Paige (aka Ruby Rubber) & Latex Lucy: At the Mercy of Ruby Rubber!

Looks like Latex Lucy has gotten herself into a fix! She’s fallen into the clutches of red-clad Ruby Rubber and she’s trapped in an outdoor cage! “Uh-oh!” as they used to say in the classic old-time bondage comix from the 40s and 50s when a pretty girl got trapped by the clever rope-wielding “villains.”

Ruby looks like she’s not exactly a cream puff. She prods and pokes her captive in the cage, even swaying it to give Lucy sea sickness, or make that cage sickness! She even puts slats in the cage to make it even more claustrophobic and tight for our heroine!

Well, life is never simple for a damsel in distress, as Lucy has learned in her other appearances on House of Taboo. She continues to be cramped in the cage when it’s lowered to the ground and Ruby sits on it. When Ruby finally takes her out of the cage, it’s only to put her in bondage on top of it, tying her wrists and ankles so that Lucy ain’t goin’ nowhere!

“Uh oh!” Ruby smacks Lucy’s well-encased titties and her bare midriff with a kind of paddle, but Lucy takes it like a champ. Then Ruby gets Lucy turned around so that she can spank her on her latex-sheathed booty, over and over. But what’s this–Ruby’s opened the zipper that reveals Lucy’s pussy and asshole!! Ow, that makes the paddle hurt even more when her private parts are exposed to punishment. But wait–what’s Ruby doing now? Is that a big thick vibrator? Uh-oh–it’s going into Lucy’s snatch! And she can’t help but get turned on because, darn it all, she loves being a captive of a commanding character like the mysterious Ruby Rubber!

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Samantha Bentley: Dirty Girl Makes Dirty Water!

She disobeyed her master, and now Samantha must be punished. Made to stand naked in the cellar, she has ample time to think about her various sins, but eventually she feels the need to pee and that, she knows, is part of her punishment. What is more embarrassing than having to uncontrollably empty your bladder away from a toilet? And she knows her master is watching through his hidden security cameras as she squirms and dances, trying to hold off from letting the golden stream flow out of her pussy.

Squeezing her muscles, she tries to think about something else other than the blessed relief of letting go of her dirty water. The tension passes for a few minutes, but then returns. Oh no, she’s going to wet herself…but there’s more to her “lesson” than just peeing. It’s not only that she has to pee like this, but that she is required to pee on the mirror at her feet…and then…yes, it’s the “and then” that constitutes the largest part of her punishment.

She dreads what comes next, even as the urine pours out of her body, pours out in a flood made sleazy and decadent by her circumstances of inescapable bondage…bondage in this creepy cellar designed by her master specifically for such occasions! Her face contorts with shame as she watches her pee splatter all over the mirror…knowing her master is nodding his head upstairs in satisfaction, watching on his security cameras and pleased that her chastisement is going as planned. And then, knowing he’s watching, she does what is required: gets down on the floor and licks up her pee from the mirror. Laps it up like a perverted human kitten. Instead of a dish of milk, she’s gotten a mirror of pee…well, she’s learned her lesson, and she hopes her master will come down and let her out of her bondage soon.

But she knows he won’t until he’s satisfied that every last drop of her naughty liquid has been cleaned off that glass! Samantha takes a short break and digests what she’s taken in, and steels herself for resuming her task…but maybe, maybe he’ll take mercy and bring her up soon? Probably not…

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Naomi: Defying Her Captor [Part 3]

We’re back for the finale of this bizarre roleplay scenario of the conqueror and his captive, starring Naomi and Totti! Is there nothing that will faze this defiant girl? thinks cruel soldier Totti as he reflects that spanking… cocksucking… assfucking…and the dirtiness of the attic in which she is detained have not had any effect in breaking the spirit of Naomi, who has pretty much spit in the eyes of the conquerors who have overrun her country!

Well, Totti has another tactic up his sleeve…and his superior officers will indeed approve! He pours sticky massage oil all over this girl’s lush and arrogant body…oil that could be used for healing, sensual massage in peacetime, but here will be used for more sinister and instructive purposes! The purposes of teaching a female to obey, fear, and respect her CONQUEROR! The oil slides down her titties, which he squeezes…she barely blinks an eye, despite being chained to the ceiling…he drenches the insolent young vixen with the oil, pouring it all over her face and hair and torso.

Ah, that seems to be wiping some of the spunkiness out of this bitchy little missy! He pulls at her tits, tweaking the nipples fiercely…and then comes the master stroke, which will surely please the high command with its ingenuity when he invites the officers to come by and observe! He has carried this idea around with him since the first day he joined the army and marched off to conquest with his brothers-in-arms! Taking out a pillow, he rips it open and lets loose all the feathers onto Naomi’s nude, chained body! And in so doing, he gives her that most ancient of punishments–being feathered! The oil makes it all stick to her figure, ha-ha!

