Dona Bell: Make Love, Not War!

Dona Bell is one of those bodacious dames that leaves a mark on your soul once you’ve encountered her.

It’s a mark that pokes at you every time she enters your mind saying ” Dude, put on one of her vids and stroke your salami to her salaciousness!”.

Today Dona goes Taboo, with a HUGE pink dildo that sinks into her sweet little shaven tart and her tight little bum. All warming her up for a butt plug the size of a nuclear warhead!

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Mira Sunset: Dominated by the Balls! [Part 3]

We’re back for the final FemDom actions from Mira Sunset as she adds the last bits of humiliations to her trusty slave Totti after riding his dick to the ground!

Blindfolded, spread eagle and worn out, Totti lays with red ropes around his wrists, ankles, and cock as Mira squats over his pork and beans and takes a hot piss! Afterwards she pulls out her prod and checks for signs of life coming from his penis. She wants to make sure that things his been drained for good! Yeah, it’s done, and she’s damn proud of it.

She parades over to her little throne, takes a seat, and spreads one last time for the cameras showing us her her gaping holes. Mira Sunset, FemDom fatale! Who will be her next victim?

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Carol & Paige: Spank That Sweet Ass! [Part 1]

When two of DDF’s finest boob babes get together for an evening of fetish fun, you can expect some primo, dick stiffening action!

Ravishing redhead Paige delivers the goodies in this tie me up and spank my sweet ass thriller! Carol is the very willing recipient, and her derriere, as you will see, is perfectly built for the punishing spankings it receives from Paige and her skilled hands!

Paige escorts Carol into her fetish chamber, a dark place with mysterious accents. Her voice so sweet, lovingly luring Carol onto the ropes that will bind her, and telling her that she will enjoy this new venture into fetish very much. Both girls wearing shiny black, skin tight, rubber fetish attire and blowing our minds from beginning to end.

Once Paige has her submissive beauty in position, she peels a sector off of her bum and it reveals the PERFECT sweet ass for spanking. What follows is a back and forth session of booty pops and kisses as Paige makes nice work of that juicy rear end. Her crimson hair making the perfect contrast against the other colors that fill the room. It signifies that she is the dominator, and in full control.

Carol‘s ass cheeks ripple with pleasure as they are continuously tested by Paige‘s skillful strikes. Alas, this is only the beginning of the fun. Join us next week for part 2!

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Cloe: Two Handed Shocker!

Ms. Cloe is not your average office lady. No, we couldn’t call her average at all. You see, she comes into her office in the mornings, and before she can even turn on her computer, she needs to shock herself to get her energies focused.

You’ve all probably heard of the Shocker, but if you haven’t it’s basically two fingers in the front, one in the back. Or, two in the pink, one in the stink. OR two in the goo, one in the poo! Well that’s not enough for Cloe. Try one full hand in her Clam, and one full fist in her CAN! Cloe‘s cup of coffee!

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Mira Sunset: Dominated by the Balls! [Part 2]

Welcome to the sequel of “Dominated by the Balls” starring Mira Sunset and Totti. If you were here last week you’ll remember the sweet torture Mira put her man-slave through.

From spanking to tying his balls up in a noose, she really ran the gamut on him. This time we open up with Totti laying spread out on the ground blindfolded, and the beautiful Mira Sunset parading around him calculating her next move.

As luck would have it for Totti, Mira seems to be in the mood for love much more so then the mood for discipline.

She sucks his cock and then pops her cherry ass right onto his tongue, commanding him to lick it.Her gorgeous fishnet clad body like a piece of art bouncing up and down on his face.

When Mira’s had her tasty hole reamed out well and good, she pops on his pogo stick and rides it to her hearts content. Then its 69 city before jumping on again for multiple angles of anal penetration till she cums hard in her high heels. She then sucks Totti’s pipe clean and hovers over him.

Seems like that was a treat for her slave, but part 3 is yet to come!

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Grace Noel & Vanessa Jordin: Spank and Spread!

Naughty schoolgirl Grace Noel didn’t excel like she should have in her first year college course of home ed, and for that she will pay dearly.

You see, her teacher, Vanessa Jordin, moonlights as a very demanding dominatrix, and she’s had her eye on Grace for sometime.

