Paige Delight: The Punishment Program!

What’s your opinion about young ladies who don’t do what they are told? Don’t you think they need some stern instruction in how to be better behaved as females? If you’re a member of House of Taboo, you probably have some strong ideas about how discipline should be meted out to those who deserve it, and you’ll be delighted indeed to see just about every punishment you could imagine being administered to busty submissive Paige Delight in this new scene of BDSM in Full HD.

Paige’s demanding and firm Master D takes her step-by-step through a series of trials that show her that any naughtiness will not be tolerated and will be met with instant correction! Manacled in the punishment box, she is whipped by Master D, who wears an ominous animal-like mask; then she has her bottom warmed by an authentic House of Taboo paddle. Next her bra is removed and her 38F breasts are whipped, squeezed, and placed into a foreboding metal vise to which her pierced nipples are clamped. She grimaces in agony!

Then she’s laid down on her back and spanked fiercely with yet another paddle. Her pussy is fingered and a dildo crammed inside as well, as the extreme sex continues. But more is coming for this bad, bad girl…she is hung upside down by her ankles in the punishment box, and gets the most intense spanking of all, one which leaves her bottom almost as red as her hair! Then it’s time to be fucked…but not by Master D, who is still disciplining her–but by the infamous DDF Fucking Machine, which hangs above her on the top of the punishment box!

Into her pussy thrusts downward the relentless dildo as Master D continues to paddle those cheeks. Has Paige learned her lesson? It certainly looks like she’ll be a good little submissive…at least until the naughty demons inside her cause her to misbehave once again, and call forth the punishing program of Master D!

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Kandall N: Contemplating Her Sins!

The sins of young women must sometimes be dealt with in a manner that makes it necessary for them to spend quality time contemplating the error of their ways. When they are bound and immovable, they can consider their transgressions because there is nothing else they are able to do. And we invite you to do some contemplation yourself as Kandall N, that Romanian blonde, is tied up and suspended from the ceiling.

It looks as if she has already been disciplined on her buttocks, which appear rosy and a bit blemished by some sort of corporal correction. Although we show Kandall being trussed up by a bondage master, this is a scene that actually includes three people–the third one being YOU yourself, as you put yourself into the role of observer and, perhaps, even stern judge.

Imagine yourself talking to Kandall as her arms are secured behind her back, her legs lifted up in the air, her mouth pulled open by rope, and a blue dong inserted into her twat. What are YOU saying to this naughty girl in this scene of full HD BDSM? Are you enumerating all the bad things she has done to deserve this fate of being exhibited nude and bound and hanging from the ceiling?

Speak the words aloud as you study Kandall’s photos and watch her fetish XXX video. Tell her why she is being punished, and why you are going to spunk all over her to teach her the ultimate lesson that she is at the mercy of your merciless cock!

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Gina Devine & Mia Manarote: Breaking In Her Pet!

In today’s economy, society has to offer a wider range of opportunities to people so they can survive. And if a person is willing to become someone’s pet, and have all expenses taken care of, well, isn’t that a viable option if both Mistress and pet are content with the arrangement?

And so House of Taboo offer this new scene not merely as an exercise in extreme sex and lesbian bondage, illustrated vividly in photos and a Full HD BDSM video, but as a proposal for the way impoverished young women can find food, lodging, and lots of pussy to eat when there are no regular jobs to be had!

Gina Devine plays the girl from the poor side of the tracks, submitting as the Sapphic human puppy of the high society kinkster embodied by Mia Manarote. With her face encircled by a pink face harness, a red ball gag stuffed in her mouth, and her wrists and ankles cuffed, Gina is led around the room on a leash and gets her pretty tushy spanked with a riding crop until she is totally pliable to her owner’s demands.

Gina is clearly still at the “breaking in” stage. But all is not humiliation; Mistress Mia also rubs and penetrates Gina’s shaved pussy with the crop, and licks it too. She shifts her “Doggie Girl” around on the love seat so her pet can experience doggie style from the crop, too. Then, as a reward for her obedience, Mia takes off Gina’s face harness and gag so that she can lick the cunny of her divine mistress. Gina performs well, and then with her tongue gets to scoop up a crunchy canine treat from Mia’s hand, which puts a big smile on Gina’s face!

