Ann Marie La Sante: Raiding the Doctors Toybox!

You can’t keep a hot girl away from good toys. That’s what the inexperienced doctor learns when he leaves his patient Ann Marie La Sante alone in the office with a boxful of medical implements, all of which promise fun and orgasms to this adventurous gal.

After a brief exam, the doc has to leave for a few minutes, and restless Ann Marie goes over to his counter, where she finds a collection of promising goodies. Taking off her shorts and panties, she crams herself first with her fingers, to prime her pussy for some kind of silver metal speculum. Then she tries her luck with a clear plastic clamp to hold her cunny lips. This magnifies the inner pinkness of her snatch so that we can peer into the tunnel between her thighs.

Next comes a metal funnel which has an accompanying probe. She opens her twat with the funnel and uses the probe to masturbate her clit. She gets on her knees on the examining tale with the funnel and probe sticking of her pie. Then she tries another metal probe, this one almost shaped like a rocketship in the classic 1930s Flash Gordon serials. It sticks out of her clam as she rubs herself with one of the other metal probes. This combination seems do the trick for her. Then suddenly she hears the doctor coming back, but unfortunately she can’t dress and return the toys to the box in time before he sees what she’s been up to! He examines the toys for any pussy juice, then tells her to report to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription for heavy duty nymphomania treatment!

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Jessyca Wilson: Caged For Their Pleasure!

Today we explore the fantasies of women who like to be prisoners of masterful males…and the daydreams of men who are looking for such women! So welcome to “Maledom Island,” where dominating men keep females in cages!

Bare-chested Francky is one of the big shots on the isle, and when he’s in the mood for some fun, he takes Jessyca Wilson out of her confinement. Francky likes to keep his slaves uncertain about how they’re going to be treated. The first thing he does is bare Jessyca’s ass and spank it! Not that she’s done anything wrong, but he just feels like doing that today.

Holding her by the hair, he smacks her fanny relentlessly, kneeling her down on the top of the cage with her rear up in the air and totally accessible. Jessyca is grateful for the spontaneous discipline. She kisses Francky deeply afterward…and then it’s time to suck his cock, because he’s gotten aroused by all this activity. Kneeling on the cage, she blows him obediently while he regulates her movements by grasping her ponytail. She spits on his dick and laps up her own saliva…he loves to watch that! Then it’s time to fuck this slave’s pussy, so he sits her down on his jutting tool. It’s so nice to have a female to use like this, Francky thinks…he’s so glad he moved to Maledom Island!

He smacks her ass as she rides his prick, just so she’ll keep up the pace he requires for maximum pleasure. Jessyca loves the way he is controlling her and the entire situation. In fact, that’s why she chose to come to Maledom Island for her VACATION…yes, she doesn’t really live here, but is only visiting to be a caged slave for a week! She rides the masterful Francky’s cock both front and reverse cowgirl, and then blows his dick some more. Her wrists strain at her bonds…then it’s time to be taken in the ass! Oh how she has been waiting for this!

His tool fills her butt as powerfully as it stuffed her mouth…and then it stuffs her mouth again, before being plunged back into her rear! Ah, the life of a caged slave on Maledom Island! As Jessyca takes his load upon her tongue and gets puts back into the cage, our girl thinks to herself that this is indeed the greatest vacation she’s ever experienced!!

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Sensual Jane & Jelena Jensen: Paying for her Sins!

Sensual Jane is more like Strict Jane today as she disciplines Jelena Jensen for some unspecified transgression! Let us join these two busty beauties in the forest to watch them enact an unusual roleplay drama. Jelena’s wrists are bound and she is persuaded to bend over for Jane’s fierce red paddle, which is applied with cruel strength onto Miss Jensen’s black latex-clad bottom. Jelena cries out in pain but Jane does not let up. This girl must be punished!

