Emma Butt: Who’s the kinkiest of them all?

House of Taboo brings to life a fairy tale with a nice twist of piss! Yeah, you read that right, piss!

The fairy tale is called “Pisserella” , and the story is very similar to Cinderella!

Emma Butt plays the evil witch that likes to stare in the mirror and say” Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the kinkiest of them all?”

The mirror replies back and says “Why you are my dear! Look at those big bazookas you have, and those cock sucking lips that could wrap a 12″ Kielbasa , no problem! And what about that nicely shaved poontang and big rumpass of an ass you sport around for us, your kinky attire and how you jam your hot wanting puss with the big black double ended dildo. Certainly you are the kinkiest!”

Once she hears that, she feels so good again about herself that she just lets out a golden stream of pee to celebrate! Well, actually it’s more like she shoots it out!

For all you piss fans, you can imagine yourself getting a mouth full!

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Kathia Nobili & Tigerr Benson: Maid sexually humiliated [Part 2]

It’s the return of the torrid trio!

What will Nick and Kathia do to their poor little defenseless maid Tigerr this time around? You’ll have to watch and see!

This couple has seriously gone MAD! They are not into your usual humiliation and domination techniques. They get even deeper then you can imagine. How about marching their little naked maid into their bathroom area, and plunging her whole head into the tub!

Not only that, but both of them enjoy holding her head down at the same time as she squirms and begs for them to stop. This is followed by choking her and submerging her whole body in the tub while a naked Mr. lang hovers above her, and a wicked crazy Kathia Nobili slaps that face up and tugs on her black hair.

After a few minutes of torture, Kathia gets naked and drops her hot body into the tub as well for a goood doggy style and anal pounding right above Tigerr‘s head, using her mouth to clean Nick’s dick off every couple of minutes or so.

Then Tigerr get’s her big asshole fucked while smacking down on Kathia‘s jelly bean, and you guessed it, while having her face pushed underwater as well!

Just a regular day in the Lang and Nobili household!

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Tina Kay & Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and wax [Part 2]

Things are heating up again for Ruth and Tina in the dungeon cavern that we last left them at.

Tina is just completely set on punishing Ruth by means of sexual torture tactics. A big black double headed dildo comes out for the 2nd session and Ruth is wincing at the sight of it!

Tina lubes it up good with her mouth and Ruth‘s twat.

Then she decides to squat and take a piss. She had to go, what’s a girl to do when she’s got to go.

Tina messes around with Ruth a bit more, teasing her and keeping her guessing as to what she may do next. Surprisingly, she decides to leave?

Uh-oh, something tells me she’s coming back with the big guns!

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Tarra White: Taboo with all the trimmings!

Party girl Tarra White does the unthinkable!

Imagine this, you live in a big swanky house with like 2 or 3 other roommates.

One of them is a gorgeous redheaded girl that liks to party. One Saturday morning you hear some moaning in the bedroom hallway and then a loud buzzing sound, followed by more moaning!

Even some clawing at your door!

What do you do? Well, in this case it was the new roommate Tarra White getting down in the hallway after a party. She was SO HORNY that she thought ” Hmmmm, let me masturbate out in the hallway, one of my roomies will definitely hear me and come put my juicy pussy out of it’s misery!”

So she completely gets down, vibing her little peach with the big headed wand. Her pierced nipples glistening and her legs spread eagle. She makes sure to make as much noise as possible and her positioning is insatiable!

Her long tattooed legs quiver as the vibrator does a number on her and she cums before anyone can rescue her! I dont’ know what’s up with these roommates, but If I lived in that house, my door would be open all the time!

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Kathia Nobili & Tigerr Benson: Maid sexually humiliated [Part 1]

In the Nick Lang and Kathia Nobili household, their is no tolerance to disobedience.

They are enjoying a coffee time and conversation when their new maid, Tigerr, comes in at the wrong time and gets lashed out at by Nick.

He becomes quite infuriated as does Kathia and the Maid is pushed down to the ground to receive her various forms of punishment. Tigerr is spanked, choked, has her hair pulled, smacked, mouth gaped open, and spit on all in a matter of a moment! These two are like a hurricane when it comes to domination and humiliation!

Nick holds her tight by the neck while Kathia binds her hands with red twine, after smacking sweet coconuts up and pinching her big nips. Then to add some more disgrace to the humiliation, Tigerr is bent over the couch and forced to lick Kathia‘s shoes while Nick peppers her big ass up with his hand, spanking it till it’s beet red!

