Demetris & Markus Dupree: Don’t Displease The Master

Demetris must have done something very bad for her master to have decided to chastise her so fiercely. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you settle in to watch this Full HD BDSM roleplay video.

This is one of the most intense scenes we’ve had on House of Taboo lately. Marcus generally looks like such an easy-going guy, but in this bizarre encounter it’s clear that female slaves shouldn’t get on his character’s bad side, because he will: bind the slavegirl with red leather straps and leave her stewing in anxiety alone on a bed; pinch her nipples and spit in her mouth; cram a gold plug in her asshole, leaving a crater-like gape afterward; spank her with his black dress shoe; cram his balls in her mouth and then have her suck his dick; spit on her butthole and then fuck it; and finally cream her mouth until she clearly learns that in the presence of his supreme power over her, she must obey.

See it all in this fantasy of extreme sex in a shocking fetish XXX video.

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Danielle Maye & Lexi Lowe: Learning On Her Knees

Standing outdoors, dressed in tight low-cut little dresses, United Kingdom beauties Lexi Lowe (in the black) and Danielle Maye (in the red) look as if they’ve had some kind of dispute, and Lexi has decided to settle it by asserting her dominance over Miss Maye.

With her wrists bound to her neck by a plastic submissive’s collar, Danielle is helpless as Lexi holds her by her long blonde hair as she paddles the Maye cheeks through the dress.

Things get more serious when Lexi lifts up the hem so that she can smack Danielle on her bare bottom, and we see every splat as Mistress Lexi clearly asserts her role as domme to sub Danielle in this lesbian bondage scene.

Getting Danielle on her knees, Lexi has Danielle service her shaved pussy, before giving Danielle a stern lecture on how she had better improve her behavior!

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Zor & Hollie Hatton: Ink In The Drink

Be prepared for the truly bizarre as you watch a most inventively tattooed blonde newcomer to our DDF sites, Hollie Hatton, as she is tied to a frame by mysterious bondage master Zor and then lowered in all her helplessness into a pool of water.

The cameras come in tight to capture the details of her tattoos, especially the two on the fronts of her thighs–which look like cartoon animals, one a cow, the other a dog.

Her ink extends down her shins and up her arms as well. Her breasts stand out both for their largeness and their lack of tats. After she’s securely tethered to the frame, Zor lowers Miss Hatton into the pool, and Hollie lays there with the water almost up to her face, her body partially obscured by floating leaves.

Check out this fetish XXX video and see what fantasies it calls to your mind!

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Kristien & Latex Lucy: Suspended Penetration

It’s another day in the kinky world of Latex Lucy, as she hangs suspended by ropes in the garden terrace over a table while her friend Kristien reads a magazine and enjoys his alfresco meal. Naturally they are both in latex outfits, with Lucy’s a particularly fetching blue-green color accented by her white platform heels.

The DDF cameras capture a very surreal but sensual atmosphere in this Full HD BDSM video as Kristien finally decides to put down his magazine and have some fun with his captive–feeding her face with his black-latex-sheathed cock, sliding his inches into her throat.

Through the zipper in her latex crotch, he fingers her snatch, getting her ready for what we might dub “suspended penetration” by his latex log.

He turns Lucy this way and that in her ropes, which criss-cross her curvy body and big breasts, ropes which make escape impossible…not that she’d want to escape! Because if she did, she wouldn’t get to enjoy the big load of sperm that he squirts between her rich red lips so that it dribbles down the chin of her face mask!

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Henessy & Kathia Nobili: Fury Of Her Displeasure

Czech stunner Kathia Nobili is haughty and sadistic as she indulges in some extreme sex and thorough BDSM in this fetish XXX video with the innocent-looking Henessy from the Russian Federation.

The submissive Henessy is tightly bound to a decrepit chair that looks as if it came from the office of a disgraced and insane 1930s pussy doctor. Mistress Kathia clamps clothespins on Henessy’s tongue, nipples, and toes, as well as on the lips of her spread-open snatch.

Kathia fingers Henessy’s butthole even as she applies the clothespins in this lesbian bondage extravaganza, then she whips Henessy’s feet and knocks off the clothespins.

But this is only the beginning of Henessy’s torments, which include spanking, anal penetration with a black dildo, and ultimately apologetic tongue service on her domme’s derriere.

Moral of the story? Don’t displease the mistress, or reap her fury!

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Anita Berlusconi: Probing Her Passage

Anita Berlusconi is quite a talented young lady, as you’ll see in this new scene.

It starts out innocently enough with her bouncing around a medicine ball in the gym, but soon enough her fetish XXX video gets down to the main event of fisting, as Anita peels off her green shorts, her pink pantyhose, and lays on her side so that she’s comfortable as she crams several fingers up her butthole…and most of her palm, too.

The DDF cameras come in tight so you can see every bit of her successful journey into her booty passage with her probing, well-lubricated hand! Afterward she shows off her cheeks to us, just in case we want to imagine soothing her well-reamed rosebud with our tongues!

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Sophie Lynx & Mugur & Mira Sunset : Watching Slaves Perform

Mugur is chained to the wall, a slave to Mira Sunset. Then Mistress Mira brings in another slave, Sophie Lynx, and puts her on her knees to suck Mugur’s cock–sort of; actually she sucks it through a plastic sheath.

Then she sucks it for real, the balls too. This is just the beginning of a bizarre journey into domination for Mugur and Sophie, as Mira calls the shots and supervises her slaves’ various positions for fucking while in cuffs and chains.

Mira guides Sophie’s tongue to Mugur’s butthole. Blindfolded, Mugur is compelled by Mira to lick Sophie’s feet and her pussy, and to fuck the Lynx ass.

Sophie gets a toy in her butt, too, and she sits on Mugur’s face for awhile. It ends with Mugur chained to the wall and getting his cock jacked off into Sophie’s mouth in this fetish XXX video packed with whipping, femdom, and Full HD BDSM!

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Samantha Bentley: Ain’t No Garden Party!

Samantha Bentley finds herself in a bright summery outdoor situation, but she’s not exactly dressed for a garden party. Instead the nude beauty is thoroughly trussed up with ropes and kneeling on the grass, at the mercy of the infamous DDF Fucking Machine.

With the remote control in the possession of a mysterious male personage only seen by his hands, Samantha is truly a plaything of the mechanical meat shaft as she sucks the thrusting black dildo until saliva slurps out of her mouth.

Then she’s turned around into the doggie position to be penetrated in both her pussy and asshole by the double-team of two black dildos, giving her the dual banging this adventurously kinky lass craves!

Afterward she sits up on the grass, staring at us: still nude, still bound, and clearly drained by her electronically-powered orgasms in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM!

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Choky Ice & Kayla Green: Stern Treatment

Choky Ice is a very unhappy boss, because he’s come back to the office to discover his secretary Kayla Green chatting on her cellphone and smoking cigarettes instead of doing the late night overtime she was scheduled for. Well, he quickly teaches her a lesson by spanking her, cuffing her wrists, smacking her ass and fingering her pussy, then getting her on her knees to worship his cock and balls.

But his anger is still not abated, because he then puts a ball-gag in her mouth so she won’t say any intelligible words as he fucks her pussy while leaning her over the desk.

Mr. Ice spends some tool time in her asshole as well, even as he continues to finger her clam.

A load of cum in her mouth seems necessary, though, so the ball gag comes off temporarily for him to dump his mess on her tongue…before replacing the gag to keep Ms. Green quiet and obedient in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.

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