Shannon Reid & Ashley Bulgari: Clumsy Maid Gets Correction [Part 2]

The punishment of incompetent housemaid Shannon Reid by her stern employer Ashley Bulgari continues from last week’s chapter, and takes an even more sexual turn when Mistress Ashley decides that since Shannon can’t perform her household duties properly, she might instead function more interestingly and usefully as a sexual plaything, kept in a bedroom and toyed with at the whim of her domme.

Bound and spread-eagled on the bed, Shannon is at the mercy of the ruthless blonde as Ashley squeezes and bites her pierced nipples, and then uses an erotic wand to stimulate Shannon into uncontrollable spasms of climax. Shannon would rather cum in private, but Ashley shows her the foolishness of that preference as she puts the vibrating head of the wand tightly on Shannon’s quim, until the maid’s pink mound trembles with the onrushing pleasure of relentless raunchy orgasms.

Ashley straddles her maid–or maybe the proper word for Shannon now is slave?–and keeps using the wand until Shannon can cum no longer. Then she acquaints Shannon with the pleasures of French kissing, even though Shannon has never been much for smooching before…finally, it’s time for a cunny plug, which Shannon wets with her mouth at the behest of the devilish dominatrix. Then the plug is placed in Shannon’s snatch so that she will be able to enjoy a titillating feeling of vaginal “fullness” which will keep her constantly on the erotic edge, even as she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep while still bound hand and foot on the bed!

Danielle Maye: Girl Can’t Hold Her Pee

A couple of weeks ago, Danielle Maye was put through her submissive paces here by the dominant Teena Lipoldino in a 3-part femdom roleplay pictorial and video entitled “Utensils for Punishment.” In today’s scene, almost in a kind of unofficial epilogue to that epic, we see a solo Danielle bound in the dungeon, almost naked and definitely barefoot on the cold stone of the floor.

In today’s roleplay scenario, she has been left alone with her thoughts, her arms tied high above her, her naked tits and pussy displayed…to humiliate her in front of us for being a naughty young woman. And now she is going to be even naughtier, because despite being warned that she should have had enough forbearance and maturity to control herself, she can’t hold back the pee in her bladder, which is waiting to spray out of her body in an embarrassing stream.

She knows that peeing on the floor, and having to step in her own pee once it’s puddled, is part of her ongoing discipline. She tries to hold off, squeezing and dancing in place, but finally she realizes resistance is futile. Out comes the pee, further proof of her inability to control the responses of her body! How long will she be kept in this degrading position of nudity and helplessness?? She’s sure sorry now that she was such a disobedient young lady!!

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Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 3]

David Perry runs a massage emporium, and in the previous installments of this sizzling series he discovers that his new masseuse Leyla Black has serious sexual hangups, leading to on-the-job sloth and goofing off.

David recognizes the need to apply discipline, and having spanked and penetrated his inhibited employee in the previous portions of her emotionally and sexually therapeutic program, he now is going to acquaint her more fully with the potentialities of cock, which she has never quite understood. With the double dong still in her asshole, he shows her the remarkable elasticity of her mouth, which she learns can accommodate a number of fingers; and if she can take fingers, she can surely take his large dick. As he tweaks her nipples, he gets her to understand that it is no shame for a woman to beg for a man’s meat, to need it even more furiously when it is temporarily withdrawn. He sees definite improvement in her psyche as her tongue laps at the air when he moves his shaft away briefly.

Fucking her in her box next, he keeps a firm grip on Leyla, then stands her up to continue banging her butt from behind. Watching her suck the double dong, he sees her loosening up amazingly well. His shaft plunges relentlessly in her quim, and then he stuffs his thumb into her anus, which is already craving penetration after the departure of the double dong. With her wrists and ankles still bound, he gets her on the massage table in doggie style and plugs her fanny. With each thrust of his profoundly hard prick, more and more of her erotic hang-ups are released! She knows now she can be totally free with her body and it’s okay!

