Tigerr Benson: Invasion of the Condom Snatcher!

Tigerr Benson is back at House of Taboo!

The buxom babe with the 36D’s from the United Kingdom shows up in a sizzling red latex outfit doing some office work with a white laptop, a precarious silver tin with seemingly torturous instruments inside, and a waste basket full of colored condoms.

Oh my, what could Tigerr be up to now!

We’re treated straight away to one of her heavenly melons as she peels it out of her latex suit pinching the ever so suck-able jellybean sized nipple she’s got there. Her other tit gets jealous and comes out to play soon after.

Then it seems as though Tigerr spreads her pierced coochie open and drizzles into the condom littered waste basket. She then pops the condoms into her mouth one by one, and it looks like she’s emptying all the cold jizz right down her hatch? Could it be? WOW!! Come on Tigerr!

We got hot fresh stuff waiting for you right here, plenty of members would love to donate! Why get your protein cold? Ahhh, heck, okay maybe she enjoys it cold.

As you’ll see, she pretty much bathes herself in the cold cum, and from the expressions on her face, that stuff is like an aphrodisiac! She gets the sticky icky white stuff all over her tits, twat, and tongue, even gargles with it while chewing on the condoms two at at time.

You thought you knew taboo? Think again!

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Aneta J. & Alyssa Loop: Sweet Ass Peppering! [Part 2]

Last we left our two kitchen nymphos Aneta J. and Alyssa Loop, some body was gettin that ass peppered up and spanked well!

That somebody would be Alyssa, and now she’s being tied to the burner. The sinister look in Aneta’s eyes spells trouble for our raven haired cutie. Let’s see what unfolds!

First Aneta rips her pretty white top off and exposes Alyssa‘s juicy tetas and she bite sand clamps her nipples down real well.

The sexpot cringes in pain but soon calms down until her skirt gets ripped off, revealing that she wasn’t wearing underwear!!

Easy access for Aneta who quickly shoves a few digits in her nicely trimmed tantalizer then pinches the lips closed so she can pepper that up too! Soon after Alyssa is grabbed by her pigtails and forced to munch down on the vixens winged pussy!

Thought that was it? Think again!

The set continues!

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Lucy Latex: The Sexual Avenger Strikes Again!

Our masked sexual avenger Latex Lucy is back, and this time she stars in a set that could easily be the inspirations for a wickedly delicious Hollywood film!

It might be a little spooky, but their would be tons of tits and ass! Just check her out here and see what you think. A little bit sinister, a little sexy, and a whole lot of taboo going on!

This time the 5’3″ fetish mistress from the United Kingdom is in full torpedo mode right from the start of her set. Her huge silicon missiles are in perfect view and we even get a nice HD shot of the incisions that were made to plant these puppies into Latex Lucy.

Her black shiny knee high boots are ominous, it looks like she is literally on her tipsy toes! Have you ever seen anything like that? A++ for creativity!

The mask she is wearing is straight out of a science fiction novel! It seems like her mouth has no opening for suckin a good dick or eating some tasty peach pie, but she’s got that covered with a little flap for when she feels the need to nom, nom, nom. No volunteers around though for Latex Lucy.

Well, guess she will just have to pump her big twat to satisfaction with a dildo then, and that’s exactly what she does! She fills her meat wallet to the brim with her toy and fondles her tight globes while we jerk off in the shadows.

Thank you Latex Lucy, you have helped us once again with your sexual super hero like abilities!

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Emma Butt: Man and His Master! [Part 3]

We’re back again with the final set of “Man and master” starring the buxom U.K. dominatrix Emma Butt and her pet in training Frank Gun.

Last we left these two Emma had just finished giving Frank a generous helping of her shaved snapper, or shall we say, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse!

He’s back out of his cage here, so let’s see what else Emma has in store for him!

Well it looks like someone needs to empty their bladder, and it man’s best friend! Emma squats over the little doggie dish and takes a mean squirt inside. Hmmmm, wonder why she did that!

It turns out she had a reserve tank in her as she pops up on top of the cage and pisses all over Frank’s face while he happily licks it up! Then, she pours the dish of golden liquid all over his hungry face, practically blinding the slave with her hot urine.It turns Frank on so bad that he jerks himself off!

Then the two share a urine soaked French kiss and have looks of total glee upon their faces!

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Alyssa Loop & Aneta J: Sweet Ass Peppering! [Part 1]

Today we have two of the sexiest Czech babes in our vaults Alyssa Loop and Aneta J. gettin naughty in the kitchen.

Both girls are complete stunners at 5’10” and 5’9″ with dark hair and juicy derrieres! Watch and see what unravels!

The two sexpots are mixing it up in the kitchen and it looks like Alyssa has been a bad girl as mother Aneta has got her perched over the oven while she lifts that school girl skirt up and peppers her sweet ass with a few good spankings!

