Jasmine Black & Paige Delight: Strange Instrument of Correction

From the moment her cruel mistress Jasmine Black rips off the black duct tape from Paige Delight’s nipples in this Full HD exploration of lesbian bondage, the slave knows she is in for a rough kinky time.

Paige is bound hand and foot for punishment in a red room, spread-eagle on a bed, and Mistress Black shows no mercy, whether she’s biting Paige’s nips, face-sitting Paige, or whipping her pussy with a crop.

Paige also has to surrender to Jasmine’s tongue as the domme severely savors her sub’s snatch. Next Paige is put on her knees for spanking with Jasmine’s bare hand.

The agony from the spanking is barely over when Jasmine then introduces a long silver anal hook into the scene…a gadget which teaches Paige that to disobey her goddess means that her body will be plundered with strange and perhaps even painful instruments of correction!

See everything that happens to Paige in this fetish XXX video full of BDSM.

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Vanessa & Carol: Don’t Displease The Mistress

Vanessa has clearly been a bad girl and displeased her domina.

She is standing and trussed up in rope and at the mercy of her Mistress Carol, who is in the disciplinary mood. Spanking Vanessa’s 34DD breasts with a pointy wooden paddle, Carol quickly brings out scratches and bruises on Vanessa’s knockers, and the domme also smacks Vanessa’s bottom through her black leather shorts as well.

Then, with Vanessa continuing to be helpless and spread out on the four-poster bed, Carol applies further punishment with a flogger, whipping Vanessa’s tummy and naked twat.

Vanessa can only make noises of pain with her mouth kept permanently open with a metal spreader, which makes it all the easier for Carol to cram the handle of her whip into Vanessa’s mouth to moisten it for her slave’s pussy. Nipple biting tops off Vanessa’s torment in this fetish XXX video of lesbian bondage and Full HD BDSM.

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Hanna Montada: Horny Handful

Sometimes it can get lonesome in the sauna just laying back and absorbing the heat, but Hanna Montada fortunately can entertain herself with one of her unique skills: fisting!

Once she peels out of her bikini, showing us her pierced left nipple and shaved snatch, she lubes herself up and then spreads her pussy wide before us, as if setting the stage for her coming feat.

Immediately she starts sliding her fingers into her pie, deeper and deeper, shifting her position on the bench to make it easier to accommodate as much of her hand as possible into her clam.

And she certainly gets a lot of it in there, as you’ll be able to see in great detail in her latest fetish XXX video!

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Amarna Miller: The Gift Of Restraint

In today’s roleplay, loving couple Amarna Miller and Ian Scott go to visit the venerable Zor, master of ropes.

He is going to fulfill Amarna’s desires by trussing her up and hanging her from ceiling naked, so that she can experience the thrill of complete helplessness even as she is penetrated in her face and pussy by the enormous girth of the Scott sausage.

You’ll see it all in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM, as Zor takes off Amarna’s red robe to bind her first on her knees, and then in the air, making her fully accessible in all ways to Ian’s rigid inches.

The ropes leave redness on her arms and she sways above the floor, existing only to serve her master’s cock while Zor observes from the side right down to the moment Amarna receives sperm on her tongue!

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Erika Bellucci & Lina Napoli: Teacher Shows No Mercy

Little blondie Lina Napoli thinks she can get away with anything at school because she’s one of the “cool people” in the “clique,” but as she will learn in this fetish XXX video full of lesbian bondage and spanking, you have to know what teachers you’re tangling with before you so blatantly break the rules!

Smoking is not allowed in the classrooms–by the students, that is, but done by the instructors, it’s just fine! So when teacher Erika Belulucci catches Lina lighting up, she will not stand for Lina’s arrogant defiance and subjects her to everything from smoke blown in her face, to an over-the-knee spanking, to aggressive fondling of her titties and pussy under her white cotton panties, and then to being restrained in handcuffs attached to a metal collar around Lina’s neck!

You gotta see this Full HD BDSM scene to view all the punishment Lina receives, a lot of it involving her tender anus being crammed by a relentless strap-on dildo!

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Anita Berlusconi: Easy Relief

Anita Berlusconi knows that if she takes any time out from her studies for the big exam, she might get distracted by the television in her family’s living room.

So she’s locked herself in the recreation room alone to concentrate on her work, and when the call of nature demands relief, making her clutch at her crotch in her skirt, well, instead of venturing out of the room she takes a pee in a glass waste paper basket.

Watch as this cutie drops her skirt, tugs aside her pink panties, squats her knee-socked legs, and squirts a lot of gold into the glass!

Then, when she’s done with her pissing, she puts the basket back under the table and returns to her studies like a good girl!

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Kandall N & Sabby: Drool For Me, Sweetheart

In today’s roleplay scene, Kandall waits at home for her guy Sabby to come home from work, but when he arrives, he’s got a surprise for her in his briefcase…handcuffs, and a weird bridle which he puts over her face and head and which keeps her mouth open for the plunging of his cock.

Soon he’s got her kneeling before him to fuck her face, her tits hanging over the front of her green dress. Because the bridle holds her mouth open, the drool accumulates and pours down along her chin.

He takes her mouth in various positions as the saliva keeps seeping out of her lips, and her eyes narrow in wonderment of the strange paths that a woman’s life can take. It looks like Sabby cums in her mouth, but it’s almost hard to tell with all the drool that keeps pouring from her stretched open lips. See all this extreme sex in a fetish XXX video.

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Kora: Will She Learn Her Lesson?

Remember those women-in-prison movies that used to be popular in the 70s and 80s? Here is a scene that would have fit in just fine in one of those flicks.

Kora is tied up outdoors, naked except for her black stockings, her huge 36DDD/E Polish paps naked to the breeze, and she is subjected to the humiliation of wetting herself because she has been such a rebellious handful that she is going to stand tied up outside all by herself until she learns to be an obedient young woman.

Watch the pee pour out of her onto the flagstones below, glistening on the stone with a rust-like color in the harsh sunlight. See Kora’s pouty shaved peach plump with possibility against the cool air as she stands helpless and pees a second time onto the ground.

That’ll teach her a lesson here at the DDF Women’s Maximum Security Institution! View the pissing in this fetish XXX video and tell Kora that she\’d better mend her ways!

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Kora: Will She Learn Her Lesson?”.


Eva Parcker & Anissa Kate: Maid Needs Stern Training

Anissa Kate tries to be a good French maid; really, she does. She polishes and dusts and tries to make everything gleam.

But Eva Parcker is a relentlessly demanding employer; or perhaps MISTRESS is the better term. And in this fetish XXX video roleplay filled with the stern treatment of a female submissive by her dominant superior, we see Anissa subjected to punishment with the very tool of her profession, a feather duster, before Ms. Parcker moves onto the use of a disciplinary black dildo inserted into Anissa’s anus to keep her on the straight and narrow road of finer Frenchmaidswomanship!

There is also some fierce cunnylicking and nipple-squeezing to further communicate Ms. Parcker’s ruthless message to her luscious lackey, not to mention lesbian bondage when Anissa is humiliatingly tied by her wrists to the front door for all passersby to see and snicker at!

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Eva Parcker & Anissa Kate: Maid Needs Stern Training”.