Her mouth craves his meat again and he fills her face with his fingers to tide her over until he can take his dick out of her ass and put it back in her face. Finally he stands over her. Into her mouth goes his meat! Yes, this is the freedom she has yearned for, to do absolutely everything she has dreamed about, masturbated about, and read about in the dirty books so openly popular now with modern women! “Use me use me use me!” her eyes silently implore as her mouth is filled with his inches, and then he finally and lovingly coats her cheek with his spunk. And thus has a session of Stern Employee Discipline let loose the invisible restraints that have held back Leyla from fulfilling her destiny as a skilled masseuse!

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Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid: Clumsy Maid Gets Correction [Pt 1]

It’s lovely roleplay time as two of our hottest models enact a classic scenario, “The Mistress and The Clumsy Maid”…poor Shannon Reid! When she took a job as a maid to Ashley Bulgari, little did she know what the penalties would be if she didn’t perform up to standard!

Ashley does not tolerate even minor mistakes, and soon Shannon finds herself bound at the wrists for punishment! “Do you understand why you are being chastised?” Ashley inquires of the under-performing girl. “Yes, ma’am,” says Shannon, feeling the paddle lifting up her chin so that she will look into her disciplinarian’s eyes. Then the skirt of her uniform is lifted up and the spanking commences!

Shannon is not allowed to wear panties under her uniform, so that her mistress will have ready access to her bare botty if punishment is necessary, as it obviously has become. Ashley shifts Shannon into the perfect positions for the warming of her glutes, and the smacking resounds through the room as those pink globes are quickly reddened and brought to a very high temperature. Shannon strains at her bonds but she knows resistance is futile and she is truly going nowhere…why doesn’t Mistress Ashley stop, at least for a little while? Well, she’s learning the first rule of good servitude is…MISTRESS calls the shots, sets the rules, and judges when the correction is over!

Lowering Shannon to the bed, she decides to apply further heat with the bare palm of her hand. What a delectable derriere, thinks Ashley. I’m so glad that Shannon messed up her chores! And her punishment is far from over!! Come back next week and see…!

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Gina: Toys of His Perversion [Part 2]

It’s that time again, Gina…Perversion Time with your rich mentor, who is paying off your student loans in exchange for your voluntary indulgence of his unique whims. You even signed a legal contract for this, remember? All very businesslike.

This week, you are naked in his Kabinet of Kink except for your white panties, shoes, and socks, and you are facing the wooden interior. He enters the scene with his latex gloves, pulling down your panties, and then he gets behind the cabinet, putting his hands through the arm holes so he can more intimately toy with your underpants and expose your cute tush. Feel his hands on your pussy lips, tugging, probing…and then using a scissors to cut away the panties themselves!

There is no sensation like the snipping of the fabric by the metal shears, peeling away the last vestige of your modesty. And then you feel the panties in your mouth as you are encouraged to partake of your own accumulated juices in the cotton! Even as you suck on the underwear, your bizarre mentor pulls apart your cheeks so that he can slide a gloved finger into your bungie…and he moves it around, investigating the interior of your rectum!

“I’m sure you want to taste yourself, don’t you my dear?” he says through the wooden wall of the cabinet, and when you answer “yes” he puts his latexed fingers in your mouth. Well, it is strange and unusual, but is it really stranger or more unusual…or more perverted…than the insane burden of student loans that a girl has to take on to get a high-level education these days??

Yes, you’re more than willing to have your tits, pussy, twat and mouth hornily handled in order to achieve freedom from your debts! And after all, when the scene is ended, your mentor will take you out for a big juicy steak too!

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Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 2]

David Perry has ascertained what he believes might be at the bottom of Leyla Black’s laziness as an employee of his massage establishment. She is in the ironic position of being a masseuse who is starved for sex! And the reason for that is her many well-hidden hangups about the way she wants to be treated erotically.

