Ivana Sugar: More Than She Bargained For [Part 1]

This is an interesting house to work in, thinks housemaid Ivana Sugar, as she brings breakfast into the bedroom of her master. But where did he go? He must have run out to get the morning newspapers without my hearing. Now what’s this on the bed? A vibrator? Handcuffs? A mask?

He had a wild time last night with that girl he picked up from the nightclub…I heard them together, but I couldn’t see them together through the door…but I’m sure I could have given him a wilder night, whatever they did!

Maybe I can let him know how kinky a girl I am myself by playing with these things, and letting him discover me in them…let’s see…the blindfold really makes me feel strange…vulnerable…my pussy feels hot, let me play with it a little…but it might be even sexier if one of my hands is in the cuffs…wow, I feel so…available…

I’m going to use this silver bullet on myself, I bet I’ll have an amazing orgasm this way…ohhhhh, that feels so good!! A vibrator never felt so good before, I wonder if it’s the blindfold or the cuffs that are making it feel so awesomely great…but I want to do more. That purple plug I saw on the bed…where is it? Here I found it now…I know where it goes, where it BELONGS…it belongs in my ASS…let me wet it…ooh, a funky taste…but I’m being a funky girl here, aren’t I?

The bullet is buzzing in me but let me make room for the plug too…oh my, I can’t believe what this feels like, like ten hands working my crotch over, a hundred fingers…I’ll push the plug in further, and then, then after I cum…maybe my boss will come back, and he will see…he will know…that he got more than he bargained for when he hired me. The only question…the only one I have…is will I get more than I bargained for?? Can’t wait…can’t wait…to find out!!

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Lana & Brandy Smile: Lovely Ass To Spank [Part 2]

Oh dear, what was Dr. Lana going to do next to Brandy? In our first installment, she was unrelenting in paddling Brandy’s butt. But one thing Brandy is learning quite clearly: there is no end to Dr. Lana’s inventiveness in this perverted clinic!

It can’t possibly be hygienic to spit in Brandy’s mouth, yet Dr. Lana is doing it! Then she’s cramming Brandy’s face into her pierced pussy! After that the good doctor delights in having Brandy worship her ass crack! All this punishment for dropping a few files on the floor??

Dr. Lana feels that Brandy needs vibrator discipline. Yes, toys can be used for correctional purposes just like paddles! Leaning over the examining table, Brandy can hear Dr. Lana lubricating the vibrator with spit. And soon Brandy’s cunny feels the invading thrust of the toy…buzzing, throbbing, making her hole respond whether or not she wants it to! Brandy doesn’t want to be just a sex toy or a slut for some twisted healer…but that’s what her pussy seems to be making her into! All she wanted was a job to make some money to pay her rent…and now she’s being used and experimented upon.

Her body turned this way and that as Dr. Lana crams it with the toy, licks her clitoris, and then…then jams the obscene bullet into her ASSHOLE! Ohmigosh Brandy never thought she would have a vibrator in her anus!! And it feels so good because it’s so DEGRADING!

Brandy twitches in little explosions of girl-cum as the vibe does its job…then, she’s hauled back to her knees to service the doctor’s pussy some more. Her hands and ankles bound, she is positioned to be used to the sleazy, dirty maximum. And then back into ass goes that vibrator! Ohmigosh it never seems to stop penetrating her, over and over, as if the evil doctor is looking for something in her ass…some secret, some truth, some perverted new reality! And ohmigosh now she’s turning Brandy over and licking her and making her cum again…and again…and again!! And now she’s sitting on Brandy’s face while the toy is making her ass explode!

Yes, yes, it’s true, Brandy thinks–I didn’t take a job at Starbucks because I destined for this! Destined to be the ass-fucked sex freak of a beautiful evil doctor!

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Sandra Hill: Pee Like a Puppy!

I’m sorry, master, Sandra Hill thinks as she bakes in bondage in the sun…ohmigosh I’m sorrryyyyy!!

Her master has placed her here, on the hot stone of the fountain, her naked ass sizzling, because she did not obey as he’d required over the weekend–and disobedience must be punished.

Now he’s left her nude and bound and vulnerable to the elements, and then gone off to do his daily business…time passes slowly for Sandra, and all the liquid she drank at the party last night is catching up with her.