Then Jane undoes the back of Jelena’s dress, humiliatingly exposing JJ’s 38F boobies even as she firms up the bonds on her victim’s wrists. Jane applies her black cat-o-nine-tails to Jelena’s boobs, causing the girl to groan and moan in torment. Then things get really bizarre as Jane uses a pulley to lower what looks like a bottomless metal birdcage onto Jelena’s upper torso! Jelena stands embarrassed with her tits showing and her wrists crossed in front of her as the cage comes down over her head, shoulders, and bosom. Even more humiliating is the fact that her nipples are hard throughout this strange procedure!!

Thus immobilized, Jelena then has to submit to Jane lowering her dress further so that her ass is bared for the whip! Jelena cries out with every stroke of her mistress’s firm treatment. Then Jane turns Jelena around and whips her pussy too! Punishment like this truly makes us speculate on the nature of exactly what mistakes and crimes and errors Jelena must have done to upset her owner. Because if a woman is treated thusly, she is a slave and she is owned! Owned by Sensual Jane…or MISTRESS Sensual Jane, if you please! Perhaps Jelena’s eyes lingered too long and too disrespectfully on Jane’s tantalizing 36DD cleavage, so visible in her own low-cut top??

Finally, Jelena is left alone in the forest under her cage, her wrists still bound, as no-nonsense Jane abandons her to the elements to think about her sins!

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Clara G: Fisting Her Pink Garage!

Clara G. is a very flexible lady. And this Romanian beauty also has a surprise for us, as you’ll see when she peels off her elegant black dress and panties to let us enjoy her naked 34D-23-34 body.

Yes, she’s got a beautiful pair of big tits, and a ready pink pussy, but the surprise comes when she shows us what she can do with that snatch. Kneeling in the doggie mode on the bed, she reaches her hand up and crams several fingers into her greased-up hole. Then she splays her fingers so we can get a peek at the dark cavern within. Next Clara lays on her back, spreads her thighs wide, and slides her entire hand into her box. We’re talking down to the wrist, amigos, like she’s trying to recover, say, an eight ball to the pink pocket that some pool hustler shot in there. Or maybe she’s got a garage in her crotch?

After watching her root her greased-up mitt around in there, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a fleet of taxis drive out. This is definitely one for the record books of erotic vaginology. Yeah, we know babies come out of pussies but somehow this seems different. After Clara recovers her hand–after two full missions of penetration–she spreads herself wide and sticky in huge closeups that will fill your computer screen.

Her pussy looks like a flesh plantation, gleaming from the grease she used to lube herself for these fabulous feats of fisting. Then she does it one more time so the DDF cameras can get even more angles on her fist as it completely vanishes up her twat for an encore!

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Daphnee Lecerf: Milking Her Medical Fetish [Part 1]

Today’s bizarre excursion into extreme fantasy stars Daphnee Lecerf and Mugur. Mugur plays the role of a caring boyfriend, and Daphnee Lecerf portrays his kinkiest girlfriend ever, who needs to live out her most intense fantasies. Now, ever since he went to work at DDF Genital Hospital, Mugur’s been able to provide Daphnee with a free place to live…at the bottom of a cabinet, where she can rest naked, blindfolded, wrists bound, and with a plug in her vagina.

Does that seem shocking? It’s what she wants as a pervy submissive with a medical fetish! The clinical environment gets her very horny. He takes her out of the cabinet by her leash, and makes sure that she’s kept the plug inside her veeg. Good girl! Then he lays her back on the examining table, takes the red plug out of her pussy, and works his fingers into her asshole. Together they’re going to explore one of her weirdest desires tonight–for a milk enema!

“Gimme the milk, Mugur, and hold the cookies, ha-ha!” as she likes to say.

Mugur fills an enema syringe with milk, and then squeezes it into her rectum. The liquid doesn’t stay in there long, as Daphnee instantly starts shooting it out…spraying so far that the milk leaps several feet from her anus and splatters all over a mirror!

“So this is what makes you happy?” says Mugur.

“Then I am happy to give it to you!”

And he turns her over into the doggie position to fill her up with more milk, which she then blasts in an even more intense spray all over the mirror. Mugur watches closely as the milk rockets out of her rosebud into the air. What a girl she is! I sure know how to meet the wild ones, he thinks to himself…

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Demetris & Mira Sunset: Nurse’s Radical Methods!

