Shannon Reid: Piercings Are Her Pleasure!

Shannon Reid gives us a tour of her piercings today. She has a ring on the right side of her red-lipsticked mouth, but we’re going to concentrate on the nipple piercings we can see through her transparent black blouse.

Just for a moment we also get a glimmer of her naked pussy underneath her miniskirt, too, but our focus is on her titty adornments, and Shannon holds up her boobs with their silvery jewelry on the little bars that go through her nips.

Squeezing her bells together with her upper arms and hands, she offers them to us; then she takes out the piercings from each nipple in turn, just so we can see how those little doohickeys work. She removes the jewelry and just leaves the little studs in her nubs, and then she crosses them together like tiny swords.

Finally Shannon stands up and wraps the front of her blouse under her boobs, framing her pierced rack so that our DDF cameras can shoot them from all angles, looking up at her as a pierced goddess!

Sandra Hill & Bianka: Discipline by Flyswatter!

Domineering Sandra Hill has her submissive Bianca well in hand as she leads her by a red leash to a massage table, where she binds the hapless girl. Then she caresses and smacks Bianca’s tits with a bizarre fly swatter in the shape of–a fly!

Mistress Sandra peels away Bianca‘s bodysuit and bares her sub’s box to the air and applies the fly swatter there–which doesn’t seem to make the subbie too happy. But then, subs aren’t supposed to always be happy or they wouldn’t be proper subs.

After priming Bianca’s pussy with that kinky swatter, Sandra lubes up Bianca’s slit with some spit, then wheels over the infamous DDF Fucking Machine and inserts the pink dildo into the writhing slave’s snatch, which seems to quickly make Bianca’s nipples harden.

Sandra supervises the thrusting penetration of the robotic dildo arm of the machine, and also continues to apply that fly swatter on Bianca’s vulnerable mound. Whatever did such a pretty girl like Bianca do to get involved with such a kinky situation?

Well, use your imagination and see what pervy scenario you come up with as you study this new scene!

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Latex Lucy: Latex Lady of Mystery!

Latex Lucy is in a category of her own. She is like a living mysterious fetish cartoon with her bizarre masks and form-fitting costumes.

The late classic BDSM artist Gene Bilbrew would have been very inspired by her. Perhaps she was inspired by HIS work in magazine and comic strips from the 50s through the 60s, full of outrageously kinky-looking ladies in unusual costumes.

Here Lucy is outfitted in a tight low-cut black top, scarlet animal print corset and skirt, black stockings and platforms. She sucks a black dildo that’s affixed to the side of the couch, but soon she’s rubbing it in her deep cleavage. Lucy looks at us through the holes in her mask, and her eyes are intensely probing of our pervy needs.

Perhaps she is waiting to see our reactions. Are we stroking off as she strips aside her clothes, reveals her huge boobs and shaved pussy, and then affixes the dildo’s suction base to her chest so that she can just bend down her chin and suck the phallus? Perhaps Lucy is giving us a vision of female masturbatory sex in the far future…except it’s taking place now, in front of our DDF cameras.

Lucy takes the rubber cock off her chest and crams it into her pussy. Then she turns around and presents her ass to us, big and round and ready for worship. Or spanking?

Miss Lucy stirs up many kinds of reactions in a viewer. She sits her pussy down on the dildo, then lays across the couch with her long legs stretched out in those wild heels and black latex stockings.

Her pussy looks huge, flowery, ready for action. Perhaps she wants to be fucked by a living cock. Are you ready to give it to her? But don’t forget to plant a French kiss on her mouth through the hole in her mask!

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Mira Sunset: Psycho-Medical Mayhem [Part 1]

Enter the strange world of medical erotic fantasy as enacted by Mira Sunset, David Perry, and Totti! “What did I do to deserve this?” thinks Mira as she’s wheeled into the examining room by her boyfriend Totti. “Oh that’s right…I went berserk in our apartment…I threatened the neighbors…I threatened Totti…”

The only way she’s not going to get into serious legal trouble is if she undergoes a rigorous examination to discover the causes of her frequent hysterical outbursts and bizarre mental blackouts. Her behavior has been so extreme she’s kept in straitjackets and tied down, but now she is here with Totti to help her through an extensive physical probing and pubic analysis under the hands of Dr. David Perry, who believes it’s important for a loved one to be alongside the suffering patient in order to give her hope!

So it is Totti who gives Mira the sedative pill, and who releases her from her bonds in the wheelchair. Still clad in her straitjacket, Mira is examined by Dr. Perry while Totti stands compassionately nearby. Her reflexes seem okay. Now let’s check her pussy, she hears Dr. Perry saying…first there is the coolness of his stethoscope on her mound, and then the tugging fingers make room for the speculum…now perhaps we will find the source of her problems, she hears Dr. Perry intoning…or is she dreaming this??

Her vagina is spread open with the speculum, and she feels the huge rectal thermometer probing her butt…oh she wants to get well soon, so she supposes this is how they’ll get to the bottom of her problems…thank heaven it’s Totti who’s probing her asshole, he knows it well…but now it’s Dr. Perry’s turn. “He’s tugging apart my anus!!” she silently gasps in her brain. What’s coming next? Oh thank goodness she has the loving touch of Totti’s lips near, to comfort her as she goes through these bizarre medical trials…be here next week to find out what happens!

