Amber Nevada: Correction On A Staircase [Part 1]

The stern rewards that come to those girls who live beyond the bounds of the rules is not always pretty to witness. Correction must be meted out in order that the impressionable female will not find herself permanently on the road to ruinous behavior.

And with this timeless truth in mind, we come upon Amber Nevada, bound by her wrists to the staircase of the dormitory at the prestigious women’s college she should feel lucky to attend–but is bratty enough to be ungrateful to appreciate!

For her many infractions she now sits in her blue vest, pink blouse and tie, maroon skirt, knee socks and black patent oxfords, and waits for further instructions from the housemistress, who as yet is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Amber has been sitting here for some time, and all the beer that she drank (against school rules, of course) is catching up with her bladder.

At least the housemistress, who tied her to the bannister several hours ago, was kindly enough to remove Amber’s regulation cotton panties, so that when the inevitable uncontrollable flow begins and her girlish urine pours out of her shameless vagina, Amber doesn’t have to then sit in drenched underwear. Instead, she has to stew in a puddle of urine on the hardwood steps, awaiting the arrival of the housemistress for further chastisement!

Be here for Part 2 next week to see what else happens to Amber

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Paige: Placed On Exhibit!

What goes on in the minds of women? With all their talk of empowerment, it seems that they still have a primal need to explore desires and indulge in activities that would not necessarily get them invited any political correctness conventions.

Case in point, sexy Paige, an independent young lady with a self-sufficient attitude, here submitting to the skills of a bondage master who intricately trusses her up so that she can be suspended like a nude female exhibit in a museum of kink.

Keeping her hands raised, she feels the ropes being wound about her torso in a skillfully symmetrical way, under her breasts and around her back, and then around her knees and calves. It’s no simple thing to tie somebody up in an artful manner, and Paige sits patiently with a Zen-like calm while the ropemeister works his skills.

Linking the ropes to an overhead metal ring, he enables Paige to be suspended several inches off the ground and hanging in the air, her scarlet-tressed naked beauty on full display.

The DDF cameras move around to examine this British babe from different angles, reveling in the art gallery of tattoos on her pale pink flesh!

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Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 3]

What goes through an adventurous girl’s mind when she looks back over all the intricate and unusual things she’s done? This is the question that pops into our heads as we come back for the final installment of Samantha Bentley’s latest journey into wildness.

She’s appeared often on our site, and you know she loves to experience some truly intense action! In this series, first she tied herself up and masturbated with toys. Then her boyfriend Ian Scott came home, found her that way, and used her throat for his lusty pleasures, leaving her bound by wrist and neck after he finished.

And now, Samantha realizes that the bondage can have a disadvantage when she has to pee…yes, she can’t hold it in, and it gushes out all over the glass table on which she lays…an ocean coming out of her, making her feel so humiliated, so embarrassed! She wonders if Ian can hear the sound of her pee as it pours out of her snatch onto the table…she knows he can certainly SMELL it…and she lays in her own mess and thinks, “Is there any limit to the kinky things I like to do?”

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Eva Parcker & Latex Lucy: The Power Of Their Disguises!

The byways of sexuality are many, with each little stream of sensuality emerging into a river of unique thoughts, and then tributing into an ocean of new experiences.

With this in mind, we welcome you to Latex Lucy’s Clinic of Kink, where this legendary lady in her red latex introduces Eva Parcker, in her black latex, into a vista of vibrant play.

From the moment their red lips kiss through the holes in their face masks, to the unsheathing of breasts in their costumes and the fervent sucking of nipples, we are witness to a bizarre spectacle of masked maidens indulging their otherwise normal needs while wearing costumes that make them into figments of surrealistic wet dreams.

Eva licks at Lucy’s labia, and Lucy returns the favor; these are natural acts, nothing unusual, but they are sent into “the stratosphere of the new” by, for example, the bright lines of Lucy’s red seamed stockings, and the dangerous red and black heels both ladies wear.

But things finally move more into the fringe realm when a large glass funnel is inserted into Lucy, and a metal probe is slid into Eva’s asshole; and then we see that the disguises that women wear can indeed affect their actions, as they shift from typical lesbian fun into the high gear of the unusual!

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Marica Hase: Irresponsible Girl’s Wet Lesson!

