Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 4]

Well, Mugur’s certainly put Leyla Black through her paces in this epic roleplay excursion into the bizarre.

First she was dressed like a mummy in gauze, and prodded and probed and spanked. Then, after taking off some of her bandages, Mugur really got into probing her in a most intense, extreme way.

After that, with the gauze removed, he attended to fulfilling all his fantasies about the use of her mouth and asshole. And now…for the final proof of his total dominance over Leyla Black, he uses her in the ultimate way of the submissive: as she squats on the discarded gauze bandages in the blackness of the dungeon, Mugur sprays her face, tongue, tits, and torso with seemingly endless blasts of his pee. Leyla looks at the camera with a wide variety of looks.

She has been totally put in her place by this kinkazoid male. What is going through her head? Study her pictures closely and decide for yourselves! With her body gleaming from his urine, she alternately looks as if she’s broodingly serious, then happy and carefree. Many are the moods of the slave, as portrayed here by Leyla Black in a performance of total submission to the demands of the relentless cock wielded by Mugur!

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Clara G. & Lexi Lowe & Samantha Bentley: Perverted Nurses Strike! [Part 2]

Twisted nurses Clara G (in the red uniform) and Lexi Lowe (in the pink) never let their work get in the way of their sapphic pleasures.

They kiss above while they continue their examination of strapped-down patient Samantha Bentley, tugging apart the lips of her mouth and even inserting their fingers into her nostrils.

They also squeeze her tits and pussy, before Clara sits down on Samantha’s face for a short spell of queening therapy. Then it’s time for the insertion of some kind of shiny silver metal probe, and Lexi lubricates the Bentley bungie and then slides the instrument inside, while she licks Sam’s snatch.

Then another long metal toy comes into play, which both Clara and Lexi lick before using it to probe Samantha‘s box before stuffing a plastic tube into the patient’s anus, which makes her ass into a tunnel. Before pulling open Samantha’s mouth with what look like shiny shoehorns, the perverted health providers then lube up her crotch completely to insert an enormous black dildo-like thing into her ass and then her mouth.

Is Samantha cured of whatever brought her to the clinic? We’ll let you make your own diagnosis…

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Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 3]

The mummy-style bandages have come off, the gauze is gone, and now Leyla Black is naked and chained and still at the mercy of Mugur in this ultra-kinky roleplay scenario of master and sex slave.

Leyla strains at her bonds and looks at us as if asking us to rescue her…but then Mugur comes back, his buff body and rigid cock obscene in its ripped dominant power over the restrained young lady.

Her eyes widen at his monster meat approaching her face…her mouth gapes…and then her face is filled with his evil inches! She sucks well, knowing on which side her bread is buttered in the dark world of his dungeon…with a demonic grin, holding her head, he crams his meat deep inside her mouth.

Yet she does not flinch…when he retreats for a moment or two to let his organ breathe the open air, her pierced tongue seems to waggle as if wanting more of her decadent treat…Mugur leans her back in the red barber chair where he has performed so many of his treatments upon her previously…and fucks her face some more, holding her honey-colored tresses roughly.

He makes sure she licks his balls attentively, illuminated only by the bleak overhead light…then…it’s time to prepare her crotch for the ultimate invasion. He licks her pussy…gets it wet…but then stuffs his shaft inside her asshole instead! Holding her in place, he fucks her butt relentlessly…until he takes a break to soothe it with his saliva, which drips down along the slit of her cunny…and then it’s back to butt-banging, until after much plowing he blows a massive and dirty load all over her anus and cheeks!

And then she cleans up her master’s cock with her mouth afterward. But the final challenge awaits Leyla in the conclusion of The Mummy’s Cunny, next week…

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Clara G. & Lexi Lowe & Samantha Bentley: Perverted Nurses Strike! [Part 1]

Just when you thought it might safe again to engage the services of health providers when you need them, we give you another installment in House of Taboo’s informal but ongoing series spotlighting the world’s Most Depraved Medical Professionals.

Today we have two totally Perverted Nurses, played by Clara G (in the red uniform) and Lexi Lowe (in the pink). Meanwhile, their soon-to-tormented patient, Samantha Bentley, lays strapped on the examining table, somehow asleep despite what we imagine would be the overwhelming anxiety of her predicament.

