Nasta Zya: Anal Overtime!

Foxy French beauty Nasta Zya shows us just how she likes to play her fantasies! Looking like the secretary of our dreams in a long red coat and no freakin panties underneath! Only a leather top that holds in her juicy juggs keeps us from seeing her full tour, and a big map in the background insinuates that she’s about to take our hard cocks for a trip around the world!

This isn’t your average overtime she’s putting in, it’s anal overtime! She coyly teases us by fiddling with her sexy twat, all shaven clean with a landing strip left in place for guidance, in case we become dizzy from her love.

She pops a big, black, rubber cock at the edge of her desk and deep-throats it to no end, eyeballin us here and there. Thinking, yeah, these guys are wishing this was their meat in my mouth. We’ve got news for you Nasta, in our minds eye, our cocks are definitely in that hot mouth of hers!

Oh and just wait till the naughty vixen get’s her hot A-hole primed for the pumping. That plastic dick enjoys the full views of her world, starting with a backyard party, where all the lights are off! She rides that cock on the desk feeding it to her tight little sphincter with incredible zest and then relaxes on her chair, gaping it wide for us, and enjoying the lovely taste of her ass juice.

What a babe!

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Cathy Heaven: Pissing Relief [Part 2]

Last we left Cathy she was in her own Heaven of hot piss in the doctors office. All dressed up in her latex nurses uniform and browsing through the speculums.

We open up here with her fine naked twat spread wide and a crazy science fiction- like probe getting the blowjob treatment from her succulent mouth. Pussy, or asshole? That’s her dilemma. Which will she choose?

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Angel Deelight: What the fuck are you lookin at?

For all you fans of tattooed honeys that take charge, your in for a terrific treat today as our House of Taboo babe Angel Deelight switches from submissive to dominant and orders you to suck those cherry nipples and fuck her hard!

We first come upon Angel wearing a stylish black, matrix-like corset which she quickly pops her succulent 34C’s out of and teases us with dreams of cherry sugar drops on our tongue as she plays with them till they are tight and hard.

Then she asks us if we want to see her pussy.  She sits in her chair and spreads her exquisitely stocking-ed legs wide open for us to peep her pie while she rubs her little flower.

Then her riding crop enjoys the flavor of her folds in a doggy position, and she once again orders us to fuck her with her whip. Angel is extremely horny in this set, don’t you wish you were right there front and center, beckoning to her every command? Just waiting for the next impulsive order that she commands at you.

Like when she says” Want me to suck your cock?” Fuck yes we do!

Watch her work that big black dildo into her hot, warm mouth, just prepping it for her pussy, because that’s were it’s going next. Then we can hear the sounds of her wet snatch succumbing to the dildo as she penetrates that tasty little treasure. Doggy style is her pleasure and she really gives it to herself good, but she finishes the self inflicted fucking on her back.

Lifting her tutu up to give us perfect views of the hot orgasm that ensues. Could you live up to her hot orders? Or have you already cum all over yourself? Either way, she’s satisfied, you can count on that!

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Nataly Gold & Lindsey Olsen: Double Date with a Cucumber!

Cucumbers and tight juicy assholes is the name of the game today as two of our sensational cuties from the Russian Federation show us exactly how they like their salads tossed!

It all starts with a friendly bout of grab ass and before you know it the kitchen has turned into an inferno of butthole pleasures and greens! You can feel the lust and passion of these two horny brunettes as they wait for their green date!

You see, with all the craze in biodegradable and sustainable ways of living the girls have found the golden ticket to helping out the earth while quenching the need for anal sex.

They warm each other up with a good finger banging first. The DDF camera crews roll right on up to their sphincters, showing us how amazingly tight and tasty they look in full HD!

Then it’s stretch time as Lindsey fucks Nataly‘s bung hole to orgasm while tickling her clit. Nataly‘s nipples are stiff as could be signifying the extreme horny state that this has provoked in her. Switching things up it’s now Lindsey‘s turn to take the green date in her pooter, face down, ass up, then again in missionary!

For one final and amazing treat for their vegetable date the girls skewer themselves anally on either end of the bio treat till it practically disappears as they massage their little pearls to orgasm and fill the room with a symphony of audible pleasure! Thought it was over?

Think again, we are talking bio here! Now it’s time to consume the hot date, and leave no trace behind!

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Allison: Elegant Mistress Masturbates!

One of our favorite House of Taboo babes is back, and this time she is in a brand new dig!

Check out the sexually sophisticated motions of mistress Allison as she displays her treasures to all of her would-be slaves and sub-missives. Adorned in a shiny, black leather skirt and half top, platform pumps, a cock stiffening choker around her neck, and a leather switch the brown haired vixen is ready for her servants to drop at her knees and beg for a taste of that pretty peach pie!

She taunts us while she peels her majestic clothing away and then sits on her royal throne spread eagle, pouting her ruby red painted lips while giving love taps to her tight little shaven treasure. Her piercing green eyes gazing directly into our shattered souls.

Since we are not there to please her, the mistress shows us exactly what we should do when we are in her presence. A big black dildo joins her and as she probes her pussy with it she bites down her lips showing us just how much she needs the tension of a pushing.

Doggy style and squat hop as the black dong enjoys the fruits of this foxy lady. She stands and perches one leg up on her throne while plunging the rubber cock deep inside her tunnel of love and flicking the head of her throbbing clit with her fingers until she cums.

Mmmm, to be balls and tongue deep in Allison, what a dream that would be, but without a price, we think not! What would you be willing to do for a ride inside the Mistress? Allison wants to know!

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