Angel Deelight: Beauty and the Invisible Dominator!

All you bondage fans out there are in for a tasty new treat today as we showcase a hot newcomer from the United Kingdom, Angel Deelight!

Her sexy blonde hair and captivating blue eyes are just the tip of the temptations that will lure you into her world, and send horny impulses to your nether regions. Here she will submit to an invisible force while her voluptuous curves are embraced by a red rope, and her smooth cunny is pleasured by a black vibrating dong!

We come into the scenario with Angel intricately tied up on a wooden bench wearing a sexy school girl outfit. She sits, but her legs are spread wide, and her black high patent shoes and white lace socks accentuate her well secured ankles and feet. Her hands are tied at the wrist, and the rope wraps around her body and hugs her gorgeous globes.

Whoever tied Angel up is a Master at bondage as the job looks very ornate. What it seems is that Angel has been a naughty, NAUGHTY girl, and has been taken captive by an invisible force that is about to have it’s way with her. We watch with our hearts racing, and our cocks stiffening as she is slowly undressed, revealing her perfect tits, smooth shaven haven, and a sweet ass that’s just built for domination.

The horny invisible force manages a black dildo into her sweet spot, tied and harnessed to her hips. A self fucking apparatus that takes her in the missionary and doggy positions. Denys camera crew comes in for some nice tight shots of Angel‘s boobs and the site of her hard nipples sends signals to our semen, seemingly saying “Eject, eject!”

They all want out, but the fun is just beginning. Watch as the sexy schoolgirl is taken from behind, but only being teased with the tip of the dick, never enjoying the full penetration, part of her punishment. Angel Deelight is new on the scene, but you can expect many more erotic fetish fantasies from this beauty very soon!

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Latex Lucy: Obey the Kitty! [Part 2]

Welcome to part 2 of “Obey the Kitty” starring Latex Lucy, Kid Jamaica, and Franco Roccaforte!

Last we left the Taboo session Latex Lucy had overcome one of her handlers, Kid Jamaica, after tasting his meat and leaving her mark on his face. It looks like secondary precautions were put into place for the caging of Lucy, and Franco Roccaforte comes in hot on the scene to control the luscious latex cat woman!

Franco is quick to pepper up Latex Lucy‘s curvy bottom as punishment for caging the Kid, but he get’s a good lashing on his face as well as Lucy draws blood!

Lucy is then picked up by the throat by the giant Roccaforte, who is almost double her size! He brings Lucy to her knees and feeds her his dark bone. Lucy‘s luscious red lips wrap around the kielbasa and she calms for awhile, but that’s not enough for Franco. He bends her over the cage and lifts up her latex skirt revealing her sumptuous derriere and spanking it hard with his menacing hand.

Franco’s ready to stick it to Lucy for being such a naughty cat woman. He wraps his willy and stuffs it deep into her juicy twat and pounds her sweet ass into submission.

Then it’s time for a snack from the Latex babe and Rocco goes deep with his tongue into her love nest before jamming his cock inside her again. Rocco decides to let his partner in crime, Kid Jamaica in on the action and let’s him out for some tag team fucking.

From there on out it’s a Latex fuck fest as the two handler’s really give it to their kitty cat Lucy, stuffing her to capacity with cock. For one last measure of “Don’t you do that again, bad kitty! ” they empty out the cum from their condoms into Lucy‘s mouth.

We’re left with Latex Lucy eyeballing us through her sexy cat mask, with a very satisfied look on her face!

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Eve Angel and Bibi Noel: The Breaking in of Bibi! [Part 2]

We’re back with part 2 of “The breaking in of Bibi”!

When we last left our two super starlets, Eve Angel and Bibi, Eve was just warming up with the spanking and bondage of her beautiful blonde, submissive slave girl.

We continue on with Bibi still on her back on the glass dining room table, and Eve hovering above her with a lit candle!

Bibi’s juicy pussy is spread wide and the HD action makes us feel like we could reach over to the screen and pop her clit right into our mouths, swirl it around like a peppermint and make her cum!

That’s Eve’s job here today though, and after she gives her a bit of pain with the candle wax, she pulls out a fat candle with a hot tip and starts working it into Bibi’s tight asshole. She pops her up into doggy style so we can really see all the action and what’s happening next. She manages to put one candle in Bibi’s ass, and another in her puss.

