Henessy: Spurt, Drip, And Dribble!

One of the problems when you have a pet is making sure that your animal can be content and even entertain itself when you’re at work. A dog or a cat should be able to stay in your home for long periods of time without mischief.

Similarly, when you have a kittenish slavegirl like the Russian beauty Henessy in your house, she should be able to lay on the floor of your sauna in her little black cat mask, crotchless fishnet pantyhose, and strappy black platform shoes, and be able to pass her time in a productive way while you’re out in the proverbial jungle making the money that makes it possible for you to maintain a full-time slavegirl in the first place!

And so you provide Henessy with items that make her hours alone more pleasurable even while she is bound by her neck to a post with a red leash. You know it’s not enough for her to simply lap at a bowl of milk like a feline kitten. Being a human kitten, she wants to do more with the milk; and after fingering her asshole and caressing her tits, she gives herself a milk enema with a black plastic tool that she can fill up to squirt the liquid into her bottom.

Oh, the hours just fly by for this kitty as her rectum is filled with the healthful white dairy product, which she then sprays out of her ass into a tray–and everything is captured meticulously by the DDF cameras in all its wet detail. You’ll see every last drop go spurt, drip and dribble in this wild new set of pix and Full HD video!

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Tigerr Benson: She Does Whatever He Wants!

One of the biggest ironies of modern life in the Western world is that the more women achieve equality with men, the more open many of them are to admitting their desires to surrender sexually to males–to be below them, to surrender power and control.

This is one reason why Fifty Shades of Grey, a novel about a sadistic billionaire putting a young woman in bondage, became the biggest bestseller last year. And in this spirit we present Tigerr Benson, an Asian beauty from the United Kingdom, a woman who radiates erotic strength and creativity and power and who could dominate male slaves with ease, instead submitting herself totally in a roleplay scenario as a cocksucking, ass-fucked, pee-drinking slave to David Perry.

In this roleplay, Tigerr doesn’t want to rule, she wants to grovel. With a leash around her neck, David leads her down a staircase on her hands and knees, then cuffs her mitts behind her, has her kneel and service his dick, then bend over and take his meat in her pussy and asshole. She sucks his shaft some more, licks his anus, rides his rod with her well-stretched butthole, and then even submits to his passionate kisses with her wrists still bound behind her back.

She is his slavegirl here, and then he gets her kneeling once more to take his cum all over her tongue and face. But her menu of submission is not quite over yet; he pees in a wine glass and she drinks some of it, sloshes it around in her mouth, and then drools it all over her big bare breasts and dark brown nipples. Still kneeling, she looks up at us submissively…waiting for her next master to arrive, perhaps?

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Lana: Defies Doctors At Her Peril!

Hospitals are supposed to be places for healing…but when patients don’t take the advice of their doctors and nurses, stern measures are applied. Lana, who is in the institution for a nervous stomach, has persisted in trying to sneak out of her room to rebelliously smoke a cigarette (!) in the stairwell, and so for discipline she has been restrained nude for twenty-four hours in the bleakest basement of DDF Genital Hospital.

Her legs, wrists, and even her neck are bound with green rope to an ancient gynecology exam chair, and her thighs are spread wide open. She has no choice but too pee on herself when the urge hits in her isolation.

Luckily a gross little metal bowl is perched between her knees to catch the overflow, primarily to make the cleanup of the floor afterwards by attendants a little less time-consuming. Hospital staff hopes that Lana learns her lesson, so she will be allowed to pee in a toilet next time. But don’t bet your money on her changing her ways–because Lana is one incorrigible customer!

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Katia Dé Lys & Latex Lucy: Afternoon In Latex!

Fully outfitted in her red latex suit and mask, Latex Lucy relaxes with her friend Frank M., with Katia Dé Lys acting as their serving girl in beige head-to-toe latex. Katia stands ready with Frank’s daily whiskey whenever he wants it.

After Lucy presents him with his drink, he’s eager to take her on, enjoying her spirited cocksucking while he fingers her pussy through the hole in her suit. After fucking Lucy doggie style, he calls over Katia so he can fondle her fanny through the latex. He kisses Katia while Lucy  blows him, then he fucks Lucy  while Katia stands by closely to observe.

Finally Frank is in the mood for even more kinkiness, so Lucy binds Katia’s wrists in yellow rope and then pulls her onto her knees to suck Frank. Katia is then placed doggie-style on the bed so that her pussy, exposed through the crotch hole in her latex suit, can be penetrated by Frank’s mighty meat. Lucy supervises the boffing of Katia, then places her ass in Katia’s face for some cunny-lapping.

Soon Katia is taking the tool in her tush while her wrists are pulled upward by Lucy, and then the lady in red bends over to lick Katia’s snatch while Frank’s prick moves in and out of the Dé Lys derriere. Finally Frank holds the rope to Katia’s wrists while Lucy completes the scene by bringing Frank to a blast of cum all over Katia, who lays submissively below!