As Clara and Lexi plan Sam’s course of treatment, their focus get derailed as Clara fondles Lexi’s tits; kisses and bites her mouth (there are some wild closeups of her tugging on Lexi’s lips with her teeth); spanks her ass and then bites it (leaving bruises!); and then grabbing handfuls of Lexi’s snatch like a hunk of meat.

Then Clara spits into Lexi’s face, her saliva dripping down the Lowe cheeks–which Clara then licks up. (If she was going to lick it up anyway, why spit it out in the first place? But it’s dangerous to ponder the motives of Perverted Nurses. They might strap YOU down as punishment for such idle curiosity!) After spitting directly into Lexi’s mouth Clara gets her co-worker down on her knees to lap at her pussy for awhile. But Clara is insatiable for new thrills, and the cunnilingus she received is clearly not enough to quell her hungers–because next she lubes her hand and fists Lexi’s pussy!

Yes, you’ll Clara’s dark-polished fingernails and her long digits sliding their way into Lexi’s well-lubricated snatch and going in almost to the wrist! Then the nurses decide they’ve been neglecting their patient Samantha long enough. It’s time for Gigantic Black Dildo Therapy. Miss Bentley! Open wide!!

To her credit, Nurse Clara uses her own mouth on the dildo first, to demonstrate that she won’t put her patients through anything that she can’t handle–and then the dildo is fed into Samantha’s face. The patient strains at her bonds, but to no avail as Nurse Clara then sits on Samantha’s tummy so that Clara’s comfy while receiving a huge dildo in her pussy thanks to Nurse Lexi. Samantha looks like she’s groaning under Clara’s weight, but hey, honey, if you don’t want to undergo such bizarre treatment, don’t take your health concerns to DDF Genital Hospital! Lexi places her hand over Samantha’s mouth to quiet her down, while Clara licks at Lexi’s labia from below. And this is only Part 1! Be here next week for more medical mayhem…

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Tigerr Benson: Peeing and Embarrassed!

That kinky babe Tigerr Benson finds herself bound by her legs, wrists, and feet to a classically-sculpted pedestal, and she’s naked and spread for all the world to see.

It is clear she is going nowhere; she has been a bad girl, and we all know that bad girls must be punished (at least in erotic fantasies)! Tigerr has been straining against the ropes for awhile, but she realizes she’s going nowhere, and that she’s going to have to face up to the fact that all the champagne she drank earlier in the evening is catching up with her.

Yes, her dominant master plied her with bubbly, then when she got feisty and rebellious, he had his minions bring her into this room and tie her down to think about the consequences of her disrespectful behavior. And one of those consequences is that she can’t go to the bathroom, but is going to have to take a pee right here in the open! Oh she tries to hold it, it’s so humiliating to pee without control far away from a toilet, but Tigerr got herself into this predicament and now she has to experience the embarrassment! And then it starts spraying out…a long stream from her dark flowery pussy, the urine flooding out just under her pierced labia…and all over the sheet spread out under the pedestal in anticipation of just such an action on her part!

Oh, she can’t bear to show her face to her master anymore…she’s revealed herself totally for the naughty and uncontrollable girl she is…he is going to punish her more…and she knows she deserves it!

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Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 2]

Today’s installment of this ultra-bizarre roleplay scenario continues with Leyla Black, in the role of the bandage-covered submissive, once again at the mercy of the shadowy character enacted by Mugur.

He decides to pulls aside the facial bandages and inspect his companion, and does so in a harsh way, tugging on her pierced tongue and spreading her lips wide and licking her mouth. He takes her nipples out from underneath the gauze and tweaks and squeezes them fiercely as Leyla gasps and grits her teeth.

Next, taking down the mummy-like bandages from her legs, Mugur indulges in some toe-biting and sucking, before moving up to her spread pussy and examining it closely. Leyla is defiant and Mugur gives her a few smacks to let her know who is in charge; then he gets back to the inspection of her slit, thrusting his medical-gloved fingers into her quim. In fact, he thrusts a lot of fingers into the mummy’s cunny…and she even seems to encourage him with her free left hand, tasting her juices as well.