After pleasuring the girl for awhile, Eve decides she would like her own pussy eating, so she sits on Bibi’s face, front and back rotating, and has her deliciously trimmed pie served in style!

Mmmmm, I’ll bet that tastes like tropical fruits coated in sugar!

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Tigerr Benson: The Puurrfect Milkshake!

How would you like to have your very own Pussy? Okay if your a women reading this you most likely already have one, but were talking about a full grown, human -sized Pussy Cat, with all the trimmings! House of Taboo has called in one of their top starlets, Tigerr Benson, to take us deep into this fantasy zone.

Watch as she crawls around her home stuffing pretty colored anal beds up her butt-hole and then does something really naughty with her milk!

Tigerr comes on the scene in her kitty Cat attire which is a pair of Cat ears, a bow-tie, a tail that’s stuffed in her ass, and her birthday suit. Some nice whiskers and a cute little cat nose drawn in too. She displays her curvy, dick stiffening body in various playful positions and her high beam headlights really get the drool going from our mouths.

She has a large pink pacifier which she enjoys sucking and sticking inside her bald biscuit. Then it’s time for the tail to take a break as a huge red butt-plug tags in for a few rounds of spelunking into her tight cavern. It’s actually just setting up the ground work for the anal beads that are next.

She bends that sweet heart shaped ass over at us and pulls the balls out one by one while mimicking a cat, and some kind of juice comes out!

Hmmmm, maybe a cleaning is in order.

Milk to the rescue! They say that milk does a body good, well, not sure if they meant you should shoot it up your asshole with a turkey baster, but that’s exactly what Tigerr does! Then with the power of her anus she sprays it all over the floor and licks it up. Bad, bad little kitty! Milk shake anyone?

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Latex Lucy: Obey the Kitty! [Part 1]

In this amazing world we live in, most anything you can imagine can come true. For our guy Kid Jamaica, he’s always dreamed of having his very own life-sized pussycat that would be completely obedient to his every need. Including, but not limited to sucking down his meat-bone on command.

Today his dream comes true as he encounters the lovely Latex Lucy sleeping in a cage, and starving for a big fat sausage!

We first come upon the exquisite beauty as she paces around in her cage, clad in a latex outfit that’s hotter then a Super Nova colliding with the Sun. Shiny red mini dress with a very detailed leopard style pattern on the mask and underside, low cut front to display her juicy rack, and no panties. Just Puurrrrrrfect!

Her gorgeous eyes peer back at us while she licks her luscious lips as a cat would when it’s hungry for some milk. Kid Jamaica appears on the scene and is quite intrigued by the exotic specimen in the cage. Lucy backs that sweet round ass up towards the Kid and he can see her shaved peach which gets his pecker rock hard instantly.

It’s not long before he pokes his prick straight into the cage and the cat women devours it willingly, with mucho gusto.

Kid plays a game with her and decides to poke his dick into the cage in every angle to see if the cunning Lucy can still suck it down. Kid Jamaica then decides he needs to sink it in the pink, so he opens up the cage but gets lashed out at by Lucy and acquires a long scratch on his face and suddenly finds himself locked in the cage.

Latex Lucy crawls above and peers down at her new man slave in a sexy pose. Hmmmm, what could she be up to? Come back soon for part 2 and find out!

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Eve Angel & Bibi Noel: The Breaking in of Bibi! [Part 1]

The lights are about to dim in your residence with the jolt of electricity these babes are about to bring to your Internet connection.

The sexually sophisticated Eve Angel meets up and comer Bibi Noel for a House of Taboo set that will whisk you into a lavish dining room in which disobedience is reckoned with in a very wickedly delicious way!

Dressed in a super sultry black corset with black thigh high stockings Eve enters the room with a commanding presence with her blond beauty Bibi bound at the wrists. She scolds the naked treasure and licks her face before bending her over the table and gaping her fine, heart shaped derriere for our viewing pleasures.

Then she straps Bibi’s wrists and ankles to the table and smacks that sweet ass real good with her open hand, leaving red imprints across her silky smooth bottom. She really gets into the art of strapping and has Bibi sprawled in various submissive positions. Spread eagle really gives us a ravishing view of her juicy snacker, right before Eve spanks that pussy real good. Bibi then gets some hot tongue action from Ms. Angel and leaves us all with our dicks in our hands, just wishin!

