Cayla Lyons & Cathy Heaven: Student Gets Tamed

We think all piano teachers should dress like Cathy Heaven does here, in a tight skirt and sheer black pantyhose.

But snotty pigtailed student Cayla Lyons does not appreciate her good fortune at having such a gorgeous and commanding instructress in the art of musicianship.

Cayla is naughty through and through; her rebellious resentment at having to take lessons tingles in every pore of her plaid-skirt, white-bloused, sneaker and knee-sock-clad young blonde body.

Miss Heaven will show Cayla who’s in charge, first via some spanking with a carpet beater, then clothespins on the nipples, and then by binding Cayla’s wrists with rope and making her kneel on the piano bench for further chastisement with the carpet beater–which is smacked on her bad girl bottom again, and also the handle of which is inserted into her mouth and shaved pussy.

Humiliating involuntary cunnilingus of the teacher is also on the menu for the student. The next time, Cayla won’t be so reluctant to practice her scales! See for yourself in this fetish XXX video of Full HD lesbian bondage.

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Billie Star: Beauty Can’t Hold Back

Enjoy the sounds of the squirming Billie Star as she stands rope-bound to a bamboo tree under an overcast sky. Imagine the scenario that put her there!

For example, is she being punished by an unseen dominant master or mistress in an extreme sex roleplay scenario?

Or is she a political prisoner left out almost naked in the elements until she changes her tune and confesses her crimes against the state?

The limit of the erotic story is only in YOUR imagination…and then you finally see the result of her immobility as we deliver the climax in this Full HD BDSM video: an uncontrollable and humiliating blast of pee that poor Billie can’t hold back, even though she knows her cruel captors are watching and gloating and planning even more delicious depravity to further chastise her for her embarrassing inability to restrain from pissing!

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Kayla Green & Mugur & Choky Ice: Keeping Busy Being Wild

Kayla Green is at the mercy of Mugur and Choky Ice, her wrists bound to what looks like an old barber’s chair and her legs open for penetration.

Starting out as the recipient of Mugur’s spit in her mouth, Kayla then gets briefly spanked before having her pussy licked by Mugur and sucking both of the guys’ pricks.

A black dildo is brought into play, fucking her tits (and making her big nipples quite hard), and then she’s banged in the butt alternately with the toy and then Mugur’s shaft.

Check out the wild double penetration action as her shaved pussy takes on penis while her ass gets dildo, before shifting to Choky’s cock in her bottom and Mugur’s in her snatch at the same time.

Watch this tattooed babe stay busy with her face stretched by long hard meat, taking a load on her tongue even as her ass cheeks get creamed too!

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Marica Hase & Samantha Bentley & Latex Lucy: Naked and Invaded

Latex Lucy (in the red mask) and Samantha Bentley (the black mask) decide to have fun with their mostly naked slave Marica Hase.

Marica wears a mask, too. The latex-sheathed ladies lead their subbie outdoors by her leash, then get her kneeling so she can lick Mistress Bentley’s snatch through a slit in her gold bodysuit.

Then Lucy smacks Marica with a riding crop on her fetching fanny, warming it up for the real exploration to come: the fingering and then the fisting of Miss Hase’s taut asshole.

Then the two dominatrixes lean over their slave and kiss each other as Marica stands in the middle, her ass still tingling from the completed invasion of her rectum in this intense example of Full HD BDSM presented for demanding aficionados of extreme sex!

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Leigh Darby: Badness not Tolerated

If she is bad, she must be punished. No shopping. No cellphone. No health club, no lunches with “the girls.”

And most important, no clothes, although you will dress her feet in shiny black fetish heels with slutty toe-cleavage, because of course she has been behaving like a slut.

Lay her on the bed, blindfolded, with a collar that says DOG and let her feel the letters under her fingers, to mentally read her status until she learns to behave. Keep the window open in the room, so any passersby can see what unruly females must endure.

Put her on her tummy so you can see the plug in her asshole, and the leaking of her pussy juice because, sneaky little bitch, she is turned on by her chastisement. Bind her wrists and ankles and let her spend a little quality time with your Fucking Machine, because naughty girls don’t get fucked by real cocks, just robo-rods.

If she is not sufficiently appreciative of the lessons you are teaching her, apply the paddle, even on those big boobies she is so proud of flaunting in front of every man in the town…and if she whines, remind her that her cunny is flowing with the sticky proof that she loves being treated like the bad doggie she really is until she learns to become, once again, the well-behaved young woman she is meant to be.