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Tiffany Doll: Ambitious Orifice Antics [Part 3]

The quest for truth never ends. Creative people of all pursuits know this, and creativity is part of scientific research as well, which is why Dr. Choky Ice does not simply conclude his research into new understanding of the female asshole with his insertion of various rubber items into Nurse Tiffany Doll.

No indeed! Dr. Ice knows that the ultimate test is to see how Nurse Doll reacts to a shiny metal speculum opening up her snatch, while at the same time Choky’s cock finds its way into her pretty mouth. After all, don’t doctors and scientists deserve rewards for their hard work? The Nobel Prize is nice but it doesn’t do much for your nuts!

Not that Dr. Ice is getting that Swedish accolade any time soon, unfortunately; there is still Puritanical prejudice in academic circles over a doctor devoting himself to research into the mysteries of the feminine anus! I any case, Nurse Tiffany Doll sucks Dr. Ice’s icicle and then takes it in her bottom while the speculum still spreads her pussy pie. She even rides his cock cowgirl style with her caboose, while keeping the speculum in her slit.

Finally she gets his gooey cream in her rectum, and shows it bubbling out afterward from her well-worked bungie. Yes, doctors are not gods–they squirt sticky loads just like the rest of us!!

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Tiffany Doll: Ambitious Orifice Antics [Part 2]

The experiments of the true scientist are never over. He is constantly reviewing his findings, making new observations, and conducting further explorations of his chosen subject matter.

And that is why Dr. Choky Ice did not merely leave DDF Genital Hospital after testing out, with huge rubber geisha balls, the elasticity of Nurse Tiffany Doll’s asshole. No, the investigations are hardly over!

Putting on latex gloves, he wets his fingers both with Nurse Doll’s mouth as well as with lubricant, and then he commences his probing of her posterior with two well-guided digits. Seeing that he is in a most receptive location on her anatomy, he then ups the digit count to five. Into her rectum go his fingers, deeper, deeper…this isn’t the Road to Oz, ladies and gentlemen, but into the darkest recesses of that last frontier, the uninhibited female lower colon!!

Tiffany Doll is a superb subject for his quest. Removing his hand, he then lets her bungie get some well-needed air, examines her sterling gape, and then seats himself in front of her on a stool to use another approach. Presto, chango! Much of his hand vanishes into her bottom and we can now see how doctors can resemble magicians.

But there is more he wants to explore, and so out comes a humongous black rubber toy that looks shaped like a tower to some pagan god. He has Nurse Doll lick it as prelude to insertion into her former rosebud, which can now more properly be termed a rose garden, as it has bloomed into a new diameter thanks to the penetration of the challenging new toy! BUT THERE’S MORE…so return soon when Dr. Ice’s probing continues in an even more PERSONAL manner!

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Tiffany Doll: Ambitious Orifice Antics! [Part 1]

There’s an article everyday online about how the health professions are going to provide the growth opportunities and steady employment of the future. But these articles never talk about the strange and unusual medical job requirements at places like DDF Genital Hospital, where Nurse Tiffany Doll is hired not for her expertise in drawing blood or administering shots, but to serve up her asshole to the hospital’s ongoing series of investigations into the elasticity of the female genitalia and rectum.

Choky Ice is called in for a consultation, bringing in a string of huge flesh-colored rubber geisha balls, and once he gets Nurse Doll out of her scrubs and bare-ass naked, it’s time to plunge one of those balls, which look like something Babe Ruth would have enjoying batting out of Yankee Stadium, into her heinie. Tiffany is as game as a gal can be as she lifts up her legs by the ankles as she lays on the exam table and takes that monster globe in her bottom.

Afterward her gape looks like the opening of a cave in a sci-fi movie about a trip to the center of the earth. Choky then shifts the sphere into her pussy, clearly stretching that girlie orifice to the maximum of its fleshy tolerance, and she even merrily holds the end of the rubber ball string hook in her teeth or around her right big toe.

You gotta see this to believe it, and then return for more ambitious anal antics in Part 2…

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Isla & Lucia Love: Price Of Her Sins!

