Paige Turnah: Doctors Bizarre Housecall [Part 1]

Do doctors still make housecalls? Sure they do…mostly the kinky ones, though, at least in porno land! Case in point, Dr. Choky Ice, who arrives to soothe Paige Turnah’s hand after she hits her finger while doing some home repairs. He gives her a pill, but then he prescribes tit massage and nipple tugging…as well as pussy licking and probing! Who needs to use a stethoscope when he can use his tongue to check her symptoms?

The next prescription calls for a little restraint…of Paige, that is! The electrical cable that she was using for her repair devices comes in handy, and soon she is trussed to the bench, ankles and wrists. A little flogging with a soft whip is next on the list of procedures…yes, that should definitely help cure a sore finger that was hit by a hammer! But Paige is making altogether too much noise, which interferes with Dr. Ice’s concentration as he works at healing her. Well, there are ways to deal with that…once Paige has been made more quiet, Dr. Ice takes out his most remarkable tool of physiotherapy, the electric dildo drill…which seems to be doing the trick!

Paige doesn’t even seem aware of her original injury anymore, which spurred her to call Dr. Ice to make his housecall, as the dildo drill works its bizarre cure on her bare twat…particularly in doggie style! Who knows what will come next…Dr. Ice is prescribing yet one more pill…so come back here next week to see what develops!

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Clara G & Gina: Discipline From the Dean [Part 1]

Dean of students Clara G. catches one of her pupils, Gina, smoking in the hallway! You’d think by the time a girl got to the higher levels of academia–this is a junior college, after all!!–she would know that smoking was bad for her, but not rebellious Gina. Well, Clara knows it’s her duty to teach Gina a lesson.

“We must lift up your skirt, young lady!”

The panties are lowered, the bottom of the naughty coed is smacked…many times. But it doesn’t seem to make much of an impression on the defiant Gina, so Clara orders her to take off all her clothes except her knee socks and shoes. Meanwhile, the dean, who’s having a hard time hiding her kinks, is taking sniffs of Gina’s discarded panties! Clara then bends Gina over her lap and gives her quite a few more slaps on the seat.

“Look how her tushy quivers under my hand!” Clara thinks.

She likes this job, overseeing these wiseass college students…maybe the entire institution would be rife with rebellion if the founders of the place didn’t insist that the girls wear uniforms through their entire course of study! Clara always felt uniforms had a calming influence on restless young female spirits. Well, it seems like Gina is still not quite getting the message.

“Let’s paddle her with a T-square!” thinks Clara.

And the relentless SMACK SMACK SMACK of the hard surface finally seems to make a dent in Gina’s attitude. “On your knees on the table, bottom raised!” declares the dean, quickly making those cheeks red and streaked. Hmm, thinks Clara, that pussy looks pretty naughty too…but further punishment will have to wait. Right now, let Gina stew in her humiliation by standing in the middle of the room, naked except for her knee socks and shoes, with a book on her head! Let her think about her behavior and the punishment it has brought on…and the additional treatment it will merit in our next installment!

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Aleska Diamond: Crammed In Her Core!

Aleska Diamond shows us her remarkably talented crotch today. Relaxing on a bright red couch, the green-eyed Hungarian beauty writhes around, lifting up her black leather dress to reveal that she’s wearing no panties. She spreads her thighs and slides a couple of French-manicured fingers into her pie, and then a couple more–no, actually, she then sticks THREE fingers of each hand into her clam and tugs it open so we can peer into the inky darkness of her inner veegee. But Aleska Diamond is only getting started. She takes out an enormous flesh-colored dildo, which looks as if it were modeled on the prick of a man twelve feet high, and she stuffs an impressive amount of it into her box.

But this is only preparing the way for her own personal Double Penetration Party. Now that her core is thoroughly warmed up, she crams a black plug into her butt, stuffing it all the way to the hilt so it’s not going anywhere. Then, lubing a black dildo with her mouth, she slowly inserts it into her pussy, shifting onto her knees on the couch so we can see her being dually penetrated.

Aleska doesn’t even have to keep holding them, they stay in her crotch on their own! But she’s obviously enjoying banging herself with the toys, so she gets back to moving them deeper into her center. Then later, when she takes out the butt plug, she gifts us with a nice peek at her red anal gape! Looks like it might need a few soothing licks!

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Kathia Nobili: Doctors Strange Therapy [Part 3]

It finally becomes clear in this last stage of Dr. Nick Lang’s examination of his patient Kathia Nobili that his prescription is PENETRATION! And more PVC, as he gives her black gloves of that material to wear, so that she can feel the healing strength of his penis in her hands, amplified by the sensations of the PVC.