A young lady sometimes must be educated in responsibility, to learn that if she does not follow the instructions that she is given by those who know best for her, she will face consequences.

Case in point, Marica Hase, that delicate Japanese beauty, who disobeyed her unseen master and now must wait naked, gagged, and with her slender wrists and ankles securely tied with rope to a massage table.

It’s been hours since she was left alone in this room, and all the tea she had for lunch is catching up with her. And thus, her first lesson in responsibility: if she does not act mature, she will not get the opportunities of the mature, one of which is the use of a toilet when she has to pee.

And so as the DDF cameras come in close, she feels the trickle of her golden liquid begin to slide down the edges of her upper thighs, and then the gushing becomes full and uncontrollable, wetting the table cushion underneath her butt. She feels so ashamed that it has come to this, peeing all over herself, but she can’t help it and she can’t even cry out because of the ball gag in her pretty mouth…

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Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 2]

In last week’s initial installment, Samantha Bentley entertained herself with auto-bondage and anal and oral dildo penetration.

And now she deliberately dozes on the glass table after her orgasm so her man Ian Scott will come home to find her still bound, still nude, and still insatiable! His cock comes out of his sharkskin slacks and is soon in the deepness of Samantha’s throat, not to mention at the center of Samantha’s consciousness!

Straining at her ropes, she sucks him like a woman possessed, turning this way and that as she fills her lips to the brim, taking that huge shaft deep into her face, and stretching her lips wide sucking his balls too!

He stands on the table and fondles her tits as she blows him, then sits down so he can encourage her head to go down, down, down until her nose can almost touch his nuts! In fact he squeezes her nostrils as, her mouth filled with his prick, she raises her wide gray eyes at the DDF cameras with the expression of a woman who may be bound with ropes, but is unrestrained in her lust for male cum loads! Ian tightens the ropes around her wrists and neck as he finally squirts his sperm on her tongue.

But what will Samantha do next? Be here next week to find out!

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Kandall N & Rubber Ruby: Training For Total Servitude!

That dangerous femme fatale in shiny red, Rubber Ruby, has a tender newbie at her disposal! The sweet blonde Kandall kneels naked, blindfolded, and obedient at Ruby’s high-heeled feet, with her wrists bound before her. For what unspecified crimes has Kandall been placed in this position for punishment? Well, let your own imagination decide!

Meanwhile, watch what happens to this naughty girl for her sins. Slapped on her butt with the riding crop, she has her blindfold removed, but then has her nipples harshly tweaked by the red-gloved fingers of her Mistress Ruby!

Next the rebellious girl is led around on a leash on all fours, trailing behind the magnificent curves of her controlling domina. But Kandall doesn’t keep up the pace properly, and so more smacks on her ass with the crop are called for. OWWW!!

Kandall is ordered to kiss her goddess’s feet in gratitude for such helpful correction. She’s even given the treat of licking her queen’s quim, which is revealed when Ruby tugs up the bright red hem of her dress. But cunnilingus is only preparation for dildo-sucking! Ruby straps on a big one, and soon Kandall is slurping it deeply. Good training for when her mistress hires her out as a suck slut for horny anonymous sleazeballs!

But the ultimate aspect of Kandall’s training is when she is ordered to bend over on the couch and take that rubber shaft in her ass! Yes, she has to know how to please her mistress with her butt–taking the dildo deep in her cheeks, just as she will one day take the cocks of strangers there when mistress decides Kandall will be a perfect Rectal Raunchette for horny men who are drifting through town and looking for a fine piece of hot ass!

So Rubber Ruby teaches her slave to ride that cock with her asshole until she is satisfied that Kandall is up to her rigorous standards of servitude!

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Candy Sweet: Pretty Rebel Gets Punished!

Maybe it’s true when they say that if you don’t pay attention to your studies, your life will not go easily. A case in point is pretty Candy, who has been a very naughty student indeed.

At the institution of higher learning where she has chosen to study, disciplinary problems are dealt with in a very strict fashion. Candy is required to sit in a dank little room, still wearing her school uniform, but securely bound hand and foot, and even secured by her neck.

When she’s thirsty, she’s offered a drink–but then it’s thrown in her face, splashing down her vest, blouse, skirt, and all over her purse. Then she asks for a cigarette, defying her captors (it was smoking in class that got her in trouble in the first place), only to find herself getting doused with olive oil from the top of her head and down all over her clothes, putting out her cigarette and perhaps her spirit of rebellion too.

