Sophia Knight : Fun With A Speculum

Years ago there was a famous art instruction text called “Fun With a Pencil.” This new fetish XXX video and pics with Sophia Knight could be called “Fun With a Speculum,” as the British beauty visits one of the exam rooms in DDF Genital Hospital and, as soon as she gets her clothes off and her scanties tugged aside, treats us not just to a fine show of pink but also to her self-explorations with various metal pussy-inspection tools used by gynecologists.

Sophia lubes herself up and then in go the probes, and your eyeballs and cock are along for the ride! Naturally, after its time in her pussy, the metal also gets licked clean by Sophia’s horny mouth.

Say, we wonder if there are any gynecologists who just let their patients do the exams to themselves, while they sit to the side and stroke off?

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David Perry & Choky Ice & Latex Lucy: Two Roles For Lucy

The versatile Latex Lucy has it both ways in this kinky roleplay encounter.

She starts out semi-dominating Choky Ice in the beginning, having him keep his hands behind his back while she sucks him, and then getting him on his knees to lick her pussy before finally she spreads wide for his cock.

Her submissive nature then asserts itself in this roleplay when David Perry arrives with a change of outfit; she shifts from her femme fatale-like purple latex gown to a brown frilly latex maid’s outfit.

David supervises briefly as Choky puts his former “domme” in her place and gets him to lick his shoes and David’s, before the two men get her cramming both of their boners into her mouth and then bending her over for fucking like the subbie she seems to become once that maid’s outfit is snug around her incredibly curvaceous body.

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Kayla Green: Ready For Your Pleasures!

Newcomer Kayla Green is in no position to argue with anybody, as you will see when you click onto her debut scene for our site.

The blonde beauty is thoroughly bound with her arms behind her back, rope gagging her mouth, and a chrome hook in her shaved pussy.

The DDF cameras move around this slavegirl as she both stands, squats, and kneels before us, her tattooed naked body ready for our amusement.

Whether she’s in doggie style with the hook still penetrating her twat, or standing again with her arms now bound in front of her and the hook entering her asshole, your imagination will roam in dark regions of dominance and submission as you study this example of Full HD BDSM.

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Nick Lang & Samantha Bentley & Kathia Nobili: Total Female Plaything!

Kathia Nobili and Nick Lang are a wealthy and sexually adventurous couple who share a champagne toast and then go into a secret room where they keep their live-in slavegirl, Samantha Bentley.

She waits for them naked on her knees, her wrists immobilized by iron handcuffs that are linked to a collar around her neck. She is their total female plaything, commanded to do everything from kiss Kathia’s shoes to receiving her spanking to sucking a dildo to blowing Nick’s dick.

The couple use her in so many different ways, penetrating her pussy and mouth and then leaning on her while they fuck each other, with Kathia taking Nick deep in her ass.

But rest assured that in the end, the messy load goes all over the slavegirl’s outstretched tongue in this Full HD BDSM video packed with extreme sex.

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Samia Duarte: Lady With A Tail!

You know how they say when you do a certain thing, or wear a certain piece of clothing, it becomes part of your identity?

That’s kind of what happens with Samia Duarte and her flesh-colored dildo in this new House of Taboo scene, posing her sexy Spanish curves against a wall as she prepares the rubber toy with her mouth for its ultimate and thorough insertion into her big Latina booty.

Samia squats on the toy and fingers her shaved pussy as the monster phallus goes deeply into her butt, and she keeps it in there so long it almost starts to seem part of her anatomy, like a tail! If anybody could keep a dildo in her ass all day long, maybe it could be Samia Duarte!

She certainly seems at home with its girth as she kneels on a chair to present her stuffed bottom to us with the toy sticking out. Then afterward she spreads herself so we can gaze upon her tastily tenderized sphincter!

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Marcus Dupree & Alysa: Who Is Boss, Baby?

In a roleplay focusing on maledom–where the man dominates the woman–Marcus Dupree has his slave Alysa in a fishnet hammock hanging from a hook. He looks down at her with a satisfied smirk and then proceeds to show her in many ways who is the boss.

He starts out flogging her feet and fingering her asshole as she hangs in mid-air, and then when she’s allowed to sit on the floor again, she services his huge cock with her mouth and, while still sheathed in the fishnet, kneels in the doggie position to take his meat in her bottom.

More whipping follows, and then sphincter-stretching; Alysa is capable of amazing spreads, and you will see her talent fully displayed here in a fetish XXX video of extreme sex as she is used by Marcus until his uncut cock finally dumps a huge load of sperm into her gaping butthole!

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Amirah: Nurse’s Intimate Break!

That Hungarian cutie Amirah starts out in her pink latex nurse’s outfit and a pair of be-ribboned pink panties with an open crotch as she sits in the examining room, presumably to take a break of some sort and examine HERSELF as she crams a vibrator in her shaved pussy and then gets in the doggie style position to show off her sexy penetrated self.

Keeping her black spiky boots on throughout, she then lays on her back, tugs down her panties, and stuffs her asshole with a bottle-like object.

Rubbing the toy on her mound and rooting around the bottle in her bottom, she brings herself to quite a climax–sufficiently calmed down now, we presume, to return to her duties as a nurse! 😉

Examine Amirah in detail as you enjoy her XXX fetish video!

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Tiffany Doll & Clara G.: The Disappearing Hand!

You have to watch out sometimes when you’re around a woman with true power. She won’t hesitate to put you in your place and use you for her kinky amusement!

Case in point, don’t get on the bad side of Mistress Clara G., as Tiffany Doll has done–because Clara takes her in hand (really!) and shows subbie Tiffany that her body can be reduced to a playground for pervy practices!

Whether she’s bound naked on a chair and persuaded to fellate the flogger that soon chastises her ass–or is bent over for hand-spanking–or ultimately takes a disappearing fist down to the wrist in her rectum–Tiffany learns that Clara means fisty business, and that disobedience will result in her immediately being reduced to the equivalent of human clay for molding to Clara’s weird whims!

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