That party…where she made a fool of herself and embarrassed her master…antics for which she is paying today! She strains at her bonds, but it is useless. He tied her too well. And now…now she has to let out all that champagne she drank, drank while she danced naked at the party in defiance of her master’s orders…now she has to pee! Pee in the outdoors like an animal!

Oh, she thought this master-slave thing was just going to be a fun roleplay affair, but she’s learned it’s much more…if she wants to live in the big expensive mansion with her master, she must obey his rules! And when she doesn’t…things like this happen to her…sitting in the hot sun…tugging at her bonds…and peeing, peeing, peeing on the stone like a little dirty puppy!!

Oh gosh she’s never felt such shame…

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Latex Lucy: Lady In a Footlocker!

In 1969 a British artist named Allen Jones created a furor by designing a sculpture called “Hatstand, Table and Chair,” which featured lifesize furniture made out of the shapes of nude young women in dark stockings, heels, and gloves. These sculptures, still considered outrageous in feminist circles, became legendary for playing with the idea of erotic dehumanization–turning people, especially women, into objects.

We present you with “Lady in a Footlocker,” starring Latex Lucy and Frank M. in pictures and Full HD video from Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews–images that have similar kinky power and evocative punch. Standing in shiny clear leggings and ballet style heels right out of master 1950s fetish artist John Willie, the top half of Lucy‘s form is actually INSIDE an old footlocker, and when Frank M., wearing a mask and suit, opens the locker’s top, we see Lucy within, wearing a form-fitting gray latex body suit and mask.

Conveniently, there are holes on the bottom of both her outfit and the footlocker for the insertion of a throbbing prick, and after Frank closes the footlocker again, encasing Lucy in the darkness, he fucks those holes. It is a truly bizarre and unsettling image unlike any you may have ever seen before! Then Frank opens the footlocker, fondles Lucy’s breasts through her tight latex covering, and then undoes the mouth and eye holes of her mask, so they can first kiss, and then she can take his prick into her mouth as it juts out of his pants. Lucy gets on her knees and worships his meat, the enormous shaft sliding in and out of her mask’s mouth hole. Then Frank turns her around and bangs her pussy through the opening in her stretchy clear tights.

When she leans over on a glass table to blow him, her pointed toes sticking out behind her and her legs shiny, she indeed resembles an Allen Jones-like sculpture, except she is a real woman, not made of some artificial material. Frank rearranges her on the glass table and crams her pussy, showing us her hot round ass at the same time; and then he fucks her mouth again and sprays his load on her latex mask and body suit.

Lucy sits quietly as she is exhibited with the streaks of sperm on her mask and torso, and then Frank puts her back in the footlocker–to be taken out again when it is both their whims to play out this unique erotic game!

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Vanessa & Kora: Severe Punishment For Bad Behavior!

Don’t fuck with Vanessa!

In today’s kinky roleplay scenario, we see how the wily redhead does not like to be crossed, as brunette Kora discovers to her discomfort and humiliation. Kora thought everything was fine between them, that their dispute over a man had been amicably settled, but when she wakes up the next morning after drinking the drugged coffee Vanessa served her, she discovers that Vanessa does not forgive–she only gets even!

Tied up in Vanessa’s garden, with little hooks giving her a “pig nose” look, Kora learns that she must not trespass on cocks that Vanessa considers hers! A little whipping by Vanessa drives this point home. And not just whipping on Kora’s tits, but even on her face!

Wow, Kora will not fuck with Vanessa again–if she ever gets out of this predicament! Kora strains at her bonds, but Vanessa will not let her go until the full measure of punishment is doled out. Kora is so embarrassed to be made to look so grotesque by the nose hooks!

And Vanessa had seemed like such a good friend and reasonable person! Vanessa bites Kora’s tits to teach her how vulnerable she is, squeezing and tugging on those nipples. And then tit-whipping! Is there any end to the torments Vanessa will visit upon her?

And then–humiliation of humiliations–Vanessa plays with Kora’s pussy and then Kora has to pee and she can’t hold out for a toilet! She’s pissing on the ground like an animal! And then she has to be chastised for that, smacked across the face back and forth! Kora will always be good, from now on! But just in case she is inclined to forget, Vanessa gives her one last reminder of how her naughty behavior was perceived–as that of a pig!

She writes the word in big red lipstick letters so Kora can ponder her transgressions and never forget that–


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Leyla Black: Bound For Disobedience [Part 2]

Leyla Black continues to be naughty, so her unseen master continues to punish her! As in the first part of her punishment last week, he shows ingenuity in making her uncomfortable.