Always be wary of medical clinics with shadowy lighting. And nurses who wear strappy high heels while on duty. Case in point, the dark establishment where Demetris has gone to be treated by nurse Mira Sunset, who stands high on her spikes and practically glows in her pink latex uniform.

Medicine has radically changed in recent years, it seems. Now healing is apparently accomplished by licking the patient’s ear, dropping spit into her mouth, feeling her naked breasts as she sits quietly in a chair, and then parting her pussy in preparation for penetration by a lifelike rubber cock. As the patient, Demetris is expected to provide her own lubrication for the dildo, by having it moistened with her own saliva as Nurse Mira slides it into her mouth…then Mira, following the principles of what must be the most obscure therapeutic research in recorded history, straps on the dildo, angles it toward Demetris for fellatio, and then adjusts the patient into the proper position for anal insertion.

Obviously, doggie style dildo insertion is also recommended in the medical volumes somewhere, someplace, and the final recommendation is that such insertion be followed by more fellatio of the phallus, courtesy of the patient. We have a feeling, however, that these procedures may not be covered by everyone’s insurance plans.

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Rihanna Samuel: Will she Submit?

Beautiful and charismatic Rihanna Samuel flashes her gorgeous grey eyes at us as her lovely 32AA-26-36 body is put into bondage. We see her bound to the foot of the metal bed frame; then standing with her hands secured behind her back; then kneeling on the bed with her wrists bound to the frame again; then with her legs and wrists tied to the frame so that her pussy is openly displayed.

She looks at us with defiance in her beautiful eyes, a rebellious aura that even seems to emanate from her perfectly round bare nipples and her dark pink flowery pussy! Even with a girl like this at your mercy in her bonds, you’d have a way to go before you’d be able to truly subjugate her to your whims!

You can enslave the body but the brain and heart take more time…the feisty spirit glows from her soul and dares you to just try to really be her master! Perhaps a silver vibrator inserted into her twat will make a difference? Let’s see…indeed, her box now glistens with a certain wetness. Let’s turn her over on her knees to observe how she looks in doggie style, with that ass up in the air, and the vibe protruding from her cunny like a mechanical tail…but let’s switch this tangy minx to yet another position.

On her back, spread-eagled, wrists and ankles bound, her snatch open to the air but still filled with its buzzy toy…maybe it’s time to lick her armpits and tickle her into distraction…Rihanna is in your control now…lift up her legs and tie them to the headboard…she’s putty in your hands! Or is she?? With one last glare at you, she challenges you to find out!!

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Paige Turnah: Doctor’s Bizarre Housecall [Part 2]

Bent over and quieted down by housecall specialist Dr. Choky Ice, Paige Turnah is starting to wonder if next time she should research a doctor more thoroughly on the Internet before inviting him to come over and fix a thumb she banged with a hammer…well, that’s water under the bridge now as Dr. Ice leans her over her own work bench and prescribes not a pill but a penis as the ultimate therapy for an injured hand.

Yes, throating his tool and taking it so deep that her tongue sticks out underneath the shaft is definitely distracting her from the throbbing of her digit…but maybe not enough to satisfy the doctor’s therapeutic imperatives, because he then switches procedural tactics and applies penis and tongue massage to her vagina from behind. Turning her around on what he now considers his “examining table,” Dr. Ice crams her slit with repeated thrusts that make her forgot not only that she banged her hand with a hammer, but that she had any house repair skills at all!

Yes, Dr. Ice specializes in “Tabula Rasa” or “Blank Slate” therapy, where heavy meat injections of penile tissue in tubesteak form into the vagina from multiple positions will wipe the female mind clean of the memories of stress induced by physical injury, which Paige experienced when she accidentally banged her thumb with the hammer. When she finally receives the application of the final healing component, Dr. Ice’s Therapeutic Sperm Tonic, served up hot and thick right from his testicular fount, well, Paige knows she’s truly on the road to some kind of recovery. But don’t look for Dr. Ice’s findings in a medical journal any time soon…

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Gina & Clara G: Discipline From The Dean [Part 2]

When the dean of students, Clara G., returns to her office, her naughty pupil Gina is still standing there with the book on her head, trying to achieve some discipline in this life.