Yes, she is thoroughly drenched with oil by the faceless security guards of the school, even to the extent that they pull open her panties to pour the oil inside. Still bound hand and foot, she can’t resist in any way. Next she’s shown that the only thing she will be good for if she doesn’t buckle down to her studies is to suck cock all day, and big cock at that.

Her head is held in place as the bulbous tip of an enormous flesh-colored dildo is put into her mouth, and then rubbed all over her panty-covered pussy and then her snatch itself. Then, taken out of her school uniform, she is strung up by her wrists, standing only in her panties, knee socks, and shoes. More olive oil is poured on her body, and her panties are tugged down by probing fingers which then whip the panties across her body and even stuff them into her mouth. The taste obviously does not please her.

Next she’s lowered to the floor on her back, with her legs splayed wide by the ropes, and she watches as the huge tip of the gigantic rubber cock is stuffed inside her pussy. After her ordeal, she’s allowed to sit alone, still secured by her wrists, neck, and ankles, in the corner of the starkly lit room–alone to contemplate which will reap better rewards: a life of obedience or a career of defiance.

She certainly has been given enough evidence that defiance will only lead to severe treatment at the hands of her merciless supervisors, so perhaps she will decide to opt for obedience in the future. If she doesn’t, she will undoubtedly receive further punishments…

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Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 1]

Samantha Bentley frequently finds herself under the guidance of stern and even cruel masters and mistresses in her House of Taboo scenes, but as this new appearance shows, she can be her own best dominator if need be!

Her dining room table is equipped with ropes and a black dildo, and she peels herself out of her black satin bustier, panties, and fetishy heels to make herself open and vulnerable as she binds her own ankles to the table. She secures her left wrist as well, and the DDF cameras hover above to show her in her self-imposed captivity.

Then, she makes herself gag on her black dildo, thrusting it deeply into her throat, before cramming it without mercy into her asshole, making herself cry out just as if she were under the fierce hand of an enslaver. Maybe she’s imagining being controlled by an invisible man?

Samantha sucks on her dildo some more, then thrusts it back into her butt, as we see her legs lifting up and straining against their bonds. She slides her left fingers into her pussy as she masturbates herself, lifting her red-polished toes up on their tips as she gasps and groans in her self-stimulated pleasure. She keeps exploding on the toy as the scene winds to a close, as we look down at Samantha from above and wonder what will happen next…so be here next week to find out!

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Antonia & Zafira: Punishment Or Pleasure?

How many of us would like to be at the mercy of Mistress Zafira! Men and women both crave correction under the guidance of this lovely Hungarian, legendary both for her skill as a model and her beauty as a woman.

You can explore this fantasy when sweet Antonia stands in for all submissives as she hangs several inches off the ground, her wrists and ankles bound and her body suspended by ropes as she dangles naked from a high ceiling. The DDF cameras examine Antonia as she floats there helplessly, and then Zafira arrives, looking truly ravishing in a black satiny minidress that shows off two or three inches of her cleavage (oh thank you, Mistress, for that glimpse!!) and her smooth, curvaceous legs on high backless heels.

Zafira also wears her hair in a high ponytail, that ultimate symbol of female vigor. Holding a riding crop in her hand just in case her slave resists, Zafira whispers in Antonia’s ear and then sets the girl to licking her pussy, which is conveniently available with a mere tug upwards of the frock’s hem. She then crams Antonia’s face in the crack of her butt as well. Next follows a spanking with Mistress Zafira’s bare hand, her palm smacking against Antonia’s haunches as the powerless girl hangs in the air at her keeper’s mercy.

What’s also nice about this sequence is we get to study Mistress Zafira’s legs in full-length shots that showcase all their taut, toned splendor as she leans over to administer the spanks. Zafira’s red-polished fingertips apply a constant barrage of smacking to her submissive’s seat, making the flesh jiggle and shimmer under the fierce beat of correction.

Finally, Zafira leaves her slave hanging there, to contemplate the many reasons why she got this punishment…if punishment indeed it is, to be thusly disciplined by the haughty hand of the impossibly gorgeous Mistress Zafira!! To many of us, to be treated this way by Zafira could only be seen as a pleasure…as a reward!

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