See it all in a roleplay masterpiece starring Leigh Darby, a fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM!

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Kathia Nobili & Lucia Love & Nick Lang: The Secret Master

Mistress Kathia Nobili has her two humble subjects Nick Lang and Lucia Love well-trained. Lucia is bound by her wrists on a bondage frame, and Nick is made to kiss the dominatrix’s peep toe shoe.

But then he gets to suck her tits, and nibbles at Lucia’s pussy too; hey, for a slave, this guy has it pretty good! He even gets to participate in the spanking of his fellow submissive, Lucia.

Well, maybe Nick is only half a slave? He licks his mistress’s pussy and her asshole too. Then he gets his cock sucked by Lucia while Mistress Kathia masturbates.

Hmm…maybe Nick is really the secret master of them all, and this is a weird head game he plays, pretending to be Kathia’s slave but really calling the shots in this fetish XXX video full of unique twists and turns on the classic themes of extreme sex and dominance/submission!

Lucia gets her face crammed with a big dildo, a bridle between her teeth, a plug in her ass, and Nick’s cock in her twat. Yes sir, for a slave, Nick sure has got a good thing going, dumping his load of cum in Lucia’s mouth after even banging his domme’s ass from behind!

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Leila Moon & Sophie Lynx: Forever at her Mercy

It looks as if Sophie Lynx will be forever at the mercy of her fierce mistress Leila Moon! Today’s roleplay scene starts out with Sophie in a cage…and the key to the lock kept in Mistress Leila’s ASSHOLE!

The domme removes the key from her rosebud, then unlocks the cage and takes her sub out for awhile. Sophie, her wrists bound with rope, is then put on her knees to suck Leila’s strap-on before taking it in her butt.

The mascara courses down Sophie’s cheeks from her eyes with each relentless ruthless thrust of the strap-on that ravishes her rear. The mistress kindly lets Sophie get some relief, though, as the beautiful slave lays on top of the cage and masturbates while getting face-fucked by the dildo in this incredible example of Full HD BDSM lesbian bondage and extreme sex.

You’ll never guess where that key goes next, once Sophie is again locked away in the cage…

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Chloé Toy: Use the Grass, Girlie

Innocent blue-eyed Chloé Toy finds herself in a classic fantasy predicament, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to get out of it anytime soon!

You know what we’re talking about–she’s our damsel-in-distress today, trussed up like a pony girl for the amusement of all masters. Come on, horsie honey, trot around a little for us…and look how you’re drooling over the sturdy bit in your mouth! This is sure to teach you a little humility! And if it doesn’t accomplish that purpose entirely, well, maybe after you wear those little clamps and weights on your nipples for awhile, you’ll be persuaded to be a better behaved young lady.

What’s that? You have to go pee? Well, you’re not allowed to use the w.c. when you’re dressed like that…what would the servants think? So squat down like the pretty little pony babe that we’ve made you into today, and pee your naughty heart out right onto the grass. That’s what real ponies use grass for, and that’s what you’re playing today!

Your Full HD BDSM video will show everybody every moment of your embarrassment as you do your pissing.

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Choky Ice & Marica Hase: Lessons to Remember

Choky Ice settles in for a pleasant time at home, polishing some of the prize items in his collection of antique silver.

Then his attention is drawn to the cupboard, behind the curtain of which sits curled up his naked Japanese slave, Marica Hase.

He tugs her out by her leash and chastises her verbally and with a spanking for interrupting the serene flow of his thoughts in what should have been most peaceful hours of his day.

We see Marica’s cheeks going SPLAT under his hand, and then when he gives her a task to do and trips her, Mr. Ice has yet another excuse to discipline the poor naked slavegirl.

Over his lap she goes for more painful spanking, with Marica’s face contorted in agony. But Choky is only getting started, as he follows the spanking with anal penetration with a whip while she gives him a blowjob in this intense fetish XXX video, leading to ass fucking while she kneels in her handcuffs and ankle cuffs on a table.

But see all the punishment, degradation, and humiliation of Marica for yourself in this dark masterpiece of extreme sex, kinky roleplaying, Full HD BDSM, climaxed by a bridle in Marica’s mouth and a load of Choky’s cum to lubricate it.

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