Bound to the staircase, her thighs securely wide open, her wrists fastened to the railing, poor Leyla knows that at any moment a guest may come through her master’s house and look up to see her displayed with such humiliating, restrictive nudity.

But complaining only makes her situation worse, as a dildo is crammed into her mouth to silence her protests. She certainly hopes nobody sees her THIS way! If word got around, everybody would laugh at her in the neighborhood, knowing that she disobeyed her master and was an unappreciative little dildo-sucking bitch…her punishment continues when a plug is crammed in her butt and her ankles are tied together.

With her head sticking out through the railing, her pussy is available to any of her master’s guests if they walk by and see her kneeling over…but her unseen master decides that she does not have the right to a fucking, so he crams her snatch with the dildo from her mouth and rearranges her bonds.

Is there no end to his harsh treatment of her? Well, maybe there will be if one day Leyla learns to obey!

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Gloria: Pissing for Punishment [Part 3]

Dean Choky Ice knows that Gloria needs further lessons. There are students who simply resist any kind of discipline, and Gloria is apparently one of them. It was bad enough when she pissed in a vase in Part 1 and removed the butt plug he had ordered her to wear…and he had the distinct impression in Part 2 that she enjoyed the spanking he gave her a little too much, the perverse little vixen…so further measures must be taken!

She thinks reading books is a joke? Then let her taste a book, Dean Ice thinks to himself. Chew on it, you naughty creature…and let’s see how you enjoy it when your wrists are tied, so you can’t resist my lessons…like the value of sucking cock! Young ladies must learn to suck cock, it is what gives them a sense of balance in their lives…and balance is what you’re lacking, Gloria!

Learn your lessons with my meat! As for your other holes…you must learn that when your erotic needs are not fulfilled, their yearnings spill over and make it impossible for you to concentrate on your studies properly! If your ass needs to be fucked, it must be fucked and not next week but tonight…so let’s take out this butt plug which you have finally managed to keep in as I demanded…and let’s replace it with my cock!

Your mouth can occupy itself with the butt plug while my shaft relieves your hungers…yes, it’s a nice tight ass…too tight, probably, which is why you’re so rambunctious and disruptive in the school…how dare you smoke cigarettes, those evil vile pollution sticks…oh, you have oral needs?

My cock, straight from your ass, should satisfy your hungers! And next you will learn the instructive qualities of doggie style…yes, dear Gloria, I’m no ordinary dean…I’m Dean Ice, who feeds you cock, gives you sperm, and cleanses your body of those lusts which so derail your academic progress!!

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Victoria Blaze & Tess: Fulfilling her Whims!

When you’re a goddess like Victoria Blaze, you make your own rules. That’s what Tess learned when she agreed to become a plaything in Mistress Victoria’s stable. “Absolute obedience is what I require, girl, you obey without protest,” Victoria said; and Tess knew by the wetness in her panties that she was destined to obey.

One of their earliest sessions showed what Victoria’s whims could be like. Tess was bound by her ankles and wrists and immobilized on a table. A blindfold put her not only in the dark, but in the psychological zone of scary but pleasurable “submissive space.” What was the meaning of the strange panties she had to wear, which had some kind of mooring base for a dildo? Tess felt her Mistress running a cane over her body…would she be whipped?

But then she inhaled the musk of the Mistress’s asshole descending close to her nose as the goddess’s cheeks pressed against her face and her queen’s voice above demanded cunnilingus. What a lovely bliss, to be told what to do and just do it! It made her nipples hard. Then Tess felt the Mistress stand on the floor again. What was she draping across her body? Some kind of fishnet, it felt like!

Tess felt as if she had truly been “caught” by her goddess now, not just in a net, but in a web…the fishnet tickled her toes and felt strange on her face and form. It was as if she were in a cocoon…Mistress Blaze tickled her feet with the tip of the cane. Then she heard some sucking and slurping, and could feel a dildo being attached to the base on the front of her panties, even through the fishnet covering…and then she could feel Mistress holding the plastic cock and climbing onto the table and squatting down and riding it reverse cowgirl style, the rhythm of her fucking pressing the base of the dildo against Tess’s own clit…oh god she was getting wetter and wetter from this shameful use of herself as nothing but a dildo-holder, a piece of erotic furniture…she felt Mistress turn around to face her and ride her that way, and she flinched only for a moment from surprise as the goddess squeezed her nipples and pressed her own tits on Tess’s face for service…and then the Mistress licked her tongue! What a gift! Frenched by the Mistress! It was a happy day for slave Tess, cumming like a little beast under the weight and whims of her queen!