We’re treated to the rear view of that heart shaped ass and creamy thighs of hers. Gorgeous pussy right in our faces as the DDF cameras roll in to catch the shock wave of ripples running through her sexy posterior.

Alyssa grimaces as Aneta’s hard hand continuously finds it’s way onto her young supple ass. Wonder what’s next? Tune in next week and find out!

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Alyssa Loop: She Provides Us With Liquid Gold!

The tall raven haired starlet Alyssa Loop makes another hot appearance on House of Taboo, this time in school girl style!

Pig tails and all, she’s ready to make your golden liquid kink fantasies cum true as she pulls up her skirt and trickles right through her pretty pink undies!

Being 5’9″ this babe has got legs for miles, which is demonstrated when she’s squatting in her thigh highs and purple sneakers. Then the panties come down and she flips up her hood to show you her little pearl engine!

Vroom Vroom goes our tongues, peeling rubber right on that baby!

Finally she does a nice squat giving us full view of her lovely landing pad, so that we could further fantasize about her sitting smack on our faces and doing her thing! Liquid gold baby, liquid Gold!

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Emma Butt:Man and his Master! [Part 2]

We’re back with part 2 of “Man and his master!” featuring Emma Butt as the cannon ball tittie Dominatrix, and Frank Gun as her half human, half canine pet.

This time she lets him out of his cage so that he can please her right! She’s got a meal for him that he just can’t refuse! Smacking her pet around while dragging him out of his cage by the leash Emma instructs her obedient slave to lay down on his back while she face plants him with her clean shaven cunny.

Pussy pot pot pie is on the menu today!

It’s like a dirt bike derby on his face as she grinds back and forth on his mouth and nose, his face almost completely disappearing under her voluptuous thigh’s and ass cheeks. Emma‘s best friend really enjoys his meal, but then is lead back into his cage, where he whines for the return of his master. The latex clad Emma says she’ll be right back.

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Tigerr Benson & Tiffany Doll: Tattooed for Torture! [Part 4]

Welcome back to House of Taboo’s “Tattooed for torture!” set as we unveil part 4 in this erotic tale of bondage, spanking and everything in between.

We should nickname Tiffany and Tigerr simply TNT, because these rock star chicks are dyno-mite!

The girls really gave it to each other in the last few sets and here that take it up another notch!

Watch as Tigerr gets her pretty little mouth drenched by some golden rain as Tiffany pisses right on her face! We got some nice close ups of Tiffs hood flappin while a ferocious stream comes out to find it’s mark on Tigerr’s kisser!

Looks like she got a good cup full at least, then sucks her twat to make sure she got the last drop! Her beautiful cannon ball titties and pussy soaked from the liquid she missed. Tiffany closes out by giving her a nice french kiss and letting her know how much she dug pissing in her mouth!

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Zorah White: The Jolly Green Giant Goes Taboo!

Another chained up and ball gagged beauty for your carnal desires brought to you by House of Taboo!

Today’s sinister set features the lovely yellow haired dame Zorah White. She’s been a regular here at the House and just loves getting herself in precarious bondage and fetish filled situations.

An ominous green glow emanates from the window near her head and her sexy naked body is fully chained as she squirms about on the bed in the mysterious room!

A spotlight shines straight onto her glistening, wet twat, and her perky mounds of boob flesh are chained up on their circumference, leaving perfect room for fondling, pinching, and whatever else may occur.

At a closer glance we see an emerald colored, bizarre looking dildo deep inside that throbbing veegee of hers. Could that be why she’s squirming? Perhaps it’s just deep enough to tickle her fancy and that’s driving her bananas.

Suddenly the babe is on her stomach, exposing that juicy round ass, Mr. dildo having his way with her from the rear. It’s almost like a jolly green giant detached his penis and decided that her pulsating pussy was it’s now holster when not in use.

Guess he must have come in and decided her asshole would be a more secure spot for it though, as that’s it’s new home now! Some DDF close ups really show that it indeed is a much snugger spot for the green beast!

At the end, Zorah stares at the camera speechless, could the giant have revealed himself

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Emma Butt: Man and his Master! [Part 1]

We all know the voluptuous Emma Butt from her raunchy House of Taboo and DDF busty sets, but did anyone ever imagine she might be into bestiality?

Sure we did! Today she’s got her human pet Frank Gun all caged up with a muzzle on his face and it looks like he’s been a bad boy because she’s out for a little punishment!

Wearing her Black latex thigh high boots and slinky dominatrix outfit with special openings for hanging out her 36G cannons, she prods a spanker into the cage and peppers up her pet’s nutsack while toking on a ciggie!

It’s one of her trademarks to ash the cig in her slaves mouths, so you know she’s doing that shit!

Her pussy oozes with juices when she inflicts any kind of humiliation on her victims. Grabbing her human pet by the hair she pulls him closer to the cage and says “You better lap these juices running out of my cumming cooter up real good or else!”

Oh man, I wonder if she’s gonna piss all over his mug! Stay tuned. To be continued next week!

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