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Monalee: The Rope is Ready Master!!

I am dressed and ready for you, Master. Use me as you will. Thank you for buying me a bra that doesn’t cover my nipples. I know they should be shown off at all times. And these boots have such high heels, I have to walk slowly. I know you like to see me walk slowly. It makes me seem even more of a slave as I hobble across the room…the rope is ready, master.

Tie me. Bind my wrists. And my ankles too. I like the feeling of being at your mercy. But I know you will be kind in your cruelty. I would never submit to any other kind of master…here I am now, like a doll on the chair. I cannot go anywhere. Yes, if you command I will wiggle and turn around and show you my bottom. And now I will watch while you tie my knees together. You really don’t want me going anywhere, do you? You like when I am here for your pleasure.

That’s right, move me around on the couch until you find the position that pleases you most. I am just your plaything. But what’s that–a dildo too? How clever you are, Master, to anchor it to my ropes! Oh it feels so large as it fills my hole! You just keep tying me and tying me, Master…I cannot go anywhere but just must submit to the feeling of these ropes, this toy, and your eyes, watching me…and your hands, adding more rope and tightening my bonds.

Here I am, ready for your whims, ready for everything so lovely and unspeakable, offered to you with all my love and submission!

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Tegan Jane, Paige & Samantha Bentley: Disciplining The Disgraceful [Part 2]

Clumsy maid Samantha Bentley soon learns what comes next from her furious mistresses! Immobilized by a spreader bar at her ankles, Samantha is held down by blonde Lady Tegan Jane Slapwell and receives hot wax treatment on her tender buttocks from the cruel hand of Dame Paige Birchbottom!

The wax leaves an awful mess on her butt, even as Lady Tegan smiles in deliciously evil satisfaction at her underling’s plight. Then Samantha learns the purpose of the sex toys she was bringing in on her tray in Part 1: they are for HER!!

Dame Paige crams one dildo into her mouth, gagging her and getting the drool dripping, even as Lady Tegan stuffs a black dong into her snatch. The correction relentlessly continues with Samantha’s uniform stripped down from her tender titties and vulnerable pussy.

Samantha’s eyes show her dismay as Lady Tegan and Dame Paige pull on her nipples, just before Paige blows smoke into Samantha’s mouth! The poor maid gags, not accustomed to tobacco, and she spits up saliva as her state becomes ever more pitiful. Then it’s time for dildo training in her mouth, as Lady Tegan inserts her black dong into Samantha’s lips to induce even more suffering.

She leans over with the drool sliding out of her mouth as Dame Paige holds her hair tightly in her fist. Then it’s time for Dame Paige to do the oral dildo training, as Samantha’s eyes fill with anxiety as her training ruthlessly continues. Can things get even more intense? Be here for Part 3 to find out!

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Naomi: Fresh Backdoor Sensation!

A newcomer to House of Taboo, the beautiful Naomi, outfitted in a fishnet body stocking, shows off the kinky stretchiness of her backdoor!

Spreading her thighs, she teases us with her pussy, moistening her fingers with her mouth and sliding them into her hole. Then it’s time to pull apart her anus, warming herself up for the intrusion of a fierce black dildo. Into her ass it goes, as Naomi stands up or poses doggie style and fucks her own bottom.

She closes her eyes as the black dildo fills her anus with pleasure, then she takes out the toy and shows us the shadowy crater it leaves behind. But Naomi’s only getting started!

Wetting an extremely thick flesh-colored dildo with her mouth, she then stuffs it into her butthole–moving it back and forth in her amazingly flexible rectal tunnel. She presses the suction cup base of the toy on the floor, standing it up, and then she squats on the toy and takes it into her derriere once more.

The DDF cameras come in close to capture in vibrant huge images the startling gape the toy leaves behind once she pulls it out again. Wow! We’re curious to see what this dark-eyed beauty will do next time for an encore!

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Ashley Bulgari: Samurai In Crotchless Panties!

Too bad the great wandering samurai Sanjuro, played by Toshiro Mifune in the great 1962 Japanese movie of the same title, never crossed paths with Ashley Bulgari in her own warrior duds!

Even the famously cool Sanjuro would have been hard-pressed to resist Ashley as she displays her deadly sword with its jeweled handle. But he might have been really flummoxed when she opens her coat to reveal her crotchless panties! Licking the shaft of her sword, she quickly settles down with the elaborately carved handle, licking it while she plays with her snatch.

Even the wily Sanjuro would become befuddled at the sight of this blonde assassin as she crams the handle into her pink hole. Standing on a ledge, posing on her shiny black thigh high boots with her weapon at her side, she braces herself on a human skull–perhaps one of her victims who wasn’t quick enough for her many skills?

Sanjuro, be warned! Tangle with this roaming hottie, and try to make yourself her master, at your peril! Perhaps you could defeat her in a sword fight–but could you best her in bed??

Look at that asshole as she splays apart her cheeks! And observe how fearlessly she keeps banging herself with the hilt of her weapon! And are you ready to advance closer as she gets into the doggie position on the ledge, her butt up, her high heels kicked skyward, even as she licks on the sword handle?

Is she inviting you for a session of love, Sanjuro–or to a duel, with a surprise move that could mean your last breath??

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