But what–the little witch is laughing! How dare she! Totti keeps slapping on the feathers, finally holding the pillow above her head until they all flutter down in a perverted shower that will show this girl once and for all that she is the conquered, and she will show him some respect! She will, won’t she?? Won’t she??? YOU be the judge!!!

Leila Smith & Tracy Delicious: The Bad Must be Punished!

Whatever Leila did to bring on her punishment–Mistress Tracy will not let her keep on doing it! Discipline is called for, outdoors in the garden with a naked and wrist-bound Leila being led to a stone table where her arms are hoisted above her. She does not look happy. Her mistress tweaks her nipples, squeezes her face, and lets her know that her transgressions will not be tolerated!

The booted blonde domme pulls Leila’s arms up so that the redhead has to stand on the table. Then it’s time for a little bottom-warming with a carpet beater. Leila can’t stand it–was her offense really that serious? Apparently so, because then Mistress Tracy pulls her hair and has her kneel on the stone table while continuing to smack her pale white bottom with the carpet beater.

“But what’s this?” says Tracy, sliding her fingers into the slave’s snatch.

“You’re getting AROUSED by your chastisement? Your pussy is wet…well then, my girl, you must be satisfied and pronto! We can’t let our slave ache for a climax, can we? That would be CRUEL, ha-ha!”

Mistress Tracy slides a big black dildo into Leila’s mouth for lubrication.

“That’s it…make it moist for your slave hole!” Tracy laughs, rubbing it along the redhead’s shameless quim.

The ropes are adjusted so that Leila’s legs are spread for maximum openness and embarrassment. But then Mistress Tracy gets a better idea…she WON’T stuff the toy into Leila, so the girl will be frustrated and hungering for relief! Instead she just teases her slave’s cunny lips with the toy…and some well-aimed SPIT on the girl’s twat! That will teach her not to disobey anymore…and then Mistress Tracy leaves poor Leila bound and naked on the table, exposed to any leering passersby!! The bad must be punished…and lessons must be learned!

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Naomi: Defying Her Captor [Part 1]

In the 1960 movie Spartacus, one of the Roman generals says of the beautiful servant girl played by Jean Simmons: “The more chains you put on her, the less she looks like a slave.” This phrase sprang to mind as we looked at Naomi chained up in an attic for this roleplay scenario, awaiting her captor, played by Totti.

This tall (5’11”!) and regally beautiful Hungarian girl looks as if no man could tame her…but that’s what makes her PERFECT for this bizarre scenario as Totti puts her through many kinky paces! His perverted passions clearly inflamed by her smiling defiance, Totti doesn’t even dare show his own face, but covers it in a weird industrial mask! He also wears camouflage duds.

Are we to suppose that Naomi is a captive of some paramilitary group or conquering army, like in a scene out of a lurid 1960s men’s magazine illustration? YOU decide–we supply you with plenty of eyeball fodder for fantasies as Totti squeezes his cheeky captive’s face and shaved pussy mound, then fondles her tits and rubs them with chains.Her ass is smudged with dirt from her captivity in this dusty attic; he is upset that she has not been able to stay clean, even though that is clearly impossible in these surroundings! He pries apart her cheeks to inspect her asshole too…its tight allure inflames his lust, but instead of stroking her rear, he spanks her butt to punish her for exciting him!

Getting her over his lap, he plays with her pussy and cheeks and continues to spank. Ah, she doesn’t look so defiant anymore…or does she? Lifting up her legs with the chains, which shows how dirty the bottoms of her feet have become, he inspects her rosebud in detail…tugging it apart…with our cameras following his every move…but he still can’t completely wipe the look of self-possession off Naomi’s face. She’s going to have to receive a further lesson in discipline and respect…so be here to see what happens in Part 2!

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Sophie Lynx & Aleska Diamond: The Sting of Discipline [Part 1]

Aleska Diamond sees her maid Sophie Lynx goofing off, and she’s not pleased…particularly when Sophie dares to handle her whip! The saucy girl must be taught a lesson.

“So you like my whip?” says Aleska, cramming the handle into Sophie’s mouth. “Maybe I’ll give you a further taste of it if you don’t perform your duties properly!”

Those duties include worshipping Mistress Aleska’s feet in her strappy sandals, kissing her toes through her nylons as well as kissing the bottoms of the shoes. But Aleska suspects Sophie is not taking her duties seriously enough, running her feather duster over the domme’s shoes…so in a surprise move, Aleska gets Sophie in a headlock with her ankles! That’ll teach this girl to screw around with the shoe worship. Next Aleska puts Sophie down on the floor to worship her heels in an even more humble way. Aleska presses her left foot on Sophie’s left hand while her other foot is in the maid’s face for adoration. Aleska’s shoe really makes Sophie’s hand hurt! But more punishment is coming.