She has shame about sex, which she tried to combat by becoming a masseuse and working with other people’s bodies…but in fact, she needs to accept her own sensuality! That’s why she’s ready to submit to David’s complex treatment. He puts her down on the table and binds her wrists and ankles. This feeling of restraint frees her from the embarrassment she has always felt about surrendering to her natural libidinous impulses! Controlled by her masterful employer, she feels deep thrills as he explores her pussy and ass. His thumb plunges into her posterior, leading to a wonderful, shame-based ecstasy! After all, if she has the shame, David theorizes, she might as well use it for an aphrodisiac to bring on orgasms! Then it’s time for a double dong. He needs to help release the demons of her shame by showing her it’s okay to be sexual!

She can’t hide behind the pretense of being a masseuse anymore but inside feeling like a nervous novice in the arts of desire!! Yes, this is the best type of discipline…the type that cleanses a soul and makes it ready to accept new challenges in life! David feeds her his prick…restrained on the table, her anus filled by the dong, and her mouth crammed with his cock, she reaches new heights of freedom! Soon she is ready to be taken out of her bonds. He applies the double dong therapy to her pussy and ass some more. And then it’s time for saliva discipline! She must learn not to be afraid of the spit of a dominant lover!

“Open your lips and accept the juices of my mouth!” David says, knowing he is bringing her to new levels of self-acceptance and, hopefully, better performance as a masseuse in his emporium! Be here next week to see what she learns in Part 3!

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Danielle Maye & Teena Lipoldino: Utensils For Punishment [Part 3]

After the spanking…after the candle wax…come the ass-filling shafts! Teena Lipoldino administers the final utensils for punishment in this kinky roleplay extravaganza that depicts Danielle Maye, portraying Teena’s naughty lover who dared to flirt with a MAN, getting the discipline and correction she has brought on herself. “So…you want your holes filled by hard plunging shafts?” implies Teena with her firm actions.

She doesn’t have to actually speak the words for Danielle to know what is on her mistress’s mind. “I’ll show you how to fill those hungry holes of yours!” Teena plunges a plug into Danielle’s derriere, even as she licks the ass crack to sensuously soothe the area. Danielle is learning her lesson, all right, as the inches of the plug fill her bottom! But this is only preparation for the final, most instructive act of all! Lady Lipoldino reveals a black strap-on under her skirt, to be stuffed into Danielle’s tender rosebud once the plug has accomplished its job of loosening that tight tushy chute!

“Oh I’ll never flirt with anybody else, Teena!” declares Danielle, even as she secretly craves this masterful treatment by her lesbian mistress. Because maybe she WILL flirt again to bring on this delightful punishment! “You’re the only one to fuck me, Miss Teena…my butt will always be yours!” And who can blame Danielle for such submission, when her goddess is the beautiful Teena Lipoldino??

“Feast on my cock, it’s the only dick you’ll ever have again!” chortles Teena after ass-fucking her slave. “You know you love to serve me, and with each lick of my strap-on you give me further proof!”

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Gina: Toy of His Perversion [Part 1]

Yes, Gina dear, it IS possible to get rid of your heavy burden of student loans after college relatively quickly…if you sign a contract to a kinky rich man who’s had his eye on you for some time, ever since he spotted you in a museum during your junior year doing research for an art history paper!

He struck up a conversation and said if you ever needed any assistance during your education, to call on him. And when you saw the debts you’d have to pay after graduation, you gave him a buzz. It’s simple, really. All you have to do is indenture yourself to him as a toy of his perversion! Your loans will be paid off, and you simply have to indulge his bizarre tastes once a week by allowing him to put you in a schoolgirl’s outfit complete with white blouse, red argyle tie, and blue-and-red plaid skirt! Oh, and you have to stand in a specially built cabinet overnight, with your wrists and legs bound, while you await his pleasure!

