Leyla Black: The Female Object

To be used as a sexual plaything by a firm master or mistress is a fantasy for many people–women and men alike. Today’s roleplay spotlights Leyla Black as the completely submissive female object for the kinky lusts of her master, embodied by Choky Ice.

From the moment this scene of extreme sex opens, you know it’s going to be outrageous as Leyla, except for beige thigh high stockings, lays nude and completely bound on a table and underneath a plastic sheet that covers her from head to toe.

The bizarre activity starts when Choky makes a hole in the plastic right over her mouth so he can spit in her lips and play with her tongue with his fingers, before moving his digits down and grasping her vagina through the plastic sheet.

Next he tears more holes in the plastic so he can finger her snatch and fuck her face as this Full HD fetish XXX video of hardcore BDSM moves up notch by notch into even more intense territory as Leyla is turned onto her stomach for fucking while still restrained. See for yourself how her mouth, shaved pussy, and subservient asshole are used until Master Choky blows his load all over her crotch.

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Tracy Lindsay aka Tracy Delicious & Blanche Bradburry: Unique Experiment

Here’s a unique way to spend an afternoon! Take two bare bottom Czech beauties, Tracy Lindsay aka Tracy Delicious (in the red shoes) and Blanche Bradburry (in the black heels), and stand them naked in the middle of the room, their nude bodies tied together with red rope.

Watch them press against each other as they hold hands and kiss, and then lay them across a sofa.

Bring the notorious DDF Fucking Machine into the room, and have each girl plowed in turn while they lay on top of each other. Then finally separate them, place them on opposite couches, and put a second thrusting arm on the Fucking Machine and use the controls to have each girl boffed by a plunging robo-prick at the same time.

There’s something very intense about the way Tracy looks at the camera while taking that black dildo, her nipples stiff on her pancaked 34B titties. And judging by Blanche’s expression, she gets a cramming from the machine that her twat will never forget in this Full HD fetish XXX video of extreme sex.

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Mira Sunset : Lesson In Yellow

How are bad girls given correction? One method is demonstrated when Mira Sunset is made to sit on the edge of the bathtub in this Full HD BDSM video.

Miss Sunset wears a cut-out fishnet bodysuit that displays her titties and snatch. However, her arms and legs are bound together with straps, effectively immobilizing her.

Her pussy is open wide, and she sits over two appropriately kidney-shaped white bowls on the bottom of the tub. Because she has been naughty in some way never specified, she is to be humiliated by having to pee not in a toilet but in those bowls.

Watch her yellow streams fill the white bowls, one after the other, in this pissing scene…and hope that mischievous Mira learns her lesson, whatever it is!

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Mira Cuckold & Anita Berlusconi & Marcus Gomez: Don’t Resist The Mistress

Mira Cuckold is a new face on our site, and she plays the dominatrix in charge of Marcus Gomez and Anita Berlusconi.

Marcus is chained naked to a wall with a bag over his head (though it’s soon removed), and Anita is in a cage, and basically Mistress Mira manipulates them to appease her kinky sense of sadistic spectacle in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

Although Mira sucks Marcus briefly herself, she soon takes Anita out of her cage and turns that task over to the slavegirl. When Anita seems to resist worshipping Miss Mira’s boots, the mistress bends her over over the cage and spanks her ass hard–and the DDF cameras catch the jiggling flesh of the Berlusconi bottom.

Then Mira dominates Marcus by walking him on all fours, riding on his back, and then having him fuck Anita’s behind while Mira sits on the submissive girl’s face. Marcus might be Mira’s slave, but he gets the pleasure of squirting a load on Anita’s pussy and asshole, before being convinced to kneel and lick Mira’s pussy after Anita is returned to her confinement.

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Vanessa & Leigh Darby: Learn Your Lesson

The day is sunny, but crossing the green grounds of an elegant lawn are two figures out of a darker fantasy world…a world of leather, of boots, of chains.

In today’s extreme sex roleplay, we see that handcuffed Vanessa has obviously displeased her powerful mistress Leigh Darby in some way, and is to be subjected to discipline.

