Nataly Von: Maniac Kidnaps Girl [Part 4]

Here at House of Taboo we like to throw in a few surprises now and again.

Last time you saw Nataly and Bruno, I’m sure you thought it was the end of the game, but not quite!

Back again with a quick shocker as the old man decides to take a piss on Ms. Von, literally! In specifically, right on her bald twat.

The cutie is ball gagged and has one leg pulled up by a harness allowing Bruno to aim his stream perfectly on top of the golden liquid catcher. He drizzles some on her black shoes, thighs, and tummy as well. Drains himself to the last drip then takes the ball gag out of her mouth and pops his dick in there instead for a good cleaning.

Nataly lays in a pool of urine with a smile on her face at the end. That’s one Taboo honey without a doubt!

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Tigerr Benson and Tiffany Doll: Tattooed for Torture! [Part 2]

Last we left the two taboo treats Tigerr and Tiffany Doll, Tiffany was smacking up Tigerr’s tits and ass while having her suspended from the torture device.

We open up here this time with Tigerr receiving a mouthful of black rubber cock and having those big cantaloupes and pierced cooter peppered up by the dildo as well.

We’ve been dying to see Tiffany’s tasty little twat since the last set, now we eot a nice HD close up of her squatting, giving us a super realistic vision of how it would look if she were sitting on our faces. Absolutely ball tightening vision!

She hooks Tigerr‘s puss up to a bulbous little device. Is she going to pump her pussy up with air?

Then she mounts Tigerr‘s face and get’s her pie eaten like it’s at an all you can eat joint. She enjoy’s it so much she swaps roles with Tigerr, and soon is having herself a rim-job courtesy of the Asian babes flickery tongue.

Then Tigerr fucks her tight asshole with an obscure electric buttplug! Boy, to walk home and see this scene in your living room, what a treat that would be!

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Lucy Latex: Adventures of a Latex Super Hero!

There are heroes in every walk of life, so why shouldn’t there be a kink and fetish hero, right?

Well, Latex Lucy our newest model at House of Taboo seems to fit the mold perfectly with her super hero style full latex uniform.

We’re talking custom fit and super bad ass from her mask right down to her pumped up latex platform boots. Check her out as she showcases a new tool in the fight against the horny twat, a big red studded plastic cock with 3 balls!

After arriving to the outdoor scene for the debut of the new tool being used against complete horniness, she struts around her fancy car a bit and gives us imaginative insight to her 32G-23-34 figure.

Then she unveils the red beast of a dildo being used to slay super horny pussies world wide. She demonstrates on her own veegee by unzipping the crotch of her latex uniform and stuffing that swollen twat real good.

At first it seems so swollen, like it would explode! But after using the tool, the swelling somewhat dissipates. It really works! Afterwards she showboats a bit on the hood of the car with a bright red lip-sticked smile.

Welcome our new heroine!

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Aneta J: Tis the Season to be Kinky!

Welcome to a latex Christmas with Aneta J!

This tall candy cane of a babe really knows what Santa was meaning when he said, ho , ho, ho and slid his fat ass down the chimney!

He wasn’t giving a signal to put out milk and cookies for him, he was calling out for any ho’s in the vicinity to come coax a creamy present out of sack. You see, now that Aneta is armed with this knowledge, every Christmas she gets her finest latex kink attire and waits for Santa to come down so she can seduce him and have her own chimney stuffed with wood.

Of course she draws him in with a skimpy little Mrs. Santa outfit on first, and peels that off seductively revealing tits and ass that could send any pole to the north! After mesmerizing Santa with her goods, she slips into the erotic latex outfit and whips out her big black dildo and teases Santa while she blows it like a real dick.

Then she puts that thing inside her trimmed holiday treat and shows Santa every position she could work that slammin body in. What do you think Santa would do? Would he go for it? I’m having to think that if he has sexy porn starlets doing this kind of thing for him, that he’s doing some major fucking!

So, if your Christmas presents are late this year, don’t blame poor Santa, just cheer him if you see him and maybe even ask, “Santa, can I smell your finger?”.

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Nataly Von: Maniac Kidnaps Girl [Part 3]

Okay! So last we left Mr. Bruno, he was having himself a smoke dipped in puntang courtesy of Nataly Von, the cute young actress that he kidnapped, bound, and fingered the asshole of.

Now in a shocking turn of events, he teabags the young lady and she gobbles up his turkey like it was the last meal on earth!

His irritated red pecker finds a new home in Nataly’s hot mouth and journey’s deep down her throat, pretty much ball’s deep.

Then Nataly gets a mouthful of his bulbous ball sack before he cuts away the crotch of her panties and spits a loogie on her chocolate starfish before giving her the half spocker, which is two fingers in her asshole just as a warm up before entering the tight bum with his prick and fucking her ass in lawn-chair position.

Then he cums on her clit and calls it a day. Pervy old man!

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Tigerr Benson & Tiffany Doll: Tattooed for Torture! [Part 1]

Today on House of Taboo we have the China doll Tigerr Benson getting all kinds of delicious torture from Tiffany Doll.

The Tattooed Tigerr is really in for it and Tiffany is quite a master of the arts and she has and infamous S&M machine to help her inflict her pain via tittie twisting and rapid, forceful spanks that would even make the most seasoned of asses feel the heat!

Tigerr is all smiles as she loves being dominated and humiliated. Just look at some of her past sets. It’s amazing the punishment this big boobed Asian gal can withstand. Once Tiffany gets her secured to the ominous looking apparatus, the fun begins.

First she smacks up those melons while pinching and twisting her nubs and biting her ear lobes. The look on Tiger’s face says she loves it!

Then she treats her submissive to a tonguing of the asshole, followed by some furious spanking of Tigerr‘s bubble butt and the titties get slapped up again too. I wonder what she will do next? I’m hoping she gets a strap-on and pounds her good, but we will have to wait till the next episode to find out!

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Nataly Von: Maniac Kidnaps Girl [Part 2]

The perverse man is back in part two of this kind of disturbing House of Taboo scene featuring Nataly Von getting kidnapped and abused by Bruno.

Personally, I know these two are acting, so I can write about this, but if you didn’t know they were acting in this one, you could be disturbed. Then again, if your watching this, you probably wanna be disturbed. Well then go ahead and watch pervert, you should be ashamed!

After Bruno Fingered Nataly‘s asshole in the last segment and tied her up, he ties her again, spread eagle this time with a ball gag in her mouth. He then smokes a cigarette and blows it into her mouth, forces her to suck on the cig, and then spits in her mouth too!

Afterwards he cuts a piece of her pink panties off with a scissor so he can munch on her jellybean through the panties, then dips his cigarette in her pussy for a puff. What could be next!

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