Do you want to learn even more about what your life will be like if you don’t buckle down and obey the rules?” says Clara G.

Yes, Ms. G.,” answers Gina.

Very well then. If you don’t have a good education, and furthermore if you have black marks all over your personal record as a citizen and perhaps end up in penal institutions, your options will be few! In fact, the only job that will be open to you will be that of streetwalking prostitute, a girl who sucks cocks and gets fucked by strangers for money in dark alleys and crummy hotel rooms! Do you want me to demonstrate what your future as a streetwalker will be like, you bad girl?

Yes, Ms. G.,” says Gina.

When the book is removed from her head and she turns around, she sees immediately what she will be faced with! Clara is in full sleazy mode, with a strap-on dildo hanging from her crotch!

We must pretend that I am one of your customers when you are a streetwalker. Customers are called ‘johns’ and ‘tricks.’ Now get on your knees and take this trick’s cock in your mouth.

Gina does as she is asked.

Ooh, that’s very good, my hot little slut,” says the dean, “you’ve gotten my dick so hard I want to fuck you right away!

And then she leads Gina over to the desk to bang her pussy from behind and when she’s laying down too. Clara tugs on the girl’s nipples, thrusting back and forth in her twat until finally she says, “I want your ass now, girl! And when you are a streetwalker, Gina, if the john pays for the ass, you will be giving it to him!

And with those thoughts in her mind, Gina feels Clara’s dick penetrating her rosebud deep and hard. “How do you like getting fucked in the butt, Gina?” the dean asks, but she doesn’t give Gina any time to answer–to show her how her future johns and tricks will sometimes be impatient to just move ahead to the next sexual activity. And so Clara takes out the strap-on prick from Gina’s ass and stuffs it deeply into her mouth.

So, Gina, what will it be?” says Dean of Students Clara G.Will you work hard to be a good upstanding student and citizen, or do you want to end up a girl of the streets?

But Gina has the last laugh on this ultra-kinky, authoritarian lady. Gina doesn’t answer…gives Clara a strangely unreadable expression…because perhaps Gina has been introduced to a possible way of life that turns her on!!! Thus are the goals of higher education thwarted by the perversions of the pedagogues!!

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Sophie Lynx: Bondage Daydreams Fulfilled!

When we come upon Sophie Lynx, she is well-tied to a gray wooden table outdoors, for today she is enacting the role of a young lady exploring and fulfilling her daydreams of helpless bondage. As she sits naked except for the maze of ropes across her body, she is approached by a black dildo on a long stick, a phallus which probes her lips and mouth as we observe from many different angles–sideways as well as from above, looking down on Sophie.

She sucks the huge rubber cock, then is laid back on the table in a sightly different position, her bare toes taut against the bleak wood surface as her thighs are spread wider by the ropes. We can see her bare shaved pussy, fully exposed…meanwhile, the ropes have been put across her mouth by unseen hands, keeping her lips open and pressing down on her tongue. As she strains to lift her head and look up, she sees the dildo on a stick approaching her once again–this time to cram itself into her asshole, only moist millimeters beneath the drenching flower of her veeg.

Soon she is turned on her knees into another position, with her butt up in the air and her hands tied behind her back; and now the black dildo stick returns, cramming and fucking her derriere. In yet another position, this time with her legs even more thoroughly bound together in a mass of rope, Sophie’s seat is prodded by the persistent proxy prick, and we see it moving in and out of her greased rosebud. Finally, she’s trussed across the table, standing up, and fucked from behind by the ever-persistent dildo on a stick. Who wields this erotic instrument? We are never shown, but whoever it is displays some small kindness to Sophie at the end–offering her a cigarette to puff while she is still in bondage–a cigarette on that same stick where the dildo just rode!

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