Kathia Nobili: Sinister Spanking Sessions [Part 2]

We’re back on the scene with the incredibly talented adult entertainment couple of Nick Lang and Kathia Nobili!

Last we left these two Kathia was receiving some wicked spankings from Nick in a few very compromising positions! This time we find Nick kissing his beauty who is pinned in the roller machine and defenseless, just how she likes it!

Nick spreads the blondes beautiful ass and takes a long whiff of her starfish. The essence makes him mad with desire and the spanking ensues! Kathia’s buttocks are beaten red within moments.

Looks like it’s time for some anal pleasures. Nick lubes her tight sphincter up and then uses a big black dildo skewered onto the end of a pole to ream out her mouth first. Teasing her with the prick that will soon be deep inside her rear end, and boring her mouth out good. He really lathers her ass up good with the dildo on a stick and then the heavy moaning fills the room as her tight hole gets penetrated.

It’s almost as if Nick is stirring a pot of honey as he works the end of the dick stick in circular motions. Then in another surprising position on the sinister machine, Kathia gets put on her back and the dildo stick becomes like a tail as she rocks back and forth on one of the rollers and Nick massages her throbbing clit and gapes that asshole wide open!

Generous closeups give us a birds eye-view of the action, and it’s not over yet. Come back soon for part three!

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Dorothy Black & Britney: PVC and Primal Pleasures!

Busty babes dressed to kill in their PVC outfits deliver some sexy lesbian action as they play with each other and a sex machine!

The girls are wet and going wild with pleasure as they bring each other to explosive orgasm. Pure, un-adulterated, ridiculously awesome lesbian sex, served sizzling hot to your hard drive once more. You don’t want to miss it!

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Bella Baby: Bound and Forced to Cum!

When naughty school girl Bella wakes and finds herself tied up and bound to a bed, a struggle to free herself ensues. Unfortunately for Bella, her captors are watching and her struggle turns into cries as she get’s a switching from a leather prod. With her panties down to her knees and her luscious round ass up in the air, who could resist?

The room Bella is held captive in seems to be decorated with instruments of torture, as well as several lengths of rope, which could only mean that someone very kinky has her in their clutches. She moans and writhes as the skinny leather switch repeatedly peppers up her behind.

After awhile we find Bella further restrained on her back with a bondage brace between her ankles, keeping her legs spread wide open and her beautifully shaven punani in full view.

Another camera view reveals that she’s been moved onto the iron frame and tied up with hands over head while a mysterious hand applies some lube to her glistening snatch. Bella‘s cries continuously fill the room, but as a pink masturbation device comes into play she must keep her mouth shut in order to keep it from being put inside.

That was just a tease though as the device get’s put inside her hot, wanting pussy, stimulating both her clit and g-spot at the same time, and forcing her into a constant state of orgasm.

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Kathia Nobili: Sinister Spanking Sessions [Part 1]

The sexually sophisticated team of Nick Lang and Kathia Nobili heats up the screen today in part 1 of this House of Taboo treasure.

The opening finds Kathia completely subdued in a sinister looking apparatus made of a cage and metal rollers. Her gorgeous body is completely restrained within it’s clutches when Nick comes in and starts peppering and pulling on the gorgeous blondes tuft of pubic hair.

He then applies pressure onto one of the rollers resting on her neck to choke her a bit, which Kathia enjoys very much. Nick is just warming up. A few moments later the DDF camera’s roll in and we find Kathia positioned now in a very compromising doggy style.

Nick comes in again and asks his lovely partner if she is enjoying herself. Enthusiastically she replies “I love it!” That’s when the barrage of spankings to her juicy posterior begin. Nick really lays into Kathia‘s bottom, smacking it with both hands and leaving red hand prints on her beautiful ass cheeks. Kathia‘s cries of joy fill the room and her excitement sends electric signals to our brains telling us it’s flogging time!

Another camera view put’s Kathia in yet another very spank-able position, this time suspended on her back with her legs folded towards her shoulders. Her delectable pussy and asshole fully exposed for Nick’s dining and swatting pleasures. Stay tuned for the continuation of this masterpiece Taboo set, coming to you next week!

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Linet: Naughty Nurse and the Needle Dick!

Today we welcome you into world of the incredibly mouth-watering, deviant nurse Linet. A DDF favorite, and understandably why. She gifts us with this twisted Taboo set which takes place in a clinic while she’s on duty.

Ever wonder what those naughty nurses are up too on a lonely night shift? Wonder no more!

The Czech goddess has an itch that only a well lubed, metal instrument with a ridiculously pointy tip can scratch. Almost like a needle dick!

She puts it in her pussy and makes us wonder, if she’s into needle dicks, there must be plenty of volunteers out there, no need to injure your self Linet. It’s basically a metal syringe filled with lube.

Her beautiful heart shaped ass is propped up in doggy with amazingly vivid close ups, and after warming her bung hole up with a couple of fingers, the syringe goes deep in her ass for a good fucking. She positions herself in multiple dick stiffening ways and the room is filled with her horny cries as she fucks her tight, oil slicked ass to a completely draining orgasm for us.

Then she lays there in complete ecstasy happy as can be!

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Mai Bailey: Foxy Babe Enjoys a Fisting [Part 3]

Back again with newcomers to DDF Mai Bailey and Dean Van Damme with part 3 of their debut set!