He instructs her to stroke his shaft as thoroughly as possible, because that will increase her confidence as a woman, something that was wavering as a result of the various ailments that brought her to the clinic. But she is only priming the instrument which will deliver her ultimate cure! Next Dr. Lang gets her anus ready, with a black butt plug, for the soothing plunge of his fleshy rod, which first goes into her pussy and then is transferred into her ass while the black plug does its necessary work on her clitoral region.

Dr. Lang knows that between the thrusts of his meat, and the snugness of the PVC stockings, gloves, and corsetry, he is helping his patient rediscover her sensuality, which has been buried under the rubble of her various neurotic troubles. He powers into her ass relentlessly on the examining table, in a double-penetration thanks to the help of the plug in her pussy, until finally she is a writhing mass of arousal that needs one final ointment for the complete cure: the natural ointment that comes when a woman gets on her knees before the transformative power of a prick which will spurt its soothing lotion.

Kathia strokes and blows the good doctor with her black-gloved hands and dedicated mouth, and soon receives the puddle of goo in the middle of her gloved palm, an elixir which she laps up as prescribed by the doctor. And sure enough, she then receives her clean bill of health. Kinky medicine triumphs again!

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Subil Arch & Danika: Tightly Bound and Hotly Spanked!

Subil Arch must have been pretty naughty to have displeased Danika to get the Filipina beauty to tie her up and discipline her so fiercely! First they go outside, where Danika binds her naked to a post on an old four-poster bed which comes in handy for perverted purposes!

Then she gives Subil a barehanded spanking, and we watch the sizzling and reddening of Subil’s seat. Danika can’t resist giving her charge a few tongue licks between her cheeks, and she licks Subil’s ears as well even as she pulls harshly on the dark blonde’s nipples. Subil cries out at the intense squeezing of her nubs, and then Danika bites her earlobes as well. Danika spits on Subile’s butt, then after tying her leg in a different position, she licks Subil’s snatch for awhile. But Danika just can’t seem to satisfy her cravings, as she moves from cunnilingus back to chastising Miss Arch’s ass.

While left alone as Danika goes to fetch an implement of correction, Subil rebels against her bonds, trying to break free, but she can’t. Then Danika returns with a paddle, which she smacks over and over against Subil’s bottom, which gets redder and redder. Danika fucks Subil with the handle of the paddle, which we see in huge intense closeups, and then she has Subil lick the handle clean. By the time Danika is finished with this bizarre punishment, night has fallen and the torrid pair are surrounded by darkness as Danika licks the face of her thoroughly chastised slave…

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Kathia Nobili: Doctors Strange Therapy [Part 2]

Now outfitted in the PVC clothing prescribed for her by Dr. Lang in Part 1 last week, Kathia Nobili awaits him on her knees in his examining room.

He soon returns to gauge her oral abilities with a shiny black butt plug, which he has her lubricate with her saliva. Then, with the toy thoroughly wet from her mouth, Dr. Lang bends our heroine over the examining table and inserts the plug into her pussy, while exploring her asshole with his finger.

Laying her across the table, he continues to probe her snatch with the plug, and then he primes her mouth with his thumb in preparation for insertion with his prick. Kathia’s skilled throating shows that her reflexes are still sharp, and her ability to take his shaft deep in her face and also nuzzle his nuts demonstrates that perhaps the problems that brought her to the clinic were psychosomatic–in her mind, not her body. But Dr. Lang won’t know for sure until he tests the responses of Miss Nobili’s rectum, and so he shifts the plug from her clam to her sphincter. The toy is shown penetrating her posterior in stark unforgettable detail against the antiseptic whiteness of the bizarre clinic.

He soothes her vagina, meanwhile, with his tongue (another unconventional form of therapy) before preparing the patient for the final phase of his examination by lubricating her PVC stockings with a secret ointment of his own creation. Be here next week to see how the examination winds up!

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Latex Lucy & Angelica Heart: Her Life as a Pet [Part 2]

We return you to the bizarre future scenario when humans choose to live as pets…with Latex Lucy as the human kitty and Angelica Heart as her mistress! Things seem calm for the moment, now that Lucy has been disciplined for disobeying in last week’s installment…and indeed, we learn one of the advantages of being both a pet and a human is that you get to eat pussy when the mistress demands it! Lucy savors her owner’s snatch, and then is rewarded by being fondled through her catsuit and then face-sat!

Judging by how pretty Angelica’s peach looks, she must have lots of willing candidates for service underneath her…she writhes on top of her pet. But then she reciprocates, spitting on Lucy’s labia through the crotch hole in the catsuit and licking away as they indulge in a bit of sixty-nine. But what has Angelica in mind next? She feeds Lucy some champagne from an obscenely pink bottle…feeds her mouth, and then feeds her pussy! Lucy squats over the bottle while she continues to lick her mistress, and then she leans back and gets filled to the gushing brim with champagne, so much so that it pours out of her pussy all over the floor!

