Angel Deelight & Paige Delight: Bad Girls Pay The Piper

As Angel Deelight learns, when you’re bad, there’s no escape from the consequences of your actions–especially when you’re under the thumb of Paige Delight, a fierce mistress if there ever was one!

Bad girls must pay the piper! See what the pencil-skirted redheaded dominatrix does to her disobedient slave in this incredible roleplay scene of Full HD BDSM as Mistress Paige disciplines the tattooed blonde, most of whose face is covered by a black latex mask.

Paige uses her riding crop on Angel’s tender bare titties, then both her riding crop and her strong bare hand, spanking and smacking Angel’s full lush butt. Paige gets Angel letting out wide red-lipsticked gasps of surprise and pain; but that’s nothing compared to what Angel will feel as the bottom-warming continues with that crop and something far more sinister and sizzling!

Moral of the scene for rebellious slavegirls? “Let this WARMING be a WARNING.”

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Chelsey Lanette: The Golden Sacrifice

Chelsey Lanette looks like a golden maiden out of German mythology (or something like that) as she stands outdoors in her birthday suit with her long blonde hair tumbling down to her torso in wild tresses.

Chained to a tree and totally nude except for those curls falling across her chest, she squirms as if she’s the naked sacrifice for some bizarre unseen monster, like a dragon about to leap out of the trees.

Calling Siegfried, the mighty German hero, to the rescue! But meanwhile, as she awaits, all alone, either her fate or her reprieve–which we strictly leave to your imagination–Chelsey still has to take a pee, since the human bladder will not stand on ceremony even for dragons.

And so the DDF cameras move in close to see the girl, unable to escape her bonds and reach a toilet, as she pees all over the ground, the yellow libation jetting out of her shaved pussy in a naughty bout of pissing between those sexy Dutch thighs.

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Nick Lang & Athina: Saga Of Mastery

In today’s fantasy scenario we show you a fellow who keeps a naked girl chained in a starkly lit wooden room. Nick Lang plays the guy and Athina portrays the girl.

He peers at her through the metal grate of the huge black mask he wears, and sees her sitting cuffed to a sling-style seat suspended in the air.

He enters the room but she can’t see him because she wears a blue blindfold. Nick plays with her tits, sticks his fingers into her mouth and naked snatch, tugs on her ponytail, and lowers her head into position to blow his long thick cock.

You’ll see plenty of intense action in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex as he fucks Athina in different positions in her pretty lips, shaved pussy, and taut asshole. Then he unloads a massive shipment of sperm in her mouth and down her face.

Don’t miss this Full HD saga of erotic male mastery and female submission!

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Katarina & Satin Bloom: Bizarre Garden Party

When you’re the plaything of a powerful female, what else can you do but get down on your knees and simply exist as something for her to amuse herself with?

This is the lesson learned by Katarina when she is naked and bound and at the mercy of Mistress Satin Bloom, who leads her outdoors onto the grass by a leash and gets her kneeling before the power of the infamous DDF Fucking Machine.

Katarina gets boffed doggie style in this fetish XXX video of lesbian bondage antics. Then she is laid spread-eagled on her back with her 34DD breasts tied tightly to stick up as Satin holds the controls and has the Fucking Machine’s black dildo thrust back and forth into Katarina’s pussy.

Some wild overhead shots of this bizarre garden party capture the kinky action from an unusual angle, too.

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Ivana Sugar: Damsel Restrained

Ivana Sugar finds herself in a damsel-in-distress position, chained hand and foot to a black chair in an anonymous white-tiled room with stark lighting. Ironically, her strappy black footwear, so typical of women’s shoe design these days, makes her feet look as if they are in bondage too.

A black dildo on a stick approaches Ivana from the side and she has no choice but to suck it. We see the black phallus stretching the inside of her cheek.

Then her legs are splayed open for the approach of the dildo to her shaved, flowery-lipped pussy. It fucks her deeply. Although she strains against her bonds, she is going nowhere, but that dildo is going EVERYWHERE–next, into her asshole.

Although she’s chained and restrained, she maneuvers her body onto her knees to be taken by the proxy prick in doggie style, then on her back. Experience her submission in this Full HD BDSM video!

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Kathia Nobili & Choky Ice & Nick Lang: Office Diversion

Check out today’s roleplay fantasy about how Nick Lang takes the edge off stress when he’s on the job. He shows his colleague Choky Ice a secret room behind his office, where he keeps Kathia Nobili naked and bound on a bed.

He brings Choky into the room, where they proceed to take their pleasures with the helpless female. They pull her nipples and whip her ass. Choky puts Kathia over his knee and gives her a spanking while she sucks Nick, and then she kneels between them to move her mouth from cock to cock.

Soon she’s back on the bed getting fucked in both face and snatch, until Choky moves his meat into her butt while she continues to blow Nick.

Finally she takes them both in a double penetration, riding Choky with her veeg while Nick does her asshole. It ends with a messy load all over her tongue as she kneels once more between the two men, taking their spunk on her tongue and tits in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM.

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Samantha Bentley & Latex Lucy: Intense Experience

Samantha Bentley is one of the only models who can project in the wideness of her big blue eyes the feelings of complex surrender and submissive anxiety that are brought out in a D/s situation between a masterful mistress and a helpless slave.

Miss Bentley reminds us of John Willie’s bound beauties, in that great artist’s 1940s and 1950s drawings and paintings of girls tied hand and foot and at the mercy of cruel dommes. And for a good sampling of Samantha in this Williesque mode, see her dominated by the equally memorable masked Latex Lucy in this new scene of extreme sex, lesbian bondage, and spanking as Mistress Lucy gags Samantha, keeps her on a leash, crams a silver plug in her ass, spanks her butt, and then has Samantha suck her black strap-on.

At the end, Samantha drools at the camera like a completely conquered slavegirl. Even John Willie’s damsel-in-distress Sweet Gwendoline never had such intense experiences like those you’ll see in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

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Zor & Marica Hase: What Comes Next?

Marica Hase, that lovely model from Japan, is today subjected to rope bondage in this Full HD video.

The setting is outdoors and secluded, illuminated only by some light from the side, as Marica waits naked for the bondage master Zor to take her into his hands and weave his intricate designs of rope around her 38C-23-35 form.

She is passive throughout as the serious-looking Zor wraps the bonds tightly and artfully across her body, her arms secured behind her back.

With ropes on her legs as well, he then suspends her in mid-air from a frame, where she hangs a few feet off the ground until he then settles her down, still fully bound, on her knees on the grass.

What would you like to do with Marica if she were willingly and submissively tied up in front of you for BDSM roleplaying…what would come next? Let your imagination be your guide.

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