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Gloria: Pissing for Punishment! [Part 2]

Gloria was a bad girl, breaking all the school rules like smoking cigarettes, and carrying an erotic device–a butt plug–in her school bag!! What ideas these young girls have these days. Too much sexual stimulation in the nasty outside world! But what was even worse, as we saw in the first installment of this story, is that while waiting in Dean Ice’s office for him to come back, she couldn’t control her pee and took a leak in his expensive vase!!

She even had the gall to take out the butt plug he had her place in her ass when he made her stand facing the wall! Well now the harsh school disciplinarian will really have to teach this unruly student a lesson. He discovers how she peed not just into the vase, but on the floor, too! Spanking is called for.

He makes sure the butt plug is back firmly in place. But no, she deserves more than just standing against the wall. He’ll take this little vixen over his knee! SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK…the sound echoes with the fury of authority in his dark office. Let her wail and sob, she brought it on herself! But she deserves a further lesson. Let’s get this jacket and blouse off. Let her feel the shame of nudity in front of her dean!

She doesn’t want to pay attention to her studies, laughs at her books? Let her hold a book in her mouth then, like a dog taught to fetch! Now let’s get her hands tied and put her across the desk. You’re going to be spanked, young lady, like you never dreamt you ever would be!

SMACK SPLAT SMACK SPLAT! And keep that plug in your ass, show a little self-control! You’re going to be spanked until you never want to smoke a cigarette again or pee in a vase! Ah, now your cheeks look like they’ve gotten a proper lesson…but there’s one more lesson you’re going to have to endure, very very soon…in Part 3!!

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Lana & Brandy Smile: Lots of Lovely Ass to Spank!

I’m excited to work for Dr. Lana, Brandy Smile thought that first day on the job. The clinic seemed like such a cool place, not uptight at all. And Brandy loved how Dr. Lana wore short skirts under her medical coat, and even black spiked heel boots! But Brandy soon learned that this wasn’t such a normal clinic after all, because once she made a mistake and incited Dr. Lana’s ire, there was hell to pay–with her heinie!

No sooner did she drop a bunch of files, than Lana was pulling her hair and bending her over the examining table for a spanking! Brandy couldn’t believe it! Lana’s hand smacked her so hard through her tight pants, but that was only the beginning! Dr. Lana PULLED HER PANTS DOWN and exposed Brandy’s bare butt and then the real spanking began!

Oh it stung so bad!! SMACK SMACK SMACK on her cheeks–oohhhh Brandy wished she didn’t have such a big butt, because that only meant there was more for Lana to hurt!!

“Lots to spank here, Miss Smile, lots and lots of lovely ass!” laughed Dr. Lana. “Ow–owweee—oh no, don’t Dr. Lana–” went Brandy, but to no avail as the sadistic and obviously very experienced red-manicured spanking hand of this so-called “doctor” taught Brandy a lesson she didn’t deserve. Or DID she? Maybe it was a bad thing to drop files on the floor in a clinic–like, unsanitary or something??

Dr. Lana cuffed Brandy’s wrists, and then Lana took off her coat and revealed the shiny black bustier underneath! She looked more like a dominatrix than a healer! What was going on here?? Oh dear she kept spanking Brandy, sizzling her poor seat. Then she leaned her across the exam table–barefoot! How humiliating!! And then something really hard hit her–it was a PADDLE!! Whoosh–SPLAT!! Whoosh–SPLAT!!! “Oh no don’t Dr. Lana!! Donnnnnn’t…” Brandy’s cheeks were red and Dr. Lana was chuckling…and saying something like, “Your punishment is only beginning!!” And then she dragged Brandy over her knee! Was there no end to what Dr. Lana would do?

Brandy’s ass had never felt so hot! Like she’d sat on a barbecue! She was going to cry! No, no she wasn’t–she would hold it in! She still had her pride! But wait–even worst than crying–she was going to cum! In her bare pussy, she was going to explode! What kind of freak am I? Brandy thought. And worst of all–the doctor would know all about it, would see the flush in her cheek and hear her breathing as she came from her perverted excitement!! Oh god why didn’t I just take a job at Starbucks???

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