Kayla Green & Meg Magic: Fiendish Workout

Ever wonder how the bizarre set like to celebrate the New Year?

Then come along for this wild scene between Mistress Kayla Green and her newbie slave girl, Meg Magic. Barefoot, nude, and clad only in a black hooded cape, the slender brunette Meg serves her blonde domme some champagne, then receives a little taste of it first on her sexy brown nipples and then in her mouth.

But Mistress Kayla has far more serious celebratory rituals in mind, like whipping Meg’s ass with a flogger, then cramming the plastic handle of the flogger in Meg’s pussy so it hangs out like a long tail.

After having her sub lap her pussy, the mistress transfers the flogger handle from Meg’s snatch to her asshole, and also applies a spanking. As this fetish XXX video ratchets up in kink and lesbian bondage, Meg’s wrists are tied even as she is directed to suck even more at Kayla’s cunny.

Finally Kayla decides to share some more of the champagne–by pouring it all over Meg’s ass crack from which the flogger still protrudes. Loads of Full HD BDSM for this slave as her shaved pussy and vulnerable butt get quite a festively fiendish workout as 2014 begins!

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Latex Lucy: Stretch Your Imagination

Latex Lucy seems to exist in a fantasy universe outside of such mundane concerns like Christmas holidays…although when she takes off her mask in private, she is no doubt just like the rest of us, just another human being.

But when clothed in her fabulous and striking latex garb, as she is here today in her new fetish XXX video, Lucy takes us along to her bizarre dark-edged cosmos even though she stands in the bright sunshine in a gorgeous garden.

Tugging aside her skintight green and blue body suit, she reveals her enormous tits and then her shaved pussy and taut asshole.

What do you think Lucy wants you to do for her?Does she want you to kneel and service her twat? Or maybe she wants you to kiss her black platform shoes?

Heaven and hell are not the limits when you’re in the presence of Latex Lucy…the only limit is your imagination!

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Mike Angelo & Gina: His Girlfriend, The Tree

Festive celebrations can take many forms, as you’ll discover when you check out this extreme sex roleplay scenario between Gina and Mike Angelo.

The scene seems to say to us kink lovers: why buy a holiday tree when you can turn your girlfriend into one?

Use clothespins on her arms and especially on her pussy lips to attach ornaments, and when you run out of clothespins, stuff an ornament in her mouth!

Have her hold candles up until her arms ache, because maybe that’ll remind her of the trying sacrifices of ancient peoples to keep the faith.

Test her own qualities of perseverance by pouring hot wax onto her torso while she still tries to keep holding up the candles. Then pour wax down her butt crack, too, and squeeze her shaved pussy lips.

Give her a holiday spanking while you’re at it; she must have done something naughty in the last twenty-four hours, so she no doubt deserves it. Then have her suck your cock while she has a lit candle sticking out of her butt. I

n case you need more ideas to get into the bizarre holiday spirit, watch the rest of this fetish XXX video and you’ll see a few more surprises which end only when Gina’s asshole is thoroughly fucked and blasts of cum decorate her face and the ornament that protrudes from her mouth.

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Angelik Duval & Candy Sweet : Her Sins Chastised

Of what sins is Candy Sweet guilty? Her mistress Angelik Duval clearly feels that she must be disciplined.

Immobilized hand and foot in her nudity by duct tape on an antique gynecologist’s chair, Candy is at the mercy of the black-clad and nylon stocking-sheathed Mistress Duval, who first rips off the gray tape covering Candy’s tits and twat, then fiercely squeezes her sub’s bare nipples and pudendum.

Candy cries in distress, but the chastisement continues as Mistress Duval pours a pitcher of oil all over Candy’s head, soaking her hair and letting the oil drip down along her torso.

This anointment, however, is not only a method of humiliation but a necessary preparation for the fisting that is to follow in this shocking serving of lesbian bondage, with Angelik’s hand going wrist-deep into Candy’s slickened clam.

Afterward, Candy sucks her mistress’s pussy, before being left alone in the stark white-tiled room, still bound to the chair to contemplate her submissive destiny as this Full HD BDSM roleplay experience in extreme sex comes to close.

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Leigh Darby: Extreme Predicament

Leigh Darby is back on our site, getting into yet another extreme predicament one fine afternoon.

This British model is turning into a regular modern day Bettie Page-like damsel-in-distress as she finds herself restrained this time on a massage table, naked but then gradually covered in a clear wrap.