Mistress Darby leads Vanessa on a chain to a tree, and flogs her 34DD breasts with real fury. Vanessa’s knockers are in a metal harness, so that they stand up more, make a better target so to speak, and Mistress Darby whips those melons passionately.

Vanessa clearly does not savor being treated like this, but slaves do not have a choice…so she submits to the mistress licking her face, pinching her nipples, and then whipping and spanking her ass.

Mistress Darby uncovers her own 34G tits too, as if to make the point to her submissive (and to us, of course) that she, being in charge, does not have to suffer such punishments of her own massive rack as detailed in this Full HD BDSM lesbian bondage XXX video.

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Latex Lucy: Bizarre In The Garden

Latex Lucy is one of our faves around this site because she always promises and delivers a journey into the bizarre with her personal love for latex porn.

Covered by her purple body suit and mask, with its Rorschach-like patterns adorning the face and chest of the garment, she greets us on the green, sun-dappled grounds of an estate as if to prove that you don’t need dramatic shadowy lighting to achieve a dark weird mood in a fetish XXX video.

Yes, even as little statues of mythological characters gambol on the edge of a reflecting pond like a contrast of timeless innocence, Lucy reveals with her fabulous flair that her outfit has a cut-out crotch, perfect for the insertion of a purple plug into her shaved pussy.

Watch her turn the Great Outdoors into the Garden of Kink in her new pics and Full HD erotic video!

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Mugur & Misha Cross: Master’s Choice

Imagine yourself walking through a hotel corridor, and you come across a sign taped on a door that reads: “COME IN AND DO WITH ME WHATEVER U WANT. XXX” What would you do in this game of “Master’s Choice”?

In today’s roleplay, Mugur answers the temptation and finds himself in a room with newcomer Misha Cross, who earlier got herself in the mood for mayhem by pleasuring her pussy solo with a throbbing magic wand vibrator, then blindfolding and handcuffing herself to the headboard of the bed.

Mugur quickly gets into the spirit of Misha’s invitation by licking her pussy, spanking her hard with hand and paddle until he leaves her cheeks very red, and then cramming her shaved pussy with a black vibrator while feeding his cock and balls to her face.

See how he totally rules the mouth, pussy, and asshole of this chained-up chick in a fetish XXX video packed with Full HD BDSM!

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Angell Summers & Eva Parcker: How Bad Girls Pay

Angell Summers has gotten on the bad side of Mistress Eva Parcker, and she pays for it by being naked and bound neck and wrists in a plastic handcuff harness, with clamps on her nipples. In classic fetish roleplay style, both ladies wear skyscraper heels.

Eva whips Angell’s shaved pussy, then smacks her derriere and puts a shiny silver plug in her rosebud. Then, as this lesbian bondage encounter heats up further, Eva ties Angell hand and foot to the four-poster bed and sits on her face, before turning Angell over to give her a spanking while the butt plug is still in place.

But the rigors of enslavement are only beginning in this Full HD BDSM thriller as Angell’s tongue and mouth are called to give further service both to Mistress Eva’s pussy and that shiny ass plug!

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Zor & Samantha Bentley: High Spirits Restrained

Samantha Bentley certainly gets herself into some interesting fixes!

Outfitted in her best schoolgirl red plaid skirt, white halter blouse, black and white hightop sneakers, and white knee socks–and her brown hair bouncing in a ponytail–she’s playfully swinging on a metal ring hanging from a tree when suddenly the mysterious bondage master Zor walks up.

Immediately he lets her know that her girlish high spirits will only bring her bondage in HIS domain. Watch him intricately tie her up in ropes with her arms tight behind her back, then bind her legs and hoist her up in the air with that same metal ring she was exuberantly swinging from only a few minutes before.

But Zor is not satisfied; he wants her bound and NUDE, and soon he wraps the ropes tightly around her tender naked pink flesh, leaving red marks, as he raises her up in the air in yet more humiliating positions in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM!

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