We open up here with Mai really enjoying her man’s meat while her hands are bound. She gags down on his sausage while letting out very vocal signals of how much she’s really enjoying herself. Then, it’s time for Dean to knock, knock, knock on that backdoor!

Spoon position is the preferred method, and the tattooed couple really get intense, even throwing in some ass to mouth, which Mai really seems to enjoy tremendously.

Arms and legs bound, she pops Dean’s balls into her mouth and continues to lick his hard cock clean. Then Dean fills her asshole again while she’s tied in various positions on the couch.

Mai once again gets strung up with the bondage ties, almost to the point of looking like a sexy marionett puppet with her legs spread wide and back while Dean drills that starfish in the missionary until he pops his nut all over her asshole. The set ends with Mai tasting his cock one last time and laying spread in complete ecstasy.

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Clanddi Jinkcego & Latex Lucy: Clinic of Sexual Satisfactions!

Latex lovers, my goodness are you in for a piece of art that comes straight out of a science fiction film. Imagine an old style military hospital room with two incredibly curvaceous honeys wearing full body latex suits with hospital insignia’s.One white, one teal, both skin tight and hugging those gorgeous curves to no end.

A little one way quarrel is in progress as Clanddi throws a very bitchy fit and instructs the submissive Latex Lucy to start her off with a nice lick down of her tight and tasty asshole. Clanddi is extremely vocal and aggressive in this set, and loves throwing around the “Bitch” word while smacking that incredibly juicy ass of Lucy’s.

The shiny latex suit is zipped open from the back to accommodate this, and Clanddi’s is unzipped right in the crotch area for access to her eager beaver. After a little foot worshipping, Lucy is instructed to eat some pussy, and she really dives into Clanddi’s tattoo accentuated trim, sucking her clit and licking her slit while the curvy honey has her legs pulled up towards her head.

Unfortunately, no orgasm is collected and Clanddi becomes furious. The two rubber dolls then switch places as Clanddi is determined to show her slave what parts of her pussy need to be stimulated for an orgasm to come about.

She utilizes a stainless steel speculum for an inspection of Lucy’s tight pie and points out the places which need to be worked. The lesson in latex wraps up with Lucy getting some French kiss action and being held tight like a good little latex slave girl.

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Emma Butt: Erotic Bondage at it’s Finest!

The absolutely delicious and incredibly curvaceous Emma Butt joins us today in a very sexy bondage set that will have you tugging on your willy before you even know what’s happened.

The set opens up with Emma giving us a very erotic show up against a wall, in a fancy black and red bustier, sheer stockings, and fuck me pumps.

Her gorgeous 36F’s are out in full display, and her panties are nowhere in sight, allowing us to peep her tight little shaven twat! After she has our dicks good and hard with her, slow, suggestive movements and moaning, a white rope comes into play and Emma begins to wrap it around her body, in a very intricate pattern, around her neck.

A four point cross section just below at her chest works its way around her incredible globes, and down to her sensational pussy, which get’s its own rope real estate that goes down between her thighs and straight up her juicy ass crack.

She manages to create quite the ornate system, that allows her to really tug on her pussy ropes, adding pressure to that tasty snack of hers at will. By the end of her show, she is completely subdued with her hands tied behind her back, squatting down and dropping to her knees.

Perfect position to receive a good hard dick in her mouth, and there wouldn’t be a thing she could do about it! Her sounds of desire fill the room, and leave you wondering, what’s next?

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Mai Bailey: Foxy Babe Enjoys a Fisting [Part 2]

We return to the action with newcomers to DDF Mai Bailey and Dean Van Damme!

Last we left them Van Damme was wrist deep into Mai‘s juiced up punani and she was letting out incredible shrills of joy! Let’s see how much further this UK couple take it in the name of pleasure and pain!

We come into the scene with Van Damme putting a one hand choke hold on Mai and easing her down to a little clothed area. She squats and suddenly lets out a nice stream of golden piss. Must feel nice to release that after the hard sex they had earlier.

Van Damme cups his hand under her twat and lets the liquid goodness trickle over his hands, and then puts all four fingers into Mai‘s mouth for a hearty tasting. The look on Mai‘s face is one of complete humiliation and submission, but deep down inside, she’s as happy as can be!

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Avril Sun & Goldie Divine: Hot Maid Gets Machined Out!

Today on House of Taboo Goldie Divine drugs her sexy maid Avril Sun so that she can deviantly pleasure and punish the unconscious girl with her sexually sinister mind!

Dressed in dominatrix style attire Goldie uses the vacuum cleaner to flood the blood to all of Avril‘s sensitive areas and gags her mouth shut to prep her for what’s coming!

The nozzle of the vacuum is used on Avril‘s nipples and labia, and she has her hand’s duck taped. Suddenly she wakes out of her consciousness. Well, not exactly suddenly, she does have a dildo in her ass and her pussy lips are being sucked on by the plastic attachment.

A basic look of fright appears on Avril‘s face, but that ass is straight up in the air, so you gotta imagine she’s enjoying the surprise! Goldie‘s intricate full body tattoo really adds to her role here as a dominator, and when she’s done with her maid, she walks away leaving her gagged, bound, and fully reamed out!

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