Her shaved snatch still shows through and is available for whatever devilish defilement is on the kink calendar. Even her face is covered with the transparent wrap–but all precautions are taken to ensure her ease of breathing even as the image itself looks rather edgy.

Next a black vibrator is stuck into her quim, and then in comes a hand with a “magic wand” toy to further arouse our heroine in this Full HD BDSM episode.

The wand is left at her clit, secure under the plastic so it continues to stimulate our girl as this fetish XXX video thrums to a close.

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Chloé Lacourt: Unique Activities

In today’s roleplay scenario, Chloé Lacourt is under the power of a dog-mask wearing gentleman who calls himself “Mr. Doberman.”

Whereas in the vanilla world most fellows might have taken this fetching French blonde out for a nice dinner and a show, in the House of Taboo extreme sex universe Mr. Doberman’s concept of a memorable and unique evening of activities is to bind Mademoiselle Lacourt hand and foot to his dining room table, put her head in an immovable frame, and cram a thick red vibrator into her pussy, her crotch being readily accessible since she is naked and immobilized in the doggie position.

Mr. Doberman spanks her butt with a black leather paddle that ironically is decorated with red hearts, then smacks her naked wrinkled soles, before finally turning on the vibrator with a remote control device in his hand.

For a final kinky treat captured in this Full HD BDSM scene, he sits in front of her and crams his fingers into her mouth until she drools uncontrollably, before slapping her face with the heart-decorated paddle. This fetish XXX video gives a whole new meaning to the term “doggie style.”

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Daniella Mae & Becky Holt: Sting of the Roses

Enter the realm of the tattooed temptresses as blonde Becky Holt is disciplined by raven-tressed Daniela.

Both these gals have serious ink, which adds to the kink as we watch Becky, spread-eagled outdoors on a frame, being chastised by Daniela with a whip that seems to be made of artificial roses. (If they were real roses, the thorns would tear up Becky’s flesh!)

Daniela whips Becky’s tits, then turns her around and whips and gives her butt a spanking.

The DDF cameras capture all the angles on this lesbian bondage action, Full HD BDSM presented to you in a fetish XXX video that demonstrates the proposition that sometimes when girls get heavily into ink, it takes more than a lick of pink to satisfy their erotic urges!

Yes, in this case we get kink instead of pink as Mistress Daniela shows Becky who’s boss.

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Chelsey Lanette: Her Dark Desires

Let’s see what little scenario this scene suggests…perhaps you have some of your own ideas, but here is ours.

In today’s roleplay fantasy, brought to you with the impact of Full HD BDSM, Chelsey Lanette portrays a gal who works in an office by day, but on the weekends has a serious need to get her kink on.

Ordinary sex doesn’t do it for her shaved pussy anymore, plain ole vanilla fucking and sucking; nope, she needs wild adventure, strange taboo experiences.

And so she has her boyfriend take her out in his pickup truck at night, and keep her stripped naked in the back with her wrists and ankles bound.

Then he turns on the Fucking Machine that’s right there in the truck with her, the device she purchased with her last holiday bonus.

Laying there, she gets fucked doggie style by the robo-rod in the cool night air, while her boyfriend stands off to the side, unseen, observing, stroking his cock, and waiting for the day when his girl will want to fuck him again, and in a bed too…until then, he will lovingly indulge her kinks, and watch her mascara run as she tears up at the twisted pleasure of her self-inflicted degradation in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex!

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Kiara Lord & Sabby: Secret Room of Kink

Kiara Lord has an attitude when she goes to the doctor…she’s one of the more rebellious students in the school, and her teacher has recommended a thorough physical exam to determine if Kiara’s inability to behave has an organic basis.

However, the college’s resident physician, Dr. Sabby, has an attitude as well…a sadistic one! After getting Kiara to spit out her chewing gum, the devious doc replaces it with a pill that renders the plaid-skirt and t-strap-shoe wearing coed unconscious.

He then carries her through a hidden door into his secret room of kink, where he binds her wrists to the ceiling, spanks her, pulls down her panties and licks her pussy, and then whips her with a rope before putting her on her knees to suck his dick.

Yes, the doctor has his way with the student in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex, the roleplay climaxing with Kiara being fucked from behind while her wrists are bound, and then her tongue getting spunked by the doctor’s ruthless dong.

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