Mugur goes down on her snatch and then crams her with his fingers some more. Then he leans her over the red barber chair on her stomach, and even more intensely plumbs her depths with his probing digits of depravity. Her pussy looks incredibly pink and moist after his ruthless invasion; then, as this week’s installment comes to a close, he seems to consider the purposes of her asshole…so return here next week to see what develops in Part 3…

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Leyla Black

Leyla Black can also be seen in the following sets:

Clanddi Jinkcego & Rebecca Jessop: Bride In Bondage!

In modern controversial society, some people openly criticize marriage as a form of bondage in and of itself; but in today’s roleplay scenario starring Rebecca Jessop as the lesbian groom and Clanddi Jinkcego as her bride, “tying the knot” is taken to further extremes!

No sooner does Rebecca carry Clanddi over the threshold, than she gets her bride to pass out and then ties her up on the bed while she’s still in her white wedding gown! With Clanddi’s wrists and ankles bound to the frame, Rebecca then takes off her own black duds and makes herself more comfortable.

Clanddi is still out like a light as Rebecca takes her huge 34DD tits out of her bodice and feels them up. Clanddi awakens but Rebecca silences her with a well-placed hand, even as she continues to tweak Clanddi’s nipples. Rebecca takes off her own bra, freeing her personal 36F endowments, which she presses against Clanddi’s face while rubbing her pussy. She tugs Clanddi’s thong up her snatch, and then she licks it.

Next Rebecca takes off her own panties and sits on Clanddi’s face. Then she rubs Clanddi’s bouquet of roses against the bride’s bosom and crotch, tortuously tickling her. Finally Rebecca takes out a big vibrating wand and stimulates Clanddi’s tits and pussy. It looks to us like the bride has just gotten enough proof either for a lifetime of kinky bliss or an instant annulment in the morning!

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Sapphire: Domme Plays Sub!

Domme Plays Sub!In today’s roleplay scenario, Sapphire Blue is a dominatrix who finds the tables turned, and herself in a classic bondage fix! Despite the fact that she is wearing the boots of a haughty powerful mistress, she is tied to a wrought iron door, red ropes taut around her wrists and even running underneath her 32F tits and around her tummy. The only things she’s wearing are those black leather thigh high boots.

She came over to this house thinking she was going to be doing a femdom session, ordering around a wealthy male slave and making him lick her heels, but…well, she shouldn’t have said she was a switch, because as a change of pace the submissive side of her personality is required for this switchable client, who sits off-camera (just like us!) and watches her struggle against her bonds. But like any true switch, Mistress Sapphire Blue can indeed get into the role of damsel-in-distress, just like the great Bettie Page did in her 1950s photos where she would shift from being a glowering domme to a hogtied captive.

As she tugs at her restraints, Sapphire endures the ultimate humiliation of not being able to hold her pee! Yes, what a naughty slave she is, pissing herself right between those spread thighs, her golden nectar splashing on the ground between those boots that are usually worshipped and licked by men! An interesting thought crosses her mind even as she keeps peeing. Maybe she won’t wipe her urine off where it splashes her boots…and so the next time she dominates a client, he will taste the remnants of the dried potion of her glorious waste!

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Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 1]

Here is yet another startling example of how House of Taboo regularly pushes the envelope of kinky erotica. Usually a mummy is a monster or villain in a horror movie, but in today’s bizarre roleplay scenario, the “mummy” played by Leyla Black is not a resuscitated denizen of ancient Egypt, but a girl in the hands of a dominant master played by Mugur.

She’s wrapped in bandages from head to toe, with just a little breathing hole for her nose. Bringing her into a black room, he chains her by her neck to what looks like a barber chair, then pulls up her thoroughly wrapped feet to reveal that it’s not just her nose which was left uncovered for access to air, but her pussy for penetration purposes.

As the DDF cameras come in with clinical closeness, we see Mugur fingering the mummy’s cunny. Adjusting the chains so that her legs are lifted up and connected to her neck, giving him easy and ready access to her crotch, Mugur then spanks Leyla over and over on her exposed upper thighs. Then, shifting her on the chair so that she is in the doggie style position, he then pulls apart her cheeks as if to inspect her asshole, and then spanks her even more fiercely on her bottom.

What is going through the mummy’s mind? It’s hard to tell since her eyes are covered by the bandages. Finally Mugur shifts the chair so that the mummy is almost upside down, and he spanks her even more as her mouth, finally peeking through the gauze, widens in a groan. What will happen to her next? You’ll find out in Part 2…

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