She invites Grace to her domain, and her final grades will depend on just how much she can handle from good ole teach!

Things open up with Grace being sweetly caressed by her teacher and quickly turn to her having a dog collar wrapped around her neck and being ordered to her bowl of milk on all fours.

It’s like yin and yang with the differences in the two foxy ladies attire. School girl outfit on one, and tight leather mini dress with cut-off sleeves on the other, the best of both worlds!

Grace is a good little submissive, lapping up her milk without uttering a word with her luscious looking pierced tongue. Mistress Vanessa, once again lovingly caresses the dames silky lochs and makes sure not to get her hair wet in the bowl of milk she’s lapping up. She then starts kissing Grace, and Grace really isn’t having that.

The mistress becomes annoyed and pulls her to her chair, revealing her shaved cup cake for her babe to enjoy. Grace starts a-lickin that hot twat of her teachers, however she’s not so enthusiastic about it, and Vanessa really starts to get fumed about her unwillingness to satisfy her for better grades.

Grace gets tied down to a table doggy style and the spanks that follow on her juicy pale rear-end are EPIC! Your nuts will scream for release at the sound of that bum being peppered alone, let along how juicy that caboose of hers looks bent over and popped up high in the air. Gorgeous sight indeed.

Then Vanessa really gives her the punishment with a HUGE black dildo, and shoves it in her mouth, with a look on her face that says she means business. Anal business! After boring her mouth out, it’s a spit lube job and time to sink that big black ship in her pink bung!

Grace‘s pussy looks like a taco from paradise ready to be smacked down on and when her ass gets penetrated you can see it beckoning for some pleasure too. It’s almost like her Pussy is saying ” Darn you asshole, why do you always get all the fun! ”

After Vanessa is done reaming her hole, she gives Grace a nice taste of that backdoor delight and lets her enjoy being tied up, kind of like sitting in a corner with a dunce hat, but only so much better!

Angel Deelight: Pissy in Pink!

Our blonde babe from the United Kingdom. Angel Deelight is back, and this time she’s a little bit pissy!

She comes to us in a shiny pink outfit and all wrapped up in chains when suddenly nature calls! At the start of the scene Angel puts us into full alert mode as she spins around and gives her booty a hot spank.

Her pink vinyl dress is like a second skin to her body and her tattooed arm and back adds an artistic allure to her presence which matches her intriguing surroundings. All is dark around Ms. Deelight, except for the matching pink trim on the love seat behind her and the gold accents that loom underneath the silver masks on either end of Angel, which are like sentinels, standing by to make sure things are in order.

Well, Ms. Deelight is not one to be held back. With chains binding her tightly and no where to go, nature calls and she answers! Standing panty-less with her bald snatch hovering just under the rim of her dress she lets a trickle of piss out as she attempts to maneuver out of her multi-colored locks and chain.

Once the piss is out she is able to maneuver her way out like a female Houdini. Free from her binds, she stands silently with a look in her eyes that seems to say “Is that all you’ve got?”

Mira Sunset: Dominated by the Balls!

Today on the House of Taboo we have a role reversal! It’s usually the guys dominating the women, or the women dominating the women, but today the sultry dominatrix Mira Sunset is about to give Totti something hardcore to think about!

Looking ravishing in her full body fishnet stocking with cut-out crotch area and platform pumps, the tall sleek blue eyed honey gets ready to inflict some pain to her male companion.

First she massages her sleek bald beaver with the tip of her flogger. That pussy of hers looks like a mighty good midnight snack! As the camera pans out we see that Totti is hog-tied to a metal stool with a ball gag in his mouth.

Mira works her way around him with her flogger and peppers up his ass while pulling on his dog collar. Then she pulls out the gag and has her slave worship her shiny high heels, urging him to lick. She’s just warming up his tongue for the flicking of her pussy and asshole that follow. He munches down vigorously on the gourmet treat while Mira enjoys flogging him.

Totti seems to want to mouth off though, and is ungrateful for the dessert he was just served, calling Mira a fucking bitch.