The mistress bends Sophie over the bed for some whipping; she lifts up Sophie’s skirt and smacks the whip’s thongs across her tawny cheeks. But those damn petticoats get in the way, so Aleska has the maid remove her uniform so she can more fully feel the sting of the whip. The dominatrix also has the maid remove her panties so she can truly feel the slap of the thongs, and then she has Sophie kneel on the bed with her bottom up so that she can punish with total ease and access. Mistress Aleska, by the way, looks very fetching in her high-waisted panties, a style which suits her regal attitude as she looms over her moaning maid. What discipline comes next? Be here for Part 2!

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Henessy: No Tool Too Large! [Part 1]

Henessy is here to show us her remarkable crotch capacity…truly something startling to behold! Opening her legs as she sits in a wicker chair, she sucks on a hugely thick and long flesh-colored dildo, which looks as if it were modeled on the cock of a man twelve feet high. Or maybe Conan the Barbarian’s cock would be this large!

Well, whoever it was modeled after, Henessy accepts the challenge and stretches her lips wide to take the toy into her face, sliding it over her tongue…preparing it with her saliva for its journey below! She primes herself with a couple of fingers, then moves the dildo downward. Into her shaved clam it goes, and she stands up from the chair, moaning in ecstasy. Perspiration slides down her torso in gleaming rivulets as she sticks the suction cup base of the dong on the chair, so that she can squat herself down onto its monstrous girth!

The DDF cameras go down low to shoot upward as her crotch gobbles the gigantic rubber tool, her dark flowery lips taking it in with impressive depth…then she affixes the toy’s base to the floor, so that she can part her fishnet-sheathed gams and squat down on it that way! Does this girl know any limit to her penetrative accomplishments? Yet one more challenge remains! Yes, her asshole! Your eyes will bug when you see how superbly she conquers the proxy prick with her ultra-elastic rosebud!…when she returns in Part 2!!

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Latex Lucy: Lucy in the Water with Latex!

You’ve heard of the famous Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”? Well, this scene is called “Lucy in the Water with Latex…” You see, Latex Lucy has been a very bad girl, and her masked master Kristien has to discipline her.

But being accustomed to the most sophisticated methods of chastisement, Lucy usually cannot be corrected in the average way…for example, she needs more than a spanking or a scolding, which might do the trick for an ordinary naughty girl. Hence Kristien has driven her around, tied spread-eagled, in her latex bodysuit in the back of his pickup truck. She cannot escape…and she doesn’t want to, because she knows that after she gets through the coming ordeal, she will be a better person.

Lucy watches through the eyeholes of her mask as Kristien starts filling up the back of the truck with water from a garden hose. She feels the spray hitting her body through her corset and bodysuit, the feeling of captivity and the tightness of the confining latex making her mind zoom into another dimension altogether. The water jets out against her crotch and tits, encased in the snug material…to further increase her punishment, Kristien presses his naked foot against her face, to remind Lucy that she is truly under his heel.

He holds her head down to the flat of the truck by a firm hand while blasting the water on her pussy through the latex…and she feels totally at his mercy. He squeezes her tits through the latex with his hand, and then continues spraying the water into the back of the truck…and it fills up faster and faster, until Lucy is floating, bobbing on the surface! He controls her further with his foot against her neck…and it’s clear from the expression in her eyes that she has well-learned her lesson to obey Master Kristien! And with ultimate kindness at the end, he concentrates the flow of the water directly onto her crotch until she explodes in an orgasm deep within the latex suit that encases her like a carnal cocoon!

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Ashley Bulgari & Danielle Maye: Samurai Gals on High Heels!

Ashley Bulgari wields a Japanese sword and Danielle Maye a wooden stick as these two fierce gals play at being samurai warriors for our amusement and arousal. They meet on the field of battle, brandishing their weapons and clashing playfully as they perch on their high heels.

But it’s not like they’re dueling to the death for some stern shogun; instead, they’re just two hot chicks at heart, and as soon as an opportunity to kiss comes up, they seize it. They continue to skirmish a bit for our erotic edification, their coats falling open and revealing their taut bodies; but soon enough they’re both on their knees on the grass, kissing boobs, swapping spit, and performing fellatio practice on the hilts of their weapons. Danielle in particular demonstrates her blowjob capacity as she opens her red-lipsticked mouth for the elaborately carved handle of Ashley’s sword. The handle goes lower, too, rubbing against her shaved twat and ultimately penetrating her.

A little more fun-time combat follows, with the now-naked Danielle waving her stick high above Ashley and soon fucking her pussy with it; so if it came down to recruiting warriors to defend a noble lord’s castle, we’d say you’d best keep in mind that these girls are definitely more interested in making love than war!

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