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Valentina Nappi: Futuristic Vision Of Restraint!

Let us take a look into the future, when methods of chastisement will be refined to a state of psychological and emotional complexity so that the minds of those who are being corrected will be completely blown until their faces are almost devoid of expression.

With this in mind, let us observe naked and curvaceous newcomer Valentina Nappi as she is confined in a cage in a dark room–restricted not only by the strong metal mesh of the cage walls, but by metal tubes that restrict her movement as she stands upright in her imprisonment.

She sees a black dildo moving through the bars–what could that mean? She soon learns, as she is then angled into a kneeling position between the strange bars that keep her head and torso and pussy in place. The black dildo is attached to a Fucking Machine, and Valentina has to suck it.

Then she is reversed in the bars and laying on her back, her head still immobilized by the bar under her neck, as the dildo of the Fucking Machine thrusts into her exposed snatch. Ms Nappi’s position is then reversed, and kneeling between the bars, she is banged in her ass by the dildo in doggie style. Then she is put on her back again to be butt-fucked that way by the ever-relentless machine.

This is an unsettling vision of futuristic erotic restraint!

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Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller: Correction On A Staircase [Part 2]

Those who transgress the rules must be ready to accept correction for their breaches of protocol. Thus it has always been, and always shall be so that civilization may be maintained in spite of the restless nature of some individuals.

And to demonstrate this worthy theme, we return to bad student Amber Nevada who, having peed all over herself in Part 1 while waiting for dormitory housemistress Amarna Miller to come downstairs to chastise her further, is now about to receive her discipline. In her gray pencil skirt, heels, stockings, and simple white blouse, Miss Miller looks formidable indeed, and the yellow T-square she brandishes as a spanking implement metes out painful punishment indeed on Amber’s naughty behind.

Once again the shameless girl urinates on herself, further proof (if proof need there be!) that young females should not indulge themselves with beer! Miss Miller spits into the mouth of her student, to demonstrate her contempt for Amber’s behavior. She then spanks her more furiously with the T-square, making Amber’s cheeks jiggle.

Then she has Amber lick her pussy, since if the girl is not going to be a good student academically, perhaps she could be a good sex slave to a housemistress erotically! Miss Miller sits on Amber’s face and rubs her pussy with the high heel of her black oxford. Then she leaves the student alone, to contemplate the lesson she has been given–and hopefully to take it to heart!

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Zafira: Zafira’s Defiance!

In the old days, people used to quote classic literature to find just the right context for what they were about to say. In our modern era, classic movies serve the same function of providing quotes.

This new set of Zafira reminds us of what was said about the slavegirl played by Jean Simmons in the 1960 Kirk Douglas film Spartacus: “The more chains you put on her, the less she looks like a slave.”

This comes to mind because Zafira has a Zen-like calm as she is trussed up in tight bondage on-camera in this new scene. Her beautiful Hungarian body stands at attention as she is thoroughly tied up, her hands roped behind her back with an intricate network of knots.

She is then laid down on what looks like a piano bench, with her 36B breasts jutting up over the ropes, and her thighs are tied to the bench too. Finally she is stood up again by her bondage master and untied, and we see the impressions that the rope left on her arms. But through the scene, she doesn’t seem to bat an eyelash, maintaining a quiet cool–like Jean Simmons did–as if to defy any ropes to ever hold her, or make her a captive!

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Aleska Diamond: She Does She Wants!

Appearances can be deceiving. What looks like a situation where a female is in charge of a male can actually be a scenario where the exact opposite is the case!

At first, Aleska Diamond looks like a controlling mistress in her latex outfit, and Choky Ice, chained to the wall, at first looks like her slave in black latex duds. But when we see Aleska insert a red-jeweled butt plug in her bottom, even as her “slave” observes, it becomes clear that this is a unique situation where she has merely kept her master restrained to the wall at his own request, so he will be faithful to her with his wildly in-demand porn stud cock!

She is really HIS slave, the servant of that dick. Aleska takes down his latex pants so she can suck his meat, and then rub it between her thighs once she lifts up her lavender skirt. When she unchains him and has him kneel behind her ass to remove the buttplug with his teeth, he is not subservient but merely being practical–because if he didn’t take out that plug, there would be no room in her rectum for his rod, which plunges immediately afterward into her depths.

In another unmistress-like move, Aleska sucks his shaft right from her asshole. Although he then kneels before her to remove her skirt, this too is only practicality; he soon stands behind her and wraps his chains around her neck. Then she rides his cock cowgirl-style with her sphincter, and sucks him off until he gives her a gooey goatee. The jeweled buttplug is returned to her behind as she displays her creamy chin for all to see!

She has served him well indeed.

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