Bad choice! Ball gag goes back in his mouth, and he gets his meat and potatoes tied in a noose while Mira smacks his nuts up! But wait! Then she treats him to a bunghole tongue lashing! Dirty little girl.

After a few more spanks she strokes and sucks his flaccid dick while pulling on the rope it’s attached to. When she’s had her fill, she leaves, with the promise that she will be back. Stay tuned for part 2!

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Gloria & Nicole Smith: Dominated and Spanked! [Part 2]

In part 1 of this wicked Girl on Girl House of Taboo set we had Nicole Spanking the bejesus out of Gloria. Really taking charge of that ass and making it beat red! In the exciting second chapter, it’s all about domination!

We open up with the raven haired sex goddess Nicole wearing a strap-on with realistic nuts, and her slave girl Gloria choking back on the detachable dick! Looks like someones gonna get fucked! Fucked right in her ass!

Nicole plays no games, she goes right for the tight hole, working that dick like she owns it. The visions of her lovely tear drop titty’s swaying back and forth while she imitates the motion of the ocean are enough to make us squirt alone. Could you imagine mounting Nicole from the rear while she’s fucking away on Gloria? You’d have access to two sets of titty’s and 4 hot buns! That’s a feast right there!

After several good pumps Nicole sets Gloria on top of her for a dildo ride and the closeups of her furry little clam are quite vivid while Nicole jams her asshole full of plastic prick. What’s really hot is that you can see Nicole’s tasty little shaven haven working it’s magic behind the sheath that holds the strap-on. Almost like it’s playing peek-a-boo with us.

It wants to come out and play, you can almost feel it! Yes! That hot little treasure does come out, for a good old fashioned lick and digit dive from Gloria, who eats that pussy like it’s her first meal of the day!

We’re left with the views of Gloria kissing and sucking on Nicole’s feet, and both girls wet arses smiling back at us!

Latex Lucy: Tales of the Latex Sex Asylum!

Ever wonder where gorgeous babes that are addicted to latex and love get sent too when they can’t get enough cock? Well, think no more as we present to you “Tales of the latex sex asylum” featuring our bodacious and beautiful patient “Latex Lucy” and her two love doctors “Kid Jamaica and Franco Roccaforte”.

Watch behind the scenes what takes place when Lucy is admitted and treated like royalty with a mechanical cock at the service of her perfectly shaved twat, and two real ones to quench the desires of her lusty mouth! It all begins when doctor Roccaforte wheels in Lucy in her see-through, shiny latex outfit and props her near the window for some sun.

After giving her a pain killer, she relaxes and the doctor exits the room. Kid Jamaica comes in wearing a crazy orderly apron and hat and finds Lucy knocked the fuck out. He’s always wanted to be a doctor, and he can’t resist but to see exactly how sedated she is.

The devious orderly begins to whip Lucy with his belt across her beautiful tits, and then binds her wrists and ankles to the wheel chair. What could he be up to? Perhaps, he has found the perfect remedy for her pain?

Lucy looks gorgeous in her slumber, like a plastic doll. Her shaven veegee is in full view as she is wearing no panties, and her rock hard nipples are in full effect. The tight plastic really showcases her round, juicy globes and her waist is so small that the distinction between her top and bottom is in the form of a shapely hourglass figurine.

Kid Jamaica pulls out a fucking machine from nowhere with a purple screw style dildo at the tip. He positions it at the entrance to her hot twat and starts working the remote control, increasing the speed till Lucy is awake and moaning from the hard thrusts of the mechanical device. It goes deep and fast into Lucy‘s pussy, and her juicy red lips pout with pleasure.

Then Kid puts the machine on autopilot and stuffs his big cock right into Lucy‘s mouth. She bobs and moans as her poon gets pounded good. The machine knows no limits! What takes her over the edge is when Kid bends over and sucks on Lucy‘s clit while the machine is still nailing her. That really get’s her fired up.

But oh no! The doctor is back, and he’s fuckin pissed! Kid gets pulled out of the room by his ear and Roccaforte quickly checks his patients heart beat to make sure she’s okay. Once he gets the green light though, he’s no fool! His monster dick comes out too and Lucy enjoy’s herself another meaty snack and a protein shake, courtesy of the DDF sex asylum!

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