Lucia Love must have done something pretty bad to have to be put through her paces the way Isla does it to her in this new scene. Lucia probably didn’t scrub the bathroom thoroughly, or maybe she brought wine to Mistress Isla that wasn’t properly chilled.

In any case, Isla recognizes her sub’s need for discipline, and she delivers it! Lucia is outfitted in a metal bra, chastity belt with an opening for a dildo, and metal cuffs restricting the movement of her thighs.

While Lucia stands at attention, Isla  whips her across her front with a cat-o-nine-tails. Then she turns Lucia around, has her bend over (all the while holding Lucia’s neck on a leash), and flogs her ass as the girl cries out in pain and dismay. Then it’s time for Lucia to serve Mistress Isla on her knees, licking Isla’s pussy. Isla then lays Lucia on her back on a heavy wooden table, and squats over her sub’s face and rides it for her pleasure.

Then it’s time for red candle wax, pouring down all over Lucia’s behind, making her moan and gasp in agony as the hot red goo dries on the skin of her vulnerable white butt. What a mess the splattering wax makes, all over her ass! But then Mistress Isla peels off the wax and applies a fierce spanking as her slave grimaces under the onslaught of devilish correction.

But all is not punishment! No, Mistress Isla can be kind too, in her way, and she knows even a bad sub needs sexual release–so she crams a black dildo into Lucia’s pussy through the opening in the chastity belt. Isla lords over her slave: “Now, enjoy your orgasm, my little disobedient bitch!” And then she kisses her slave goodbye and leaves Lucia on the waxy surface of the wooden table, to feel the dildo still in her snatch, and to contemplate the price of her sins!

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Gina Devine: Stream Of Inspiration!

Many indeed are the intricate and mysterious pathways within the artistic mind!

Convoluted and complex are the connections such a mind makes between what seems to be only kinky and perverse to the average citizen’s eye! Gina Devine regularly poses for such an artist, a painter who specializes in abstract but colorful skulls, and afterward she stays to be bound naked by him, with red ropes, on a ladder.

“It inspires me to new heights of creativity,” the artist once told her, “to tie you up and leave you alone and nude with your thoughts!” When the scene opens, Gina is alone, having been abandoned in his sunlit studio while the painter goes out to enjoy lunch with one of his patrons.

Gina is left to contemplate one of his skull paintings and think about the direction of her career as an artist’s model. After awhile, the urge to pee comes upon her, and she gives into it. In fact, she gives into it quite a lot, not only peeing on the ladder and onto the floor, but even onto her own feet.

See the warm golden nectar spray, spurt, glisten and then finally dribble down below her in a bizarre stream as she realizes she may well have just provided inspiration for another as yet-unborn skull canvas from the brushes of her employer!

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Dorothy Black: Mistress Of The Unpredictable!

Appearances can be deceiving! This is one of the great lessons of life, and it applies in so many different realms. That’s why we must always keep our eyes open to discern the real needs of the people we interact with! Case in point, Mistress Dorothy Black.

Yes, she looks fierce in her leathers and holds a riding crop and a strap in a clinical setting where she would quickly bring a submissive to his knees. But if you’d be so lucky as to be the slave of Mistress Dorothy, you’d discover that her needs–once she peels down to her leather bra and panties–would require much dildo service on your part.

This is unusual for a mistress, but hey, part of the charm of these ladies is the individuality of their particular programs for their worshipful admirers. Now this where appearances are deceiving–at first you thought she’d be wanting to whip your ass raw, right? No, instead she requires her love lackeys to pleasure her with her favorite silver bullet vibrator, which she displays here for us today. Her ideal acolyte must be anally inclined, to primarily service her asshole with the toy–preferably by holding it in his mouth and thrusting it back and forth in her bungie!

Here she demonstrates for your erotic edification how she likes the shiny metal shaft to go in and out of her bottom. You’d be required to lick her pussy too, and not just satisfy her rectal needs with the toy. Study her pictures well. She may also require you to kiss her red shoes while she squats herself on the toy. These dommes are so unpredictable, aren’t they? But that’s another part of their charm.

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