When he finally opens the cabinet, he tells you not to make a peep…not because anybody else is around to hear, because he lives alone in his mansion…but just because he likes to hear himself telling you to keep your lip zipped! Then he stands behind you in the cabinet, puts his hands through the special arm holes, and lets his fingers in latex gloves roam over your face, your neck, your hair, your lips, your teeth…tugging, pulling, exploring…HUMILIATING…you feel his palms fondling your breasts and then pulling up your blouse, exposing your nakedness. Then your skirt comes up, so your panties are revealed, and soon those are peeled off so that his latex-sheathed digits may probe and squeeze and distend your girlish nether lips…and you can hear him chuckling as he does all these irrational acts, which give him pleasure and fuel his remarkable ability to walk amongst men as a money-making machine, a financial wizard!

Sometimes a man acts strangely in his sexual affairs, perhaps even illogically, to be clear-headed and razor sharp in the other areas of his life. And then, after he grunts out his satisfaction at your degradation, he closes the cabinet doors for awhile, so you can think about your further treatment when he returns…in Part 2 next week!

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Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 1]

When it comes to his very legitimate, certified-by-the-city massage establishment, David Perry tries to run a tight ship. Leyla Black had good references and he thought she would be a good employee as a masseuse, but he quickly discovers she likes to goof off and even damage the equipment. Not good. Not good at all…he decides she has to learn a lesson. Let’s just bend this girl over and give her a good spanking, for starters!

Yes, David thinks, this smooth warm ass has probably not received the spankings it has deserved in the past, but that’s all going to change! Her attitude today is clearly a result of the laxness of her earlier life. He’s going to make a better employee of her through strict discipline…well, she took that initial spanking well enough. However, David thinks that perhaps she WANTED the spanking, and had manipulated him with her bad behavior into giving it. Well, let’s see how she feels being disciplined in the nude. “You are going to clean up that mess you made on the floor, young lady!” he barks, bringing over the sweeper and dustpan. On second thought, that dustpan could teach her a lesson too…David likes to get original with his disciplinary methods. Oh yes, the dustpan is quite effective on naughty Leyla‘s butt!


“Raise your legs, I’m not finished yet!”


But he feels she needs more. He gets her on her knees on the massage table, where she could have been giving massages and earning money, but no, she wanted to be a lazy slug of a girl and file her nails instead of pleasing clients! Well, let’s use one of the massage cream bottles to teach her a further lesson. SMACK SMACK SMACK! “Yes, cry out, you bad girl, but you brought this on yourself! Now let’s get down to brass tacks with some old-fashioned over-the-knee butt-warming! Oh you nasty girl, I can feel your pussy leaking on my slacks while I spank this ass of yours! You’re a dirty-minded little slut, aren’t you? You like this! You want this! Well, then I’ll have to find some other ways to teach you a lesson…”

Looking down at his handiwork, her reddened seat, David knows that he has done his good deed for the day. But the job is not done, because he can tell she still thinks she can get over on him. So more is in store for naughty Miss Leyla Black! See exactly WHAT in next week’s installment.

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Cherry Kiss: Captive of the Pervy People!

New face Charry Kiss finds herself in a bit of a predicament…she’s naked, except for her corset, and chained to a cross! Perhaps YOU can make her feel a little better, even if she does have to stay mostly in bondage…come on, help her take that frown off her face (entirely understandable given her situation) and release one of her wrists from the cuffs…and let her at least relieve the monotony of being held captive by allowing her some solo sexual pleasure!

Give her a black vibrator to match her black corset…instantly she takes to the toy, squatting on the floor and cramming the vibe into her hole. YOU walk around her, observing…isn’t this girl grateful at all? YOU released one of her wrists, but now she’s complaining because you haven’t released the other…for some reason she finds it necessary to have two hands free even though she needs only one to use with that vibrator. She struggles against her bonds, her tits jiggling in her frustration. All right, you give her some slack on the chains…let her lay down on the floor with that toy…let her get some tension out of that twat! But it’s not just her vag that she focuses on. Hardly.

It’s her asshole that needs to be plowed…because the only way she’s going to forget that she’s a Captive of the Pervy People is by having an all-powerful, all-draining ANAL orgasm! Which she does, as YOU stare at her…as YOU study her…and as YOU cheer on this feisty captive as she cums in front of the #1 Pervy Person–YOU!

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