Don’t blast off yet, stay tuned for part 2!

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Brook Scott: Stairway to Heaven!

One of our resident rock-star starlets Brook Scott makes her debut at House of Taboo and leaves us all goo goo for her gaga!

The raven haired seductress appears in an elegant stairwell with shadows of her voluptuous curves caressing the walls, and subliminally doing the same thing to our balls!

Hand cuffed to the banner, could she be waiting for us? Oh I think she is, and from the movement going on in my underwear, looks like one eye willy got an invitation!

The vision of Brook standing there in her knee high black boots, Gothic girdle and red tape on her nipples is enough to leave most grown men dazed and confused.

Ms. Scott is well aware of her erotic powers and she continues to charm us in her ways. Pulling her panties between her succulent love glove she entices us with it’s tightness. Then a coy little peak of it’s black tuft of hair, perfect for tickling your balls or chin when your so deep inside her candy store.

Mmmmm, do you taste that? I suddenly taste like peaches, and vanilla with hints of complete awesomeness on my tongue! Whoever left our babe Brook cuffed to the stairwell knew she would be very horny after awhile, so a black ribbed dildo is left for her to vanquish her lusty needs. Our tattooed vixen is good to go on Valentines, and so are we!

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Lucy Latex & Black Angelica: Bizarre Bath Encounter!

In the world of the delightfully perverse, some girls like to take a bath while they’re wearing latex bodysuits and masks.

That’s what happens in our featured showcase of Latex Lucy in the yellow and Black Angelica in the brown latex suits. They look almost like creatures from an alien civilization as they explore each other’s feet while the tub fills with water.

Lucy licks Angelica’s toes through the latex, and then Angelica returns the favor. Angelica sits on the edge of the tub so that Lucy can play with her pussy through the open crotch of the suit, rubbing with her fingers and latex-sheathed feet.

We get many unique shots as Lucy floats in the water and rubs between Angelica’s thighs. Lucy really gets into licking Angelica’s wrinkled soles through the transparent brown latex. She takes a lot of Angelica’s foot in her mouth.

The gals reverse positions and Angelica gets on her knees in the water to worship Lucy’s peds. Then they sit facing each other in the tub and take turns adoring feet. Lucy can even suck her own feet through the latex. A very flexible fox!

As the tub continues to fill with water, Lucy nestles between Angelica’s thighs and worships her legs. Don’t miss this incredible vision of women pleasuring themselves while they look like latex dolls or mannequins!

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Lucy Latex & Black Angelica: The Lusts of Latex Ladies!

Take a trip into the world of bizarre breast loving when Latex Lucy (in the lavender body suit) and Black Angelica play a game of pool and get in some licks on their tits and pussies.

Looking more like robots than living women, they pose with pool sticks and knock around some balls for awhile, before kissing through the mouth holes of their full-head masks.

It leads to tit sucking and then pussy play on the edge of the table. The ladies’ crotches are conveniently open for manipulation and penetration by fingers and sticks.

The ladies climb onto the green felt (after it gets covered with plastic, that is) where they lick each other’s protruding nipples, and then Angelica fingers Lucy’s twat before putting a truly gigantic condom on the pool stick. Latex Lucy sucks the stick through the rubber and then takes the cue into her twat, receiving it in all positions but most fetchingly in the doggie style mode.

Here is a vision of sexual strangeness that you will never forget, caught by the ever-inventive Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews in high resolution pix and High Definition video!

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Valentina Rossini: Slaving for her Masters Meat Bone!

Valentina is summoned to attend to her lover and master. Wearing a collar she enters crawling at his beckoning commands. She wears a plastic see-through, short mini-dress that leaves nothing to be imagined and offers complete access to her full, round, heart-shaped buns!

Steve intends to put his bride through some paces, paying particular attention to warming up those blossoming buttocks he so adamantly adores.

Valentina pays plenty of attention to Steve’s engorged cock on the way, languishing kisses upon it and sucking as passionately as she can before his next command. She rides his cock between peppering’s of her perfect fanny and her marvelous, hairy mound is presented to us in a full splendor of HD.

She endures the stinging applications of belt and flogger interspersed with an array of hand slaps knowing full well the pains and pleasures will end in a glorious orgasm for both of them!

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