Kathia joins in for a bit and then Nick get sup and folds Tigerr over like a lawn-chair. He pinches her nipples really hard while Kathia plugs her nose and mouth so she can’t breath! This is just the beginning, see what happens in part 2 in a few days!

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Tina Kay and Ruth Medina: A tale of bondage and candle wax!

Ruth Medina is really in for it when she gets coaxed into a cave by sultry dominatrix Tina Kay!

The set becomes an eerie tale of a girl gone bad and woman who loves to punish her for it!

Opening scene has Ruth balling in chains and she seems so distressed. Looks like she was abducted from school, still wearing her uniform.

She’s speaking in Spanish, so it must be on another continent and then a voice cut’s through her cries and tells her she needs to be taught a lesson for misbehaving!

Tina Kay comes in as her dominatrix teacher, all sexy in her glasses and skirt. She rips open Ruth‘s top and starts biting her titties and suckling on her face. Then she gags her and drips candle wax on her chest while flogging her bald beaver with a switch!

Ruth screams and Tina keeps on with her dirty work. We get a double super sweet ass shot as Kay hikes up her skirt and she’s us that round bum of hers and straps Ruth up to smack her bottom real good as well.

Even gapes her ass open for good measure. Some candle wax goes on that round ass of hers, and it’s just the beginning!

Come back to see what happens next at House of Taboo!

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Sunny: Chained on the Island of lust!

House of Taboo brings you a hot kink set starring redhead Russian babe Sunny!

It opens up with her trying to unchain her desires as she is bound to a little red sofa that’s kinda like a floating island in her home!

She has to do this every once and awhile because she is way too horny for the neighbors. She ball gags herself, has her friends chain up her legs and feet, and of course they are nice enough to leave a buttplug for her or she may go mad!

Her body is glistening with sweat from the heat of her passion being unbearable. She writhes back in forth in the chains and contorts her sexy hard body into various positions that seem to make the absence of dick tolerable for her. Well of course she does have her butthole plugged up inside her, so it’s almost like having a cock in the ass and that at least gives her some satisfaction.

Her antics on the red cube are quite tantalizing though, and you will wish you could jump on that cube with her and fill each and every desire that she craves.

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Linet: Doctor has his way! [Part 2]

The return of the Deviant doctor and his fingers up inside Linet’s tight butthole!

She had just woken up on the last episode and found that Doctor Frank was fondling her goods. She seemed to be enjoying it though, so let’s see what happens next!

As you may have guessed, she’s lovin it! All smiles as she realizes coming into the doctors office in latex was good thing! She starts sucking on his hot beef thermometer right away, just to make sure she DOES have a fever!

The Deviant doctor doesn’t want his lube to go to waste so he gets to cramming his cock straight in her ass right away. Linet fills the examination room with her moans of joy and we can see just how tight her sphincter is as it pulls in and out grabbing his cock like vise each time he plunges into her.

Some ATM action ensues and it seems Linet is loving the taste! Or, perhaps she’s being forced to love the taste!

The Doctor bends he rover in doggy again and really gives it to her in the ass, spanking her bouncing ass cheeks which are beat red now, the whole time!

It’s a constant game of Anal pounding followed by ATM until the doc blows his load all over Linet’s face and slaps her up with his dick, then for further humiliation has her lap all the extra jizz up off of the operating table.

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Krystal Webb and Danielle Maye: The two insatiables!

House of Taboo welcomes two of the insatiables!

Krystal Webb and Danielle Maye.

All of our fetish desires are about to come true! So hold onto your handles and get ready for a rocket ride into the jungles of dark sexuality at it’s finest!

This the time the Jungle is a sunny back yard, and who could think of a better way to be spanked then to be tied up to a metal apparatus, hung from the trees naked, and have the gorgeous Danielle Maye just smacking your ass up with a switch!

She’s dressed up like a pissed off boss that want’s some retribution! I wonder what naughty little Krystal Webb did to deserve that!

Something tells me that she’s enjoying every minute of it though!

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Mandy and her handy!

Sometimes a girl just needs a helping HAND!

Hi I’m Mandy Dee and perhaps you know me from some of my other DDF sets over the last two years but this is my first time on House of Taboo. Thought I’d try something different.

My pussy is actually really tight, but one day I thought, let me see how far I could stretch it, and that idea spawned the set your about to see. Hope you enjoy it!

I actually surprised myself with how far I got my four fingers and my thumb into my quivering shaved snatch. Felt really good too, so I tried it in different positions and the camera gets close up HD shots of me gaping my pink love nest open after the fact.

Still looks really tight doesn’t it! Gosh, I guess I will need some bigger cocks from now on. Any volunteers?

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