Angelica sits on Lucy’s back and keeps fucking her with the bottle, and then pours the libation from a glass all over her quim as Lucy licks it up. Lucy has been a good kitty, and Angelica pets her as the scene comes to a close…say, this life as a human pet can be pretty good!!

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Samantha Bentley: Oral Expert’s Challenge!

Samantha Bentley is very talented in many ways…especially orally! She’s not just a hot porn model, but a very good singer too. And here today she shows us her deep throat skills.

Dressed up whimsically in a French maid’s outfit with a big pink bunny hat, Samantha starts by demonstrating how many fingers she can cram into her mouth. She then rubs her saliva on her bare pussy, which she reveals by pulling up the hem of her maid’s uniform.

Taking out a huge black vibrator, Samantha stuffs her pussy well, getting it coated in her juices, and then raises the rubber phallus to her mouth to taste her essence. Shedding her outfit, she then lets us enjoy the sight of her body, nude except for her hat and thigh high stockings. She gets down to some seriously deep throat work on that vibrator, until thick saliva that almost looks like cum drips out of her lips.

Her mascara starts to run from her blue eyes as she strains to take on the challenge of that gigantic toy…but nothing will stop the determination of this oral expert. Her saliva coats her titties, the nipples hardening with the intensity of her exertions.

Finally she takes off the hat so she has total freedom and leverage as she leans her head back to take the monster phallus down her throat. She absorbs an amazing amount of it, her saliva sliding down onto her body in gooey strings, shimmering on her tits and gleaming on her fingers and stockings. Quite a spectacle indeed!

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Kathia Nobili: Doctor’s Strange Therapy [Part 1]

Kathia Nobili and Nick Lang enact the roles of patient and doctor in today’s foray into the bizarre. When Kathia shows up at Dr. Lang’s clinic for a test, she doesn’t realize he’s switched from traditional medicine to PVC therapy…yes, that’s right, he believes instead of the usual methods of healing, that dressing in tight PVC clothing will help his female patients back to health!

Maybe the pressure of paying off his student loans has finally sent the doc over the edge? Because he’s clearly gone out of his mind…and Kathia has to deal with his peculiar behavior! She didn’t see him when he was alone, sniffing stockings…but she sees him now as he insists she wear the PVC garments.

When she says she’d rather not, he decrees a spanking is the only alternative therapy that he could prescribe. Down comes her skirt and she is bent over his examining table for a thorough bottom warming with his hand. Her cheeks are blushing red with his palm prints. Taking off her panties completely, he lays her across the table nude and really gives her a spanking to remember, her seat meat wobbling with each resounding smack. Then she sees the wisdom of putting on the PVC duds. First the garter belt, then the black PVC stockings, then the red waist-cincher…he squeezes her butt as it juts out over the stockings, and then uses his stethoscope to check her responses. But what will come next with this demented medico?

He has Kathia kneel submissively on the step stool while he temporarily leaves the room. Be here for the next installment to find out what he does when he returns!

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Latex Lucy & Angelica Heart: Her Life as a Pet [Part 1]

In the future, people will be freer to be themselves–even if that means living like pets instead of humans. We bring this scenario to life with Latex Lucy in the role of the kitten and Angelica Heart as her mistress.

Relaxing on a couch, all seems well with the world as Lucy nestles like a happy feline in the lap of her owner. Lucy wears a white latex catsuit complete with little pink ears. They play games with each other; Lucy kneels on the couch and bends her “paws” obediently for her mistress; but one of the advantages of having a human kitten is the mistress can French kiss her, too! To reward her pet for being good, Angelica gives her a dish of milk on the floor; unfortunately, like animal pets sometimes, Lucy gets a little sloppy with her drinking and splashes milk on the hardwood floor.

Mistress Angelica wants her to lick it up, but Lucy balks–perhaps not fully accepting of all the responsibilities of being a pet. She doesn’t want to lick the floor, and Angelica can’t force her, so instead the mistress knows she must apply discipline so that her pet will obey in the future. Over Angelica‘s knee goes the white-latex-sheathed kitty, for a spanking Lucy will never forget! How beautiful her derriere looks encased in the taut material; you can just imagine how hot her bottom is inside as she gets smacked on her seat over and over by her stern, beautiful mistress. Lucy‘s cheeks get warmed in various positions until Angelica feels the lesson may have been learned, and then she gets Lucy back on the floor to lick up that milky mess.

This time, Lucy complies, as she moves into a higher stage of her life as a pet…but be here next week to see what else she must do to please her mistress!

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