauty as she sits immobilized in a wood-paneled room that has a dirt floor. Lucy is nude and bound with straps in the corner, sitting on a seat that elevates her bare feet several inches from the floor.

Her mascara has long ago poured down her face in streaks of distress. And now it’s time for her to perform a function that is usually done in private in a small room with special plumbing.

Yes, she has to take a pee and her masters are clearly watching for it now…she can’t hold back, and soon the pissing flows, staining the ground below her, in this Full HD BDSM video.

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Ian Scott & Juliana Grandi & Madison Parker: Frisky & Freaky

Raven-tressed Madison Parker (in the purple corset) and her pal Juliana Grandi are in a frisky freaky mood indeed as they treat Ian Scott’s shaft to all their wildest techniques.

First Madison primes his prick with her mouth, then she turns the oral honors over to Juliana, who not only displays quite a capacity for meat, but can also take a lot of Madison’s latex-gloved hand into her lips.

This leads to some fisting with that same hand into Juliana’s butthole, preparing it for Ian’s dick. But Juliana’s bungie is only the warm-up act for Madison, who soon takes over the insertion of the Ian inches first into her own twat and then into her asshole, leaving her with quite a gape.

While she rests her sphincter, Madison finishes off his cock with her mouth in